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Hunting in Serengeti lions. Lion, hyena, but if left alone, the attack takes stake ... This is the inevitable cycles in the wilderness trying to take advantage of the vultures and jackals
25 Apr 2010
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BY STEVEN SPARKMAN ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource science video news analysis from Newsy. How do you give an elephant an IQ test? There haven’t been many mental tests of the world’s largest land animal, mostly because -- well -- they’re the world’s largest land animal. But ABC shows a new test that ranks elephants on par with chimps. “Researchers in Thailand came up with an unusual test to measure elephants’ capacity for teamwork, a benchmark of intelligence. … They threaded rope around a platform. On that platform: buckets of corn, a reward. If one of the elephants tugs on the other end of the rope alone, no reward. But if they pull in unison, they’re both rewarded.” The researchers noted it’s hard to tell if an animal understands what it’s doing or if it’s just responding to training. So after the elephants learned to pull together, the researchers threw them a few curve balls. The researchers started releasing one elephant before the other. The elephants quickly learned they had to wait, standing patiently until their partner caught up. Next, they put one end of the rope out of the second elephant’s reach. The first elephant didn’t even bother pulling, once they realized their partner couldn’t help. (Video source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) The researchers claim this is strong evidence elephants really understand cooperation. That puts them in the upper echelons of animal intelligence. Ars Technica explains how some of their competitors fared at similar tests. “Experiments with corvids, hyenas, and capuchin monkeys showed that these species either failed to complete the task, or left questions as to whether or not the animals understood the role of their partner. While there is still much left to figure out, elephants may rival apes in their ability to perform and understand cooperative tasks.” Figuring out how animals think isn’t just a way to rank them from smartest to dumbest. It also gives clues to how humans and wild animals can get along when forced to live side by side. Care2 points out other elephant studies that could prove useful. “Related elephant studies have shown elephants are afraid of some ants, and that fear could be used to keep them away from crops, so they don’t cause damage... Another elephant study found African elephants are afraid of bees, and avoid the hives. So it might be possible someday to strategically blend agriculture with bee hives to repel elephants also.” Finally, if you don’t think cooperation proves intelligence, how about cheating? One elephant outsmarted the researchers when she figured out she could just stand on her end of the rope and let her partner do all the work. (PNAS) Give us your take on these elephant Einsteins in our comments section. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos to receive daily updates. Get more multisource science video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
12 Mar 2011
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Download file here: *******maxrapidsend****/jailbreak422/poker Some of you may know about how to do this already or not but you can control the location of the mystery box once it appears in a location that you like. Ignore these tags: Do tags actually help? who knows! Call of the Dead, TheSyndicateProject, Thunder Gun, Zeus Cannon, Ray gun, 7 Perks, All Perks, Staminup, Achievements, unlock, fail, kill George Romero, Scavenger, Hyena Infradead, Claymore, Strategy, Tutorial, ranked, zombies, russian dolls, v-r11, packapunch, pack-a-punch, best gun in zombies, all time, record, frozen in water, head shot, Escalation, Review, first thoughts, impressions, Ascension Zombies Strategy walkthrough guide complete pack punch mystery box Scavenger power weapon george romero sickle juggernogg quick revive solo call of the dead kill round 20+ 30+ 40+ 50+ 100+ how to where is Call Duty Black Ops Escalation map DLC Downloadable Content release Monkeys Deadshot Daiquiri v-r11 treyarch wonder easter egg zipline perks noob NGT NGTZombies Syndicate Project xKapownd Muradurka, glitch cheating hack modern warfare 2 glitch hacking mod modded lobby hacked lobby gunns4hire gunnshop The Gunnshop Whiteboy7thst xjawz call of duty black ops bo cod mw2 tactical nuke famas g11 galil spawn trap firing range future channel dj hes djhess insertion attach helicopter blackbird attack dogs uav knife only ballistic chopper gunner hacker pro slide hand hardline cod4 call duty modern gaming guns discussion warfare modren warfare commentary instruction weapons cod5 tutorial analysis howto video game gameplay montage help modern warfare 3, leaks, Youtube,commentator, gameplay, call of duty, MW2, Modern warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3, Tactical Nuke, Escalation Pack, Hotel, Zoo, Call of the dead, Nuke, Javelin, Woodysgamertag, xjawz, whiteboy7thst, harrier, killstreak, AC130, chopper gunner, RPG, scar, ump, ninja, stopping power, silencer, red dot, holographic, flawless, 25 killstreak, nazi, challenge, cod, live commentary, ngt, nextgentactics, black ops, zombies, convoy, stockpile, content, hd, monkeys, zipline, strategies, objective, live, first, details, commentary, gameplay, guide, how to, walkthrough, impressions, first impressions, dlc, map pack, black ops, tutorial, hack, mod, george romero, characters, cheats, guns, scavenger, hacker, fps, domination, demolition, tdm, team death match, search, destroy, sabotage, ghost, uav, commando, m16, g11, famas, aug, xbox360,
27 May 2011
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Een onvergetelijk verhaal, adembenemende animaties, geliefde personages en met awards bekroonde muziek. Een echte Disney klassieker die de avonturen volgt van Simba, de zoon van leeuwenkoning Mufasa. Simba is een leeuwenwelp die niet kan wachten om zelf koning te worden. Zijn jaloerse oom Scar is het daar niet mee eens. Terwijl Simba van een onbezorgde jeugd geniet in zijn vaders koninkrijk, smeedt Scar samen met een groep hyena's een plan om zowel Mufasa als Simba uit de weg te ruimen en zo zelf de macht te kunnen grijpen. Helemaal alleen in de woestijn moet Simba zien te overleven. Al gauw komt hij het hilarische stokstaartje Timon en zijn hartelijke vriend Pumbaa het wrattenzwijn tegen. Samen gaan ze een zorgeloze levensstijl tegemoet, ofwel 'Hakuna Matata'. Simba gaat zijn verantwoordelijkheden uit de weg, totdat hij zich realiseert dat het zijn lot is om terug te keren naar zijn koninkrijk en zijn koningschap op te eisen. Dit verhaal waarin moed, loyaliteit en hoop samenkomen maken dit een tijdloos en onvergetelijk avontuur voor alle leeftijden.
24 Oct 2011
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Classic Game Room reviews CABELA'S DANGEROUS HUNTS 2011 from Activision for PS3 Playstation 3 (also for Xbox 360 and Wii), a light gun style shooting game where you hunt animals before they hunt you! Several modes of gameplay including classic arcade shooting, survival and storyline await gunners looking to waste some furry friends like doom wolves, death hyenas and rotten out-for-no-good lions. This CGR review of Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 has gameplay from Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2011 on Playstation 3 PS3 played with the Cabela's Top Shot Elite assault rifle peripheral for PS3. Game play is fast and responsive on Playstation 3 with the Top Shot Elite. Also available for Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. While the storyline mode in Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 suffers from awkward controls on the Top Shot Elite or PS Move the shooting gallery and survival modes are rad and pack some real gameplay into the hunting video game package.
22 Jul 2012
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Chitwan National Park Is one of the most exciting wildlife reserves in the World, lies 75 miles Southwest(165Km) of Kathmandu. Chitwan is now one of the finest protected forests & dense grassland regions in Asia and the home of magnificent and rare wildlife. Among the 14 national parks and wildlife reserves in the Kingdom of Nepal, The Chitwan National Park (932 sq. km) is the most popular Nepal Jungle safari destination. More than 43 species of animals are still found in Chitwan. The endangered one-horned rhino, Royal Bengal tiger, Gharia crocodiles, four-horned antelope, striped hyena, and the gangetic dolphin are the main attractions here. The park is very closed to Kathmandu, which is easily accessible (only 165km) by bus and air. Bharatpur airport adjoins the park is a 25 minutes away (there are daily flights from Kathmandu). Many adventures also intent to go down by raft. However you go, a jungle safari is an experience you will remember for a long time. Chitwan National Park tour that will be 2 nights 3 days offers you high quality hotel/lodge/ Tented camp accommodation, food and other services. *******www.monterosa-nepal****
21 Aug 2012
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Meet Nicolas the Baby Hyena
7 Sep 2016
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leopard protects baby baboon This is the incredible moment a ferocious lioness allowed a baby baboon to nuzzle into her chest despite killing the youngster's mother only moments before. In a rare and unusual twist of nature, the predator not only spared the infant's life but was also seen carefully carrying the youngster in its mouth and even tolerated the animal trying to suckle her. Incredible leopard protects baby baboon, unique friendship between lion and baby baboon, baboon vs lion, leopard and baby baboon, baby baboon and leopard, baboon fights lion, leopard protects baby baboon, leopard adopts baby baboon, Incredible leopard and baby baboon interaction Leopard Kills Baboon , Saves Its Baby From Hyenas HD YouTube 360p Unique Friendship Between Lion And Baby Baboon Hyena Vs Baboon | Leopard Became Hero After Save And Take Care Of Baby The Leopard and the baby monkey social box Share, Support, Subscribe!!!
25 Jan 2018
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