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Taylor Swift ft The Civil Wars "Safe & Sound" (from The Hunger Games soundtrack) (c) Universal Republic
29 Dec 2011
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"Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars. The newest song to be released on "The Hunger Games" official soundtrack. BUY IT ON iTUNES HERE: ***********/us/album/safe-sound-from-the-hunger/id490735511?ls=1 No copyright infringement intended, all rights belong to their respective owners.
26 Dec 2011
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Taylor Swift's second song from the sountrack to the movie The Hunger Games :)
25 Mar 2012
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LOVE this song! Different for me, i usually like to belt out but this is a lullaby, sorda i wanted to tone it down a bit and make it more creepy/beautiful, if yuh catch my drift. HOPE YU GUYS LOVE IT, and go watch the movie, it looks snazzy :D TEAM GRIMMIE RAWWWWWWWWWKS!!!!!!!
7 May 2012
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Amazing song that should've been on the soundtrack D: All credit goes to Arshad for making this amazing song! I've never heard a song so amazing :3 If you've read the books, you can tell this is from Peeta's PoV . Enjoy, and may the odds be ever in your favor! =]
29 Nov 2012
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Download this song here: ******* Download my original E.P here : ******* Eyes Open - Originally performed by Taylor Swift Hey guys! Hope you like this video :) Make sure you check out my new E.P of Covers on iTunes! There are six new songs on it. The link is above! -Savannah Credits: Produced by Jake Coco and W.G Snuffy Walden. Recorded at Taylor Made Studios : *******www.tmadestudios**** ----Links---- Savannah Outen: YouTube: ***********/savannah7448 Facebook: *******www.facebook****/savannahmusic Twitter: *******www.twitter****/therealsavannah
30 Mar 2013
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Arcade Fire Abraham's Daughter Lyrics Buy this Arcade Fire Abraham's Daughter MP3 from Amazon here: ******* No Copyright Infringement intended. I don't own the music or the lyrics to this song. abraham took isaac's hand and led him to the lonesome hill while his daughter hid and watched she dared not breathe she was so still just as an angel cried for the slaughter abraham's daughter raised her voice then the angel asked her what her name was she said i have none then he asked how can this be my father never gave me one and when he saw her raised for the slaughter abraham's daughter raised her bow how darest you child defy your father you better let young isaac go
2 May 2013
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"One Engine," by Oregon folk rock band The Decemberists, is the second single from the soundtrack to The Hunger Games, Songs From District 12 and Beyond. The album is available for pre-order on iTunes: *******
6 Jun 2013
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Taylor Swift's Brand New release Featuring The Civil Wars for The Hunger Games soundtrack. Enjoy. I do not own the rights to this song. No Copyright infringement intended.
10 Feb 2012
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I know I don't own anything, so please Youtube don't take down this video! I pitched this in the slightest way, for copyright reasons. Check out the new song, Safe and Sound, from Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars on The Hunger Games soundtrack available now at iTunes. ******* Enjoy, and let me repeat, this isn't my video or song, and I do not claim I own any of this.
14 Feb 2012
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Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars Safe & Sound (from The Hunger Games Soundtrack) Pop Punk Cover by TeraBrite Enjoy our cover of Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift! CLICK TO TWEET: *******clicktotweet****/QFJ4Z REBLOG THIS VIDEO: *******terabrite.tumblr****/post/15345825291/safe-sound-taylor-swift-feat-the-civil-wars GET THIS ON iTunes: ******* Their Twitters: ********twitter****/taylorswift13 ********twitter****/thecivilwars ********twitter****/TheHungerGames OUR LINKS: ******* *******TeraBrite.Tumblr**** ******* *******Facebook****/TeraBriteMusic *******Twitter****/TeraBrite *******Keek****/TeraBrite Daily vlog: *******YouTube****/VleraBrite Safe & Sound LYRICS: I remember tears streaming down your face When I said, I'll never let you go When all those shadows almost killed your light I remember you said, Don't leave me here alone But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight Just close your eyes The sun is going down You'll be alright No one can hurt you now Come morning light You and I'll be safe and sound Don't you dare look out your window Darling, everything's on fire The war outside our door keeps raging on Hold onto this lullaby Even when the music's gone Gone Just close your eyes The sun is going down You'll be alright No one can hurt you now Come morning light You and I'll be safe and sound Just close your eyes You'll be alright Come morning light, You and I'll be safe and sound
9 Mar 2012
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Live From the Red Carpet Season: 2012 Episode: 2012 The country crooner and her Pistol Annies bandmates step out for the premiere! Hear how they contributed to "The Hunger Games" soundtrack!
13 Mar 2012
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******* - Watch the music video here! *******Facebook****/ClevverTV - Become a Fan! *******Twitter****/ClevverTV - Follow Us! Welcome back to ClevverTV -- I'm Joslyn Davis in Hollywood with your hook-up to Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars new music video for "Safe and Sound." The song, which is part of the Hunger Games soundtrack, has been getting quite a bit of buzz, with fans of both the upcoming movie and the artists involved loving the song. The video shows Taylor in a variety of scenes, where she's wearing a very simple, yet ethereal ivory dress, as she walks through a forested area. Meanwhile the Civil Wars are inside of a cottage, watching as a fire approaches from the distance. Taylor also comes in contact with a deer, which ultimately disappears at the close of the video. One of the most notable moments for Taylor was when she's sitting on a real grave from the late 1800's. During her interview with MTV, she said that the grave and the grave next to it were those of a couple who died in 1863, and it was really eerie for her but there was a strong connection because of the movie's focus on life and death. Obviously, the fire in the video could definitely be a reference to the girl on fire -- aka Katniss -- as well as the fire the tributes will come in contact with in the Hunger Games arena. About the video Taylor said she had chills after seeing the video -- FYI she refers to the song as somewhat of a death lullaby. If you haven't seen the video yet, click the link below because we have it for you over at ClevverTV**** For more 411 on Taylor Swift, the Civil Wars and The Hunger Games. I'm Joslyn Davis in Hollywood -- thanks for watching ClevverTV -- we'll see you next time!
20 Mar 2012
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***READ MORE BELOW! Arshad- Girl On Fire Now Available on iTunes *******www.facebook****/ArshadMusic *******www.twitter****/radash *******www.arshadmusic**** *******www.arshadgirlonfire**** Available on iTunes Now: ***********/us/album/girl-on-fire-single/id503016510 Love "Girl On Fire"? Help by signing an Online Petition for it to be included on the "Catching Fire" Soundtrack! Link below: ********www.change****/petitions/universal-republic-put-arshad-s-girl-on-fire-on-the-catching-fire-soundtrack Want Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) to sing "Girl On Fire"? Sign an Online Petition to make it happen! Link below: ********www.change****/petitions/josh-hutcherson-and-arshad-aslam-we-would-like-josh-and-arshad-to-perform-girl-on-fire STICKAM Link for Sunday 1pmPST *******www.stickam****/arshadmusic This was a private song intended for those involved with the project and was an official submission for The Hunger Games Soundtrack on Universal Republic. However, now that multiple sources have reported the song. Our team is okay with no longer keeping this "unlisted"! TO BE HONEST I'M EXTREMELY HAPPY TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU ALL! *if you like this song and it gave you visuals from the novel when listening please help me out by visiting Universal Republic's Representative's Twitter account and tweet to imran1231 (********twitter****/#!/imran1231) and The Hunger Games Executive Film Producer Robin Bissell (robinbissell) and tell them why this song would be perfect to be included in the soundtrack! I don't believe in soundtracks being locked I believe in bonus itunes and online web exclusive tracks. This can happen! The Fans made The Hunger Games the phenomenon that it is. They know what they like and if you like "Girl On Fire" please help out! Hunger Games fans Unite! We can make this Catch Fire! it would really help me out! Please post this song on your Facebook and Twitter accounts! :D THANKS SO MUCH FOR LISTENING! MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR! LOVE ARSHAD! *visit *******www.arshadgirlonfire**** for a full description on the song and all it's hidden detail. we can be friends on twitter and facebook at *******www.facebook****/arshadmusic *******twitter****/radash *just to make things clear this song is not officially on the Soundtrack it's up to us as Hunger Game fans to make that happen! It's up to us to make them listen! #TeamUPRISING #GirlOnFire *Check out my Debut Music Video "Red Alert" *******
7 Apr 2012
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Download this song here: ******* Download my most recent album here: ******* Eyes Open - Originally performed by Taylor Swift Hey Youtubers! Hope you enjoy my cover of this song off of the new Hunger Games Soundtrack! Let me know what you think in the comments below! My Debut Original E.P. will be out in May! I can't wait to share it with you! Thank you so much for all of your support in helping me to get it created Maddy :) --- Credits --- Produced by Jake Coco and W.G Snuffy Walden. Recorded at Taylor Made Studios: *******www.tmadestudios**** --- Links ---- Madilyn Bailey: Youtube: ***********/MadilynBailey Facebook: *******www.facebook****/Maddybailey Twitter: *******www.twitter****/MadilynBailey Jake Coco: Youtube: ***********/jakecoco Facebook: *******www.facebook****/jakecocomusic Twitter: *******www.twitter****/jakecoco Honors: #10 Most Liked Today (Musician) #17 Most Discussed Today (Musician) #12 Top Favorited Today (Musician)
24 Apr 2012
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Eyes Open - Taylor Swift - The Hunger Games - Official Video & Cover by Ali Brustofski - I love The Hunger Games, I love Taylor Swift and I love her new song Eyes Open! I hope you all enjoy my cover! It's now on iTunes! ... ******* You should also download the original here - Taylor Swift - Eyes Open and the entire Hunger Games Soundtrack: ‪***********/us/album/hunger-games-songs-from-district/id509605019‬ And go see The Hunger Games movie, it's fantastic! 
♥ PLEASE SHARE OUR TAYLOR SWIFT EYES OPEN MUSIC VIDEO with everyone you know - click on the "Share" links above - as always, it means a lot and your help is great appreciated! Love you guys:) xoxo Ali

♥ It was such a thrill for me to see Taylor Swift in concert last year, and what an amazing show she put on! I admire her so much as a songwriter and singer and I'm thrilled to finally cover a song of hers:) ♥ Watch the Official Music Video for Safe and Sound from The Hunger Games here! Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars - Safe & Sound (The Hunger Games) ‪***********/watch?v=RzhAS_GnJIc‬ Music video by Taylor Swift (feat. The Civil Wars) performing Safe & Sound. (C) 2012 Big Machine Records, LLC 
♥ Thanks to my incredibly talented video director Joel, cinematographer Eric, and assistant Yohance for the amazing job they did on this video and for making a really cold and windy day not just bearable but fun! I love Theory Films!

 ♥ Thank you to Kurt, Mike & Johnny from Architekt Music for putting together this cover version of Eyes Open in record time and for doing an amazing job! I love Architekt Music!

 ♥ A very special thank you from me and my family to the anonymous donor who sent money to Architekt Music on my behalf to produce music. Yes, there really are angels and this cover could not have been produced without your generosity :) Video: Taylor Swift - Eyes Open (The Hunger Games) - Cover by Ali Brustofski - Official Music Video
 Directed by Joel Dunn ‪*******www.theory-films****/ ‬
Cinematography by Eric Westpheling
 Assistant: Yohance Kyles 
Filmed on Location in beautiful Lower Manhattan, New York, NY 
 Music: Eyes Open - Taylor Swift - The Hunger Games - Cover by Ali Brustofski - Official Video
 Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Kurt Wubbenhorst
 Twitter: ‪*******www.twitter****/KurtWubbenhorst‬
 Vocals Engineered by Kurt Wubbenhorst & Johnny Fantozzi‬ Recorded and Mixed at Architekt Studios - Butler, New Jersey
‪*******www.architektmusic****‬ - Architekt Music rocks! 
 ♥ TWITTER: ‪*******twitter****/#!/AliBrustofski‬
 ♥ FACEBOOK: ‪*******www.facebook****/alibrustofski‬
 ♥ ITUNES: ******* ♥ TUMBLR: ‪*******alibrustofski.tumblr****/‬
 ♥ MYSPACE: ‪*******www.myspace****/allisonbrustofski‬
 ♥ OFFICIAL MAILING LIST and STREET TEAM: *******www.reverbnation****/alibrustofski‬
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27 Apr 2012
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