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An image from NASA taken on the surface of Mars Many said it was alike of Human on mars Is it an alien some one even said it was big-foot. What do you guys think? The Times of London said, NASA scientists have been puzzled by the peculiarly life-like image. NASA has made no comments on the matter. The Sun thought it to be Gene Hunt, the sexist, drunken time-traveling detective on "Life on Mars,a BBC crime series. "I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what appears to be a naked alien running around on Mars," writes one blogger. “Ah, the human eye can be tricked so easily.” NASA's robotic rovers landed on Mars in January 2004 to search the red planet for evidence of water and possible past life. One blogger sees a different benefit. “It’s definitely Big-foot," he writes. That's why we've not been able to find him on Earth
27 Mar 2008
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In January the Charlotte Meetup Photographer Group gathered to do Strobist work. We hunted the area for available sites then shot in the teens, snow and ice, for a model shoot that was both busy and frigid. Vid by: *******imiphotography****
18 Nov 2011
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hunting.This video shows just how easy it is to remove corn, spoiled corn, clogs and debris(rocks,trash,old feed dust, etc.) if wanting clean or relocate your deer feeder, or possibly add to your tailgate feeder while in the field. The Deer Feeder Helper allows us to spend more time whitetail deer hunting and less time working on our deer feeder. Good luck and with all your whitetail deer hunting experiences. May your be the bigger, better buck. Happy hunting. The Deer Feeder Helper
3 Mar 2008
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deer hunting. This video shows just how easy it is to work on any deer feeder or feeder timer when you have the Deer Feeder Helper. Monumental feeder problems are reduced to simple tasks with this ingenious device. Wouldn't we all like to spend more time deer or hog hunting and less time maintain our deer feeder. This deer feeder accessory lets us remove clogs instantly, swap feeder timers in seconds, empty a feeder to relocate it or to remove old deer corn, convert your spin cast feeder into a gravity type protein feeder, take your timer home during the summer, and more. Good luck chasing that trophy whitetail buck. Happy hunting. The Deer Feeder Helper.
9 Feb 2009
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Greta proves that house cats evolved to hunt the great herds of laser dots that roam the plains of Africa!
19 Mar 2008
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Maia Frasier thought she'd escaped the world of troubleshooters and demons when she'd ceded her magical powers. Now a wounded enforcer has turned up, claiming Maia's sister is in danger. Creed Blackwood needs Maia's help to hunt the demon he's after, especially since he's hiding that his powers are erratic. ISBN# (10 Digit)- 0765355809 Genre(s) Paranormal Romance www.pattioshea****
8 May 2008
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Cody Jack Is Our Jack Rusell Shorty ( Laid Back Jack ) He is something else, he thinks he is human! and a navigator in the car, In 1897-1898 Ireland, a small handful of Jack Russell Terrier enthusiasts began working on a line of Jack Russell Terriers for themselves, family and friends. They often traded dogs amongst each other, to use in the Fox Hunts. The breeders involved at the time believed if they developed a line, using no Fox or Fell Terrier infusion, they would be breeding a dog better suited for their lifestyle. Ireland was then and remains an agricultural country with a large percentage of its income generated from farming and livestock sales. So it only made sense to them to breed a Jack Russell Terrier that would be intelligent and tenacious in the field, yet be able to settle once back at home, on the farm. A terrier who would be able to tolerate and respect livestock as well as get on well with children. This type of Jack Russell Terrier eventually become a mainstay on several farms across Ireland. This type of "Jack Russell" developed a following of it's own as the children and grandchildren of these enthusiasts made it a lifetime commitment to protect the desired attributes, keeping out undesired traits and eventually producing their own type. The results from their efforts yielded a manageable terrier that came in three coat lengths, was on average 10" tall and when measured was clearly longer than tall. Today, at the turn of this century, there remains only a small handful of terriers from these particular lines. Many of the original creators have since passed on - However there remains a few descendants within these dedicated families that continue to breed the line today. They don't peddle their puppies to strangers, still keeping most of these pups for their family and friends. The Connemara Jack Russell Terrier has the expected confidence and pride of a terrier without hyperactivity or aggression issues. This little terriers motto is “live and let live” however if pushed and bullied by another dog, he can and will hold his own. He believes his humans need and require his affection ...and he is determined to provide more than enough to justify his appointment as sole purvey! At Connemara, we believe in what we are doing and the decisions we have made along the way. We are breeding a distinctly different type of Jack Russell Terrier. Our terriers do not typically have the excitability or aggression issues we have seen in some Jack Russells. Overall, they are very healthy and hearty. And their temperaments stable and proven. How we, at Connemara became involved in continuing this special line: I could write a book on this alone. However, in the interest of time and cutting to the chase, this is how it happened: We met an Irishman from one of these families who sold us two pets for our own family. After some time, he became our mentor and a trusted friend. We vowed to continue the line, keeping with the tradition his family set forth. It hasn't been easy as in our learning we have made some costly mistakes along the way. Since 1999, we have continued steady and true to the preservation of the line the Irishman taught us to watch over, embrace and love. I will be forever grateful to him as these little creatures have given us so much more than we could ever give back.
17 Jul 2008
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my friend goes for a hunt in the woods with is assistant and camera man to hunt the poor people
20 Jul 2008
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Hunting the big daddy.
23 Jul 2008
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Governor Sarah Palin endorses Aerial Hunting: the sport of shooting animals from a low-flying airplane or helicopter. Palin spent $400,000.00 in AK tax-payer funds on a massive TV, print, radio and Internet campaign to promote animal cruelty policies
4 Sep 2008
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Kerala Dance Onam » Onam Dance » Pulikali / Kaduvakali Pulikali / Kaduvakali Pulikali Kaduvakali Pulikali is a colorful recreational folk art from the state of Kerala. It is performed by trained artists to entertain people on the occasion of Onam. Pulikali, also known as Kaduvaakali, is a 200 year old art, carefully preserved by the artists of the state. Literal meaning of Pulikali is the 'play of the tigers' hence the performance revolve around the theme of tiger hunting. The folk art is mainly practiced in Thrissur (Trichur) and Palghat districts of Kerala. Best place to watch the show is Swaraj Ground at Thrissur on the fourth day of Onam, where Pulikali troupes from all over the district assemble to display their skills.
16 Oct 2008
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*******www.instablogs****/ US relaxes visa rules to boost tourism The American might is melting in the heat of economic recession. The financial setback has compelled Uncle Sam to extend an openhearted invitation to potential visitors from countries it would have otherwise resisted tooth and nail. In an effort to ease the pressures of economic downturn the American think tanks are looking towards tourism. US tourism has therefore decided to ease the visa rules through expansion of visa waiver program. Travelers from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia along with South Korea will also be allowed to visit the U.S. for 90 days without visas. International travel is absolutely critical to supporting the American. The economies worldwide have slumped; they have eaten into both foreign wealth along with American wealth. With the financial crisis, people are generally going to be very careful about traveling now since it's going to be more expensive because of higher energy prices and the rising U.S. dollar. Though this is a worrisome prospect any hike in overseas travel at this point of time is likely to ease financial pressures and is therefore welcome. Pakistan revives tribal militias Calling for organized action by local tribesman is indeed a clever strategy for uprooting the Taliban groups in the tribal areas of Pakistan. The tribesmen are armed they know their home ground well, they are motivated for action against terrorists joining hands with Pakistan’s military forces and foreign support can yield promising results in the immediate future. the need of the hour is to run intensive campaigns of awareness and establish understandings between local tribesmen and military and foreign agencies in order to make quick and effective action possible. This will not only cleanse the tribal belt of terrorists but also create new channels for the development of these backward areas. Whaling in the name of research As the ageing Japanese whaling industry continues its intrepid struggle to justify itself Japan the question of whether any of the purported killings carried any scientific value has been raised time and again by protestors. Furthermore with refrigerator storehouses full of uneaten meat the industry is running out of excuses to keep the general public believing that they enjoy eating whale. However a new backward protesting strategy has emerged from the wake of another whaling season picking up speed. Let them do it support it. Author and environmental activist Mark Brazil suggest that in order for the government subsidized whaling industry to see the senseless of their hunts the protesting public only need to promote the sale of the whale meat. Call the government out into full disclosure of accountability contrary to suspicions of media’s heavily laden with inevitable levels of mercury if the government is backing it the meat must be safe. Right. In a country whose food industry has been ravaged at all levels by scandal after scandal perhaps blatant opposition is not the best way to back the government into corner and invoke change. Elite Squad portrays Brazilian violence One of the main features of Brazilian cinema is the realism (or neo-realism). Elite Squad, from the movie maker Jose Padilha is no exception to this rule. The only problem is that maybe he has gone too far on his film. This movie, turned in large part in Rio slums caused the most diverse reactions of the Brazilian public: from laughter to horror. Beatings, suffocation, threat of rape, blood bath and the constant state of fear in the movie have made many international critics pointed to Elite Troop as a film that is favorable to fascism. But that is not true. The fact that the violence be banalized in Brazil stems from more than 40 thousand homicides that occur annually here. Cinema is art, fiction. The reality is that it is brutal. After all, a movie is just a movie and this one particularly reflects what happens in a sick society." *******www.instablogs****/
20 Jul 2011
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