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hypnotherapy services from Jak "The Fixer" Broadway, 0203 8075829 Because you have landed on this video it tells me that you are looking for hypnotherapy to help you overcome a problem. Whether its anxiety, phobias, emotional truama, ptsd, mental blocks, pain, public speaking or motivation, sports performance, positivity, increasing memory, fitness or health, Confidence and much much more Jak "The Fixer" Broadway known as the fixer can help you, offering a complimentary no obligations consultation you can find out exactly how Jak can help without worrying about being sold to… Whatever stage you are on your journey Jak can help you… Simply follow the link below and get ready to find yourself discovering your true potential. The Fixer
22 Jul 2017
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Discover the power and benefits of mindfulness with Matthew Tweedie Hypnosis. I am offering two days Mindfulness based workshop that invites participants to use simple meditation techniques and gentle movement, to notice any thoughts, emotions or sensations that arise and to learn to be more present to their experience. The Session is made up of a combination of mindfulness meditation, gentle movement, discussions and instruction.
8 Jul 2017
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Composer and producer Chris Handley is truly dedicated to the art of healing through music. Through the tones and vibrations created we can find peace, serenity, inspiration, and above all the true person residing within ourselves. We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as he did creating it.
16 May 2017
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Find out a little more about confidence hypnosis and how it can help you overcome barriers to your success.
21 Apr 2017
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bloodborn - Vampire Hypno
11 Mar 2017
Share Video The Hypnosis Center of Wisconsin in Appleton and green bay can help to dissolve fears, phobias,anxiety, and stress. Our hypnosis and NLP treatments can be used to alleviate personal challenges, phobias, manage pain and more. Visit our website to learn about our hypnosis solutions. Call us today at 920-465-1277 our motto is
How to Hypnotize
15 Jan 2017
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Dawn Grant is providing the best hypnosis and mind training for clay shooters, athletes, business professionals. Visit our programs and products today. These will help you to achieve your goal, Better performance, improve your mental skills in clay target shooting.
3 Jan 2017
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Anxiety help in Lincoln Lincolnshire
25 Nov 2016
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Hypnosis can be Beneficial to Mesothelioma Patients Article highlights: 1. Mesothelioma patients can benefit from hypnotism. 2. Hypnotherapy helps to deal with the patient’s pain. 3. A patient’s definition of success will determine how they cope with mesothelioma. 4. Hypnotherapy aims at instilling numbness in patients. 5. Treatment becomes easier when the patient is calm. 6. Hypnotherapy lasts about half hour to an hour. 7. The subconscious condition of the patient’s mind is manipulated in hypnotherapy. 8. Hypnotherapy will not make you do what you do not want to do. 9. People can still lie during hypnotherapy. 10. Hypnotism is often portrayed wrongly or inappropriately in movies. Read more: ******* #Mesothelioma #Cancer #Health
29 Oct 2016
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This is Debbie’s original Audition tape. I left the topic up to her, and she is simply amazing. This is the ultimate “One on One”. There are no “bells and whistles” only Debbie, the cameras and you. With Powerful technique, she uses NLP and a Misdirection induction to guide you, as she takes complete control.
28 Oct 2016
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Debbie is a beautiful girl you’ve been dating, but you like to play the field. Tonight is your 3rd date and you’re ready for this deal, to be sealed. However, Debbie has other plans and through Powerful Hypnotic Persuasion, she makes tonight a special occasion.
28 Oct 2016
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Five years ago, Stacy Burke surprised you in a hotel room one night and the rest is Hypnotic history. Earlier tonight, a Mystery girl invited you to her room, and you’re in for an even bigger surprise! “Double Agent” is a Sexy Spy thriller introducing our new girl Debbie, featuring a guest appearance that will take your breath away!
28 Oct 2016
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