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Watch it in HD (720p) ----- Leave a comment --------------------------------- IN ENGLISH --------------------------------- This is a list of what i think were the best albums released in 2012 in the garage-rock / garage-punk style. This is a list of only original albums! 7", EP's, singles, compilation albums and live albums were not included! If you think there are no great bands around here, turn off your TV and go outside! I know some people don't like my music taste, but i'm ok with that. Maybe this is a good way to discover your new favourite band. Support these artists! Buy their records and go to their shows! Feel free to comment! If you wanna know what i've been listening lately, check it out: Finnaly, i'd like to thank every users who uploaded videos to youtube! --------------------------------- EM PORTUGUÊS --------------------------------- Esta é uma lista dos albuns que eu considero terem sido os melhores que saíram em 2012 no mundo do garage-rock e garage-punk. É uma lista de apenas albuns de originais, isto é, EP's, singles, compilações e albuns ao vivo não foram incluídos! Existem inúmeras boas bandas por aí, descubram-nas! É uma lista que reflete o meu gosto musical, que compreendo não agrade a todos. Podem aproveitar este video para ficarem a conhecer aquelas que provavelmente irão ser as tuas bandas favoritas no futuro. Ajudem estes artistas! Comprem os seus discos e vão aos seus concertos! Comentem à vontade! Se quiserem ficar a saber o que ando a ouvir ultimamente, vejam aqui: *******www.lastfm****.br/user/AFS73 Gostaria de agradecer a todos os utilizadores que postaram videos no youtube, porque só desta forma consegui fazer o meu! --------------------------------- TRACK LIST --------------------------------- Bits Of Shit - Intro (from "Cut Sleeves") A Giant Dog - Cowboy (from "Fight") Audacity - Punk confusion (from "Mellow Cruisers") Bare Wires - Chasing time (from "Idle Dreams") Brat Farrar - You got me hanging around (from "Brat Farrar") Bits Of Shit - F (from "Cut Sleeves") Black Jaspers - Erased world (from "Scum Of The Moon") Cheap Time - Another time (from "Wallpaper Music") Crooked Bangs - Evil eye/le mauvais ceil (from "Crooked Bangs") Dikes of Holland - Rotten taste (from "Braindead USA") Gay Anniversary - Cop city (from "New In Class") Glockenwise - Bardamu girls (from "Building Waves") Glow Kit - Special Occasions (from "Glow Kit") Hellshovel - Summer's over (from "Hated By The Sun") Hives - Patrolling days (from "Lex Hives") Hussy - Undefined (from "Weed Seizure") Jeff The Brotherhood - Sixpack (from "Hypnotic Nights") Jeffrey Novak - Here comes snakeman (from "Baron In The Trees") K-Holes - Rats (from "Dismania") Le Prince Harry - Fancy for a cancer (from "It's Getting Worse") Mind Spiders - Wait for us (from "Meltdown") Nice Face - Equipped (from "Horizon Fires") Nü Sensae - Swin (from "Sundowning") OBN IIIs - Self-hate (From "OBN IIIs") OFF! - Wiped out (from "OFF!") Paint Fumes - Buried alive (from "Uck Life") Parkinsons - Girl from another world (from "Back To Life") Rippers - I Was Going Home (from "Better The Devil You Know") Slug Guts - Glory holes (from "Playin' in Time with the Deadbeat") Soupcans - Negative genes (from "Good Feelings") Spider Bags - Friday night (from "Shake My Head") Teenanger - Frights (from "Frights") Terry Malts - I do (from "Killing Time") Thee Oh Sees - Wax face (from "Putrifiers II") Tucán - Tocayo (from "Empatitis") Turbonegro - I got a knife (from "Sexual Harassment") Ty Segall - You're the doctor (from "Twins") Ty Segall Band - Tell me what's inside your heart (from "Slaughterhouse") Tyvek - Say yeah (from "On Triple Beams") White Wires - Down on my own (from "WWIII") Wild Evel And The Trashbones - Let's go right now (from "Tales From The Cave") Hex Dispensers - Hybrid Moments (from "Parallel EP")
24 Dec 2012
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18 Jan 2009
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29 Apr 2009
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Promo for The Hussies
29 Nov 2008
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Fragment 3: ***********/watch?v=330onLRWM6A
6 Sep 2009
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The possible sound of a childs voice, caught on a non night vision camcorder, this sound was not heard by any of the three women present in the was caught in the bathroom of room 210, The Station Hotel, Dudley, West Midlands.
7 Sep 2009
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From the movie Ed Gein - Ed (Steve Railsback) fantasizes about having dinner with Mary (Sally Champlin).
3 May 2011
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Brand X with Russell Brand Season: 1 Episode: 23 Is this the new canine fashion rage? Really?
19 Apr 2013
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Twenty-year old misfit François abducts Twelve-year old Mado who is also an outsider and over time the nature of the relationship changes to the point where the two outcasts find comfort and love in each others company. Featuring Claude Hébert as François and Madeleine Desdevises as Mado. Directed by Jacques Doillon.
10 Jul 2013
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Mallu Hot Maid Seducing, Boy got tempted seeing hot mallu aunty sexy hot scene, Hot Mallu Aunty Romance with Her Servant, Hot Mallu Scene From Indian Adult Mallu Movie, Athikaram - Tamil Hot Full Movie, Thirumathi Suja Yen Kaadhali, Tamil Movie - Monika Bedi | Swathi varma | Devadasyin Kadhai, South Waheetha Hot Scene in Tamil Hot Movie Anagarigam, Thiruttu Purushan Tamil Hot Movie
13 Mar 2014
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Misfit François abducts 12 year old Mado who is also an outsider and over time a caring relationship develops. Sadly, the young star Madeleine Desdevises who portrays "Mado" died three years after this film at the age of 15 of leukemia.
18 Aug 2014
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28 Nov 2010
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Zach Galifianakis, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim were commissioned by Absolut Vodka to make a film for their website. They were told they could do anything they wanted as long as they mentioned the product. This is part 3. Edited by Ben Berman.
20 Feb 2012
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From the movie Tom Jones - Sophie (Susannah York) catches Tom (Albert Finney) with a hussy.
3 May 2011
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[Intro - Eminem] Yeah... Oh.... get up, I said get up... let's go Better watch out now cause here we come And we ain't stoppin' until we see the morning sun So give us room to do our thing, cause we ain't come to hurt no one So everybody come and get upon the floor now and grab someone [Verse 1] Man first of all, I'm a boss, I just wanna get that across Man even my dentist hates when I floss Pull up to the club in a Pinto like it's a Porsche Garbage bag for one of the windows, spray painted doors With the flames on 'em, Michigan plates and my names on 'em Baby Shady's here, come and get him if you dames want him But he ain't stupid so quit tryin' to run them games on him He's immune to cupid, why you tryin' to put your claims on him Cause you won't do to me what you did to the last man Now climb in back, try not to kick over the gas can There's a half a gallon in it, that could be our last chance We have of just gettin' home, now can I get that lap dance? She's got a tattoo of me right above her ass man In the streets of Warren, Michigan we call 'em tramp stamps That means she belongs to me, time to put the damn clamps Down and show this hussie who's the man, now get amped, dance! [Hook] Now you can do this on your own, but everyone knows That no one likes to be alone, so get on the floor and grab somebody Ain't nothing but a white trash party! So let's have us a little bash, and if anyone asks It ain't no one, but us trash You don't know, you better ask somebody Cause we're having a white trash party! [Verse 2] Pull a 5th of bacardi from outta my underwear And walk around the party without a care, like a body without a head Looking like a zombie from Night of the Living Dead And tomorrow probably still be too high to get out of bed Til I feel like I been hit with the sharp part of the hammer Mixing hennessey and fanta with pepto and mylanta I shoot the gift like I'm hollerin' "die santa" Missed the tree and hit Rudolf and two innocent bystanders So quite tryin' to play the Wall like you're Paul And get on the floor when the beat drops and stop stallin' They call the Stephon Marbury of rap, darlin' Cause soon as they throw on some R. Kelly I start ballin'! Making it rain for the ladies in the mini's But I'm not throwing ones, five's, ten's or even twenty's I'm throwing quarters, nickels, dimes, pennys up at Skinny's Man I do this for them bunnys up at Denny's From the north east and west But when it comes to them trailers in them south parks, muffle it Cause homie, that hood's tighter than Kenny's So ladies if your belly button's not an innie, them I'm outtie Now hop in my minivan, let's get rowdy cmon! [Hook] [Bridge] Now whether you're black, white or purple if you're misunderstood But you don't give a fuck, you ain't doing shit that you should Long as you know you're up to evil and you're no damn good Get on the floor man, and rep yo' hood [Verse 3] Now honey, don't let them pricks trick We should make a quick dip And go do some doughnuts in the hospital parking lot Cause girl I got a sick whip, kick the back window outta my gremlin Put two milk crates in the trunk, rip out the stick shift And make a five seater, I'll be damned if I feed a Chick, it ain't like me to split a piece of dry pita I be the S-L to the I-M to the S-h-a-d-y and I don't need a tank top to be a wife beater I'll rip a tree out the ground and flip it upside down 'fore I turn over a new leaf clown, I'll tell you now I'm so raw I still need to un-thaw, you feel me y'all I shut the club down, like Drake in the mall! But baby a body like that's against the law You the baddest little "chain" with the blades I ever "saw" Coleslaw containers, empty straw wrappers and all You got more junk in your trunk than I do in my car, now get up! [Hook]
7 Jul 2011
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LYRICS HERE! CLICK SHOW MORE! Lighters Instrumental: ***********/watch?v=Jr1e0dPKMLk Bad Meets Evil new song snippet: The Reunion (Snippet): ***********/watch?v=f7jogkwjPQA Take From Me (Snippet): ***********/watch?v=c60Zwgkx8Hs Loud Noises (Snippet): ***********/watch?v=gYGvDvMyW-Y A Kiss (Snippet): ***********/watch?v=LCyGPuFUDZU Welcome To Hell (Snippet): ***********/watch?v=Y-oPss8Lcd0 Above The Law (Snippet): ***********/watch?v=QjOk29S5ZWw SUBSCRIBE! Eminem collaboration with Bruno Mars turn out better than I thought it would be. Enjoy (: Lyrics: [Chorus] This ones for you and me Living out our dreams We are right where we should be With my arms out wide I open my eyes And now All I wanna see Is a sky full of lighters A sky full of lighters [Eminem] By the time you hear this I will have already spiraled up I would never do nothin to let you cowards fuck my world up If I was you I would duck or get struck like lighting fighters Keep fighting Put your lighters up Point em' skyward UH! Had a dream I was king I woke up Still king This rap game's nipples is mine For the milking Till nobody else even fuckin feels me Till it kill me I swear to god I'll be the fucking illest in the music There is Or there ever will be Disagree? Feel free, but from now on I'm refusing, to ever give up, Only thing I ever gave ups using No more excuses Excuse me if my head's to big for this building And pardon me if I'm a cocky prick But you cocks are slick Poppin shit on how you flipped your life around Crock of shit Who you dicks tryna' kid? Flip dick you did opposite You stayed the same Cause cock backwards is still kcoc you prick I love it when I tell'em shove it Cause it wasn't that Long ago When Marshall sat Flustered, lack lustered Cause he couldn't cut Mustered Muster up Nothin Brain fuzzy Cause hes buzzing Woke up from that buzz and now you wonder Why he does it how he does Wasn't cause he had Buzzards circlin' round his head Waitin for him to drop dead, was it? Or was it cause some bitches wrote him off Little hussy ass fusses Fuck it Guess it doesn't matter now does it? What difference it make Whats it take? To get it through you thick skulls that this ain't Some bullshit People don't usually come back this way From a place that was as dark as I was And just to get to this place Some of these words be like a switchblades to a hater's rib cage And let it be known that from this day forward I wanna just say thanks Cause your hate is what gave me the strength So let them bics raise Cause I came at 5'9" But I feel like I'm 6'8" [Chorus] This ones for you and me Living out our dreams Where are right where we should be With my arms out wide I open my eyes And now All I wanna see Is a sky full of lighters A sky full of lighters [Royce Da 5'9"] By the time you hear this I probably already be outie I advance like going from toting iron to goin And buying 4 or 5 of the homies, to iron man outie My daddy told me, slow down boy you're going to blow it And I ain't gotta stop to be the minute to tell shady I love the same way that he did Dr. Dre on the chronic Tell'em how real he is Or how high I am Or how I would kill him, for him to know it I cry when he tears My daddy gotta bad back So its only right that I write Till he can march right in to that post office and tell'em to hang it up Now his careers Lebron's jersey in twenty years I stop when I'm at the very top You shitted on me on your way up Its bout to be a scary drop Cause what goes up Must come down You goin down I'm somethin you don't wanna see Like a hairy box Every hour Happy hour now Life is wacky now Used to have to eat the cat to get the pussy Now I'm just a cat's meow Owwww I'm classy-cow Always down for the catch-way Like Pacquio Yall are doomed I remember when T-Pain ain't wanna work with me My car starts itself Parks itself And auto-tunes Cause now I'm in the astin I went from having my city locked up To getting treated like Kwame Kilpatrick And now I'm fantastic Compared to a weed high And yall' niggas the sky sippin like bitches On a radio and TV See me, we fly Yall' buggin out like Wendy Williams Starin' at a bee hive And how real is that? I remember signing my first deal Now I'm the second best I can deal with that Now Bruno can show his ass Without the MTV awards gag [Bridge] You and I Know what its like To be kicked down Forced to fight But tonight We're alright So hold up your lights Let it shine Cause.. [Chorus] This ones for you and me Living out our dreams We are right where we should be With my arms out wide I open my eyes And now All I wanna see Is a sky full of lighters A sky full of lighters
11 Aug 2011
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