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Human hurt habla del daño que genera el ser humano con su forma de ser. Human Hurt - Daño Humano By RVK For PanGaia Music
27 Feb 2017
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I have oral cancer as early as of 2001. I was poisoned (even by unjustified injections), beaten by the Constantinescu family's members. There are solid proofs I was also raped. My older brother, Iunian, a criminal, drugged me. I already wrote to the ECHR in France. Two doctors severely damaged my health so I want to receive compensation for two cases of medical malpractice (involving DR. Stan Marius Nicolae and DR. Robert Rob). I was cut at random during a fake surgery performed by Dr. Robert Rob. Five policemen hospitalized me by force in a mental hospital for a simple argument with my mentally ill mother. There, I suffered a heart attack because I was forced to take pills and have injections done without displaying psychopatic traits. After I returned, I failed to see the money I left in my room. I was deprived of my belongings over the course of the days I spent in confinement. I was defrauded by the real estate agents whose properties I rented (Olteanu Ecaterina and Radu Ionel) and also subjected to threats, trespassing, and other violent acts. I was stalked and harrassed for years by countless citizens of my hometown. I want to be financially compensated and have at least my family members placed in prison. I am an honest, hard working citizen. I suffered other blatant violations. I strongly oppose anyone attempting to profit in any way off of my belongings or by using me, unless it benefits me financially and the laws impose it. I have solid proofs for everything stated here. I audio and video recorded many of them and I have the documents.
8 Mar 2017
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Individuals go missing almost every day in New York City. Some are real and some have meaningful explanations. Most missing persons cases in New York are resolved with no one getting hurt and are usually.
24 Feb 2017
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6 Mar 2017
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Night night! That is gonna hurt in the morning!
16 Mar 2017
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Amazing what you can do with a kitchen knife. There were 30 knives all placed one by one. What a ------ nightmare! Nobody was hurt in the filming of this?????
17 Mar 2017
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Hurt video for "Rapture"
16 Apr 2006
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Another collection of people getting hurt... In a very funny way...enjoy
21 Apr 2006
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An insurance comercial with lots of people getting hurt.
21 May 2006
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Ouch my back hurts - I guess she just searched for an excuse not to dance with him.
30 Jul 2006
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me singing part of hurt by christina aguilara
4 Jan 2007
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that mustve hurt like a bitch
15 Jan 2007
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Aww that's gotta hurt
17 Jan 2007
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this hurt pretty bad feel free to comment!!
22 Feb 2007
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My A** hurts!
4 Mar 2007
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Not so well jump in the sea, this gonna hurt! :)
1 Apr 2007
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