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Brought to you by O.G. BABY BUCK along with KOO FILMS we walk you into the world of GANGBANGIN, RAP HUSTLERS, B.G.'S, Y.G.'S & BIG DEALS MAKERS only to show you how one man can bring about change in a city within a city the place HOUSTON TX. the city within a city GREENSPOINT. With our inner city youth gettin killed everyday someone has to be the one to say enough STOP this is what O.G. BABY BUCK is doin in GREENSPOINT a former GANG LEADER of 181 GOODSON FAMILY O.G. BABY BUCK is here to right the wrongs with the help of some of H-TOWNS RAP HUSLERS such as KILLA KYLEON of BOSSHOGGOUTLAWZ, KLAS ONE of 4-DEEP, M.C. QUA, MAGNO, AGONY LIFE, POONIE aka MEAN JOE GREENSPOINT, ORBIT of ORBITSWORLD.COM, J DAWG da YOUNG HOGG of BOSSHOGGOUTLAWZ, O.G. BO 802, O.G. BIG "E", D MACK of MACK ENT., TAY DAY, BIG SHAKERS, TRE 100 and many many more. FOR THIS IS A TRUE MOVEMENT. Filmed & edited by KOO-ROD of 4-DEEP for KOO FILMS/POWERMOVE MUSIC
17 Apr 2007
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