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Swinging Pendant Hypnotic Induction Featuring Lexus
11 Oct 2017
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Bridget Coughlin Family Hypnosis provide hypnosis services for weight loss, to stop smoking, sports & academic performance, reducing stress, sleep better and more.
8 Oct 2017
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BB Ki Vines- Hypnotism
3 Oct 2017
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Test your ability to multi-task with this challenge - follow the red dot while you listen and read, knowing you may drift down into trance when the blue dot appears.
21 Sep 2017
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You may or may not have heard of this thing called "NLP" or "neuro-linguistic programming"? If not, what is NLP and why should you care? Think of this you have bad habits or behaviors holding you back or don't serve you that you would like to get rid of and come out winning. NLP has been scientifically proven to be an effective subconscious-reengineering mind technology that tackles the core of neural synapses to begin changing your old ways from the subconscious to the conscious. - Please go ahead and "Like" this video, and feel free to share it! - Don't forget to follow the "Instafo" video channel to stay up-to-date for all the latest. - Do you have any comment? Share your thoughts. We love to hear from you! Instafo is all about one thing - publishing useful information that matters to educate, enrich, and empower others living in a fast-paced world to reinvent their very own existence on all possibilities without limitation.
20 Sep 2017
Share Video The Hypnosis Center of Wisconsin in Appleton and green bay can help to dissolve fears, phobias,anxiety, and stress. Our hypnosis and NLP treatments can be used to alleviate personal challenges, phobias, manage pain and more. Visit our website to learn about our hypnosis solutions. Call us today at 920-465-1277 our motto is
Directions: Visualize being confident and outgoing while feeling safe and protected at all times. Develop Unbelievable Social Confidence: I am outgoing I am talkative I love people I love talking to people I love meeting new people I love making new friends I love sharing myself I love telling stories about myself I am friendly I am charismatic I am magnetic I am a people person I enjoy being around people I enjoy being near people I enjoy being the center of the conversation I enjoy being in social situations I enjoy meeting new people I enjoy introducing myself to strangers I enjoy finding out about people I always make people feel comfortable I always make people feel at ease People are happy they met me people are glad they met me people always remember me fondly people always want to see me again You are outgoing You are talkative You love people You love talking to people You love meeting new people You love making new friends You love sharing yourself You love telling stories about yourself You are friendly You are charismatic You are magnetic You are a people person You enjoy being around people You enjoy being near people You enjoy being the center of the conversation You enjoy being in social situations You enjoy meeting new people You enjoy introducing yourself to strangers You enjoy finding out about people You always make people feel comfortable You always make people feel at ease People are happy they met you people are glad they met you people always remember you fondly people always want to see you again
17 Sep 2017
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Directions: Visualize being surrounded by people who are intoxicated by your communication. Message: you are a fantastic conversationalist you are an interesting conversationalist you always think of something to say you always think of good questions you always make good comments you know how to keep a conversation going people love talking to you people love listening to you people love your presence people love your ideas people love your stories people love your jokes people appreciate your humor you have plenty of relevant stories you have plenty of interesting anecdotes you have plenty of interesting metaphors your stories are mesmerizing your stories are captivating your stories are interesting I am a fantastic conversationalist I am an interesting conversationalist I always think of something to say I always think of good questions I always make good comments I know how to keep a conversation going people love talking to me people love listening to me people love my presence people love my ideas people love my stories people love my jokes people appreciate my humor I have plenty of relevant stories I have plenty of interesting anecdotes I have plenty of interesting metaphors my stories are mesmerizing my stories are captivating my stories are interesting
16 Sep 2017
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Instructions: Visualize being absolutely friendly in social environments. Do not listen while driving. Message: my energy is attractive my energy is positive my energy is outgoing my energy is alluring my energy is exciting my energy is romantic my energy is enthusiastic my energy is compelling my energy is transformational my energy is motivational my energy is magic my energy is bold my energy is expressive my energy is fine tuned my energy is amazing my energy is memorable my energy is unforgettable my energy is life changing my energy is draw dropping my energy is head turning my energy is stunning my energy is magnetic my energy is mesmerizing my energy is orgasmic my energy is breathtaking my energy is astounding my energy is life altering my energy is mind bending my energy is love my energy is passion my energy is life my energy is intelligence my energy is forgiveness my energy is compassion my energy is all encompassing your energy is attractive your energy is positive your energy is outgoing your energy is alluring your energy is exciting your energy is romantic your energy is enthusiastic your energy is compelling your energy is transformational your energy is motivational your energy is magic your energy is bold your energy is expressive your energy is fine tuned your energy is amazing your energy is memorable your energy is unforgettable your energy is life changing your energy is draw dropping your energy is head turning your energy is stunning your energy is magnetic your energy is mesmerizing your energy is orgasmic your energy is breathtaking your energy is astounding your energy is life altering your energy is mind bending your energy is love your energy is passion your energy is life your energy is intelligence your energy is forgiveness your energy is compassion your energy is all encompassing
16 Sep 2017
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1 Aug 2017
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hypnotherapy services from Jak "The Fixer" Broadway, 0203 8075829 Because you have landed on this video it tells me that you are looking for hypnotherapy to help you overcome a problem. Whether its anxiety, phobias, emotional truama, ptsd, mental blocks, pain, public speaking or motivation, sports performance, positivity, increasing memory, fitness or health, Confidence and much much more Jak "The Fixer" Broadway known as the fixer can help you, offering a complimentary no obligations consultation you can find out exactly how Jak can help without worrying about being sold to… Whatever stage you are on your journey Jak can help you… Simply follow the link below and get ready to find yourself discovering your true potential. The Fixer
22 Jul 2017
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Discover the power and benefits of mindfulness with Matthew Tweedie Hypnosis. I am offering two days Mindfulness based workshop that invites participants to use simple meditation techniques and gentle movement, to notice any thoughts, emotions or sensations that arise and to learn to be more present to their experience. The Session is made up of a combination of mindfulness meditation, gentle movement, discussions and instruction.
8 Jul 2017
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Composer and producer Chris Handley is truly dedicated to the art of healing through music. Through the tones and vibrations created we can find peace, serenity, inspiration, and above all the true person residing within ourselves. We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as he did creating it.
16 May 2017
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