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An interactive video series among three modelers, featuring HO scale trains, hypothetically moving freight across america. The participants in this video series are: mtrails wesolint chessie4155 Kansas, "Song for America" Copyright © 1975-2004 Kirshner, RCA, CBS Records, Sony Entertainment
24 May 2009
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According to Sitchin's interpretation of <b>Sumerian</b> cosmology, there is a hypothetical planet which follows a long, elliptical orbit, reaching the inner solar system roughly every 3600 years. This planet is called Nibiru (the planet associated with Marduk in Babylonian cosmology). Nibiru collided catastrophically with Tiamat, another hypothetical planet that was between Mars and Jupiter. The collision formed the planet Earth, the asteroid belt, and the comets. Tiamat, as outlined in the Enûma ...
7 Mar 2009
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Excerpts off Malachi Martin on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell in 1997 & 1998, discussing the prophecy of Fatima, aka the third secret of Fatima. What can one do? *******www.fatima**** free online ebooks *******fatimashoppe****/sub-category.asp?CID=33 *******www.jesus-passion**** *******www.fathercorapi**** *******<b>www.saintbirgitta****</b> In 'The Fourth Secret of Fatima' Mr. Socci constructs a hypothetical account of what happened in 2000 behind Vatican walls. Socci believes that when John Paul ...
25 Apr 2009
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This Video is Part I of Bernie Mac on New Years Eve 1991/92. I had the honor of seeing him perform at Club Ultimate in Harvey, Il. My video taping skills at the time were horrible. I'm just glad that I was able to record this hilarious performance. Also, Part II of the video contains the controversial (Hypothetical) joke that Bernie used at the Fund Raiser for Barack Obama. It was actually a funny joke...but it probably wasn't for that type of crowd. My Heartfelt Condolences go out to ...
16 Jun 2009
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According to Zecharia Sitchin's interpretation of Sumerian cosmology, there is a hypothetical planet which follows a long, elliptical orbit, reaching the inner solar system roughly every 3,600 years. This planet is called Nibiru (the planet associated with Marduk in Babylonian cosmology). Nibiru collided catastrophically with Tiamat, another hypothetical planet that was between Mars and Jupiter. The collision formed the planet Earth, the asteroid belt, and the comets. Tiamat, as outlined in the Enûma Elish, is a goddess. According to Sitchin, however, Tiamat may have been what we now know as Earth. When struck by one of planet Nibiru's moons, Tiamat split in two. On a second pass Nibiru itself struck the broken fragments and one half of Tiamat became the asteroid belt. The second half, struck again by one of Nibiru's moons, was pushed into a new orbit and became today's planet Earth. *******www.sitchin****/
9 Jun 2009
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Dr. Robin Wooten's hypothetical ancestor of todays insects.
6 Sep 2009
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******* NAKBA video originally created and uploaded by SHISHI87 ***********/user/shishi87catasrophe May 2008 - 60 years after Ben Gurion declared the state of Israel on Palestinian land, Barak Obama praised Ben Gurion and Theodor Herzl describing these people as if they were reincarnations of Moses "leading Israelites to the Promised Land". He furthermore alludes to racism when he refers to the zionists as "chosen people". In truth, Herzl and unsavoury persons with connections to the Nazi party were involved in recruiting people to this idea of establishing a homeland for "jews" at first in Argentina and later they settled on Palestine as a location. This nationalism has never had anything to do with religion except in that the idea of religion was an opportunistic "drawing factor" as far as Herzl's writings are concerned. Herzl himself was not anything like MOSES. Herzle was a self confessed ATHEIST. Obama's statements can be no farther from the truth. Before 1948 and while Palestine was still under British Rule, Ben Gurion and his peers started the war of terror which was aimed at removing the palestinians from their homeland. There are in fact memorials today in Israel to the terrorists who were killed during these acts of violence. Killed by the British security forces. The British later gave in to this forceful and terrorist campaign. After the World War II, an entity established by the nationalist zionists seemed to present a solution to the Jewish Question as the Europeans had come to call their discriminatory practices. Ben Gurion's declaration then in May of 1948, had not met the approval of the international community and certainly, the people of the region had not been given the opportunity to voice their wishes. Because the arrangements by OBAMA'S MOSES figures, did not factor in one big glaring reality viz. THE PEOPLE WHO ALREADY INHABITED THE LAND OF PALESTINE. If one reads Herzle's Seminal Pamphlet promoting the idea of a JEWISH STATE (1896) ******* , one is hard pressed to find any reference to Palestinian people save for a thinly veiled yet all the same, repugnant allusion to Animals that Herzle aimed at driving off the land "over there" as he referred to his hypothetical homeland. Some zionists of today even go as far as arguing that the and was desolate and uninhabited. This is completely false and completely ridiculous considering the evidence available to us concerning the most holy places at during the industrial revolution and prior to that. Furthermore, had there been no one there, where do the millions of refugees spring out of the pages of this sad tale? Or should we deny THEIR existence altogether? It is repugnant to hear a man who's descendants originate from Africa speak of Herzl and Gurion who called on racial and ethnic and religious ideas to claim rights over land and property that was in the hands of other people. This video shows only one of the many tragedies that took place in order to establish the illegal entity that now occupies the holy land. Atrocities like these were never committed by MOSES. The MOST HOLY LAND is made UNHOLY by the actions of deceitful men like Gurion and their latter day counterparts in the person of Obama, Bush, Olmert, et al. A people committing genocide, ethnic cleansing and committing acts of terror are not the people to whom the Holy Land is promised. The actions of those defending their land cannot be used as an excuse to cleanse the area of people, send them to neighbouring countries and deny them any recognition of the right to return to their own property. Any solution must be based on JUSTICE and the people of the land, THOSE in exile as well as those already there, will have to be granted the right to decide on the future of their homeland. ALL people regardless of perceived 'ethnicity' or 'race and regardless of their religion, must have an equal say. APARTHEID ISRAEL will fall the same way that all despotic regimes have fallen. In it's place, will emerge a civilised state, capable of bringing peace to the most HOLY LAND. Obama and his ilk engage in nothing but evil deception. Those who refuse to do some reading on this matter make themselves accomplices to genocide.
23 Oct 2009
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Episode 8: Journeys in Space and Time Contents: 1. Opening 2. Constellations Constellations and how they change over time 3. Time and Space 4. Relativity The speed of light and Albert Einstein's theory of relativity Time dilation, redshift, blue shift 5. Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci's designs 6. Interstellar Travel designs for spaceships that could travel near light speed 7. Time Travel Time travel and its hypothetical effects on human history 8. Solar Systems The origins of the solar system Possible other worlds 9. Cosmic Time Frame The history of life 10. Dinosaurs 11. Immensity of Space 12. Cosmos Update 10 years later Sagans novel Contact regarding supraluminal travelling. Kip Thorne of the California Institute of Technology and wormholes. Source: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Cosmos:_A_Personal_Voyage Episodio 8: Viajes a través del espacio y el tiempo Contenido: Las constelaciones y cómo cambian a lo largo del tiempo. La velocidad de la luz y la Teoria de la Relatividad de Albert Einstein. Dilatación temporal, corrimiento al rojo, corrimiento al azul. Los diseños de Leonardo da Vinci y los diseños de naves espaciales que viajarán a velocidades cercanas a la de la luz. Viajes en el tiempo y sus hipotéticos efectos en la historia de la humanidad. Los orígenes del Sistema Solar y otros mundos. Fuente: *******es.wikipedia****/wiki/Cosmos:_Un_viaje_personal
26 Oct 2009
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******* This film depicts the realistic outcome of a hypothetical, but plausible, magnitude 7.8 earthquake on the San Andreas fault in Southern CA. From the Creator: ***********/watch?v=clQpk4it_Tk Up-and-coming film director, motion graphics designer and Art Center College of Design alumnus, Theo Alexopoulos, takes you on a visceral journey through the USGS ShakeOut Earthquake Scenario. The film was created by the USGS Multi-Hazards Demonstration Project in cooperation with the Designmatters program at Art Center to depict the physical, social, and economic consequences of the most comprehensive earthquake scenario ever created. The film gives the viewers a sense of what will be happening and inspires them to prepare and mitigate for a faster recovery. The premise underlying the film is that design is a powerful catalyst that can bridge the divide between scientific understanding about damaging quakes, and the ability of the public to feel empowered and to change their behavior in terms of preparedness.
17 Nov 2009
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This short is a discussion of the absence of the "flying car" and the hypothetical question posed asking "what would you do to get a flying car?" Funny dialogue between characters leads up to a hilarious punch-line which ties it all together in a Kevin Smith trademark style.
17 Mar 2010
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Episode 12: Encyclopaedia Galactica Contents: 1. Opening 2. Close Encounters Betty and Barney Hill abduction and UFOs 3. Refutations 4. UFOs 5. Champollions Egypt Jean-François Champollion's translation of Egyptian hieroglyphs 6. Hieroglyphics 7. Rosetta Stone 8. SETI Our way of communicating with extraterrestrials (SETI) 9. Arecibo Arecibo Radiotelescope 10. Drake Equation and Contact The chance of technical civilizations existing elsewhere in the Milky Way galaxy; the Drake equation 11. Encyclopedia Galactica A look at a hypothetical encyclopedia consisting of other worlds in the galaxy 12. Cosmos Update 10 years later Fewer sightings of UFOs, more stories of abductions. META scanning the skies for signals. Source: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Cosmos:_A_Personal_Voyage Episodio 12: Enciclopedia galáctica Contenido: La abducción alienígena de Betty y Barney Hill y los OVNIs. La traducción de los jeroglíficos egipcios por parte de Jean François Champollion. Posibilidad de existencia de más civilizaciones en nuestra galaxia. Nuestro camino en la comunicación con extraterrestres (SETI). Ecuación de Drake, autodestrucción de civilizaciones avanzadas Reflexión acerca de una hipotética enciclopedia escrita por muchos mundos. Fuente: *******es.wikipedia****/wiki/Cosmos:_Un_viaje_personal
3 Apr 2010
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For the record, I am Switzerland when it comes to speculation as to why Drew Garrett was let go from General Hospital. (Im also Switzerland when it comes to the Sam/Liz debate, in case you were wondering.) Anyway, Im not getting into why because its none of my business. I dont know the guy and I dont go around asking random strangers why they were fired so I dont feel I should do the same with him. And I wasnt there. I know some of you think I hang out on the set of GH in my spare time, but I dont. I dont like LA, the ground moves too much. Aaaaanyway, I wasnt there. (begin sarcastic tone here) He could have been kicking puppies, or drop kicking babies on set (end sarcastic tone), or he could have done absolutely nothing to deserve this (Though, hypothetically, if I were to visit a country bordering Switzerland, it would be this one). Either way, thats not the point of this video. The point is I think this kid is a good actor. He did a fantastic job as Michael over the past year and I can only hope the next actor can bring just as much talent. Again, I know that people are pissed about this. I'm upset to see him go too. But I'm still hearing talk of boycotting the show. Bad idea. It won't solve anything but can only hurt. Shows get cancelled left and right. There's no need to help this one off the air by not watching. It's great that everybody wants to stand up for this guy but there are more appropriate ways to do so. I mean, if you're really feeling that strongly about it then check these people out. *******www.facebook****/pages/We-want-Drew-Garrett-to-keep-playing-Michael-Corinthos-on-General-Hospital/109409995744100?ref=ts (I am not affiliated with them. All questions/comments must be directed to those running that page.) The last one I made was more of a montage of DG's Michael. This video is Garrett's Michael saying goodbye to everybody. This is probably going to be the last video about this Michael because, sadly, it's time to move on and give the next guy a chance. Unless, of course, I need some angry Michael scenes for a video, because lets face it; this guy was great at playing angry Michael. I feel like I used a bunch of the same clips as the previous three videos, mainly because I did. But then again, you can only get so many in a year. Okay, okay, that was my one and only cheap shot at ABC. Clips: D&T, Favorite-Moments Song: Pieces by Sum 41 Again, I own nothing. Except the laptop that Im typing this on, thats all me. But everything else belongs to their respective owners. Voiceovers: Michael: You're replacing me? Sonny: Nobodys perfect. No one is you. Sonny: Hey, hey, I have faith in you. Morgan: Its just not the same without you. Carly: Were family and we love you. P.S. New YouTube blows!
22 Apr 2010
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In his latest column, Ron Paul talks about Tax Freedom Day, a hypothetical holiday which is celebrated today, April 13, and symbolizes the fact that Americans are slaving away 3.5 months, or 28.2% of this year to fulfill the governments voracious appetite for outrageous taxes, catastrophic bailouts and misguided stimulus efforts. Ron Paul wants to abolish the income tax and replace it with nothing, and until that dream becomes a political reality, he fights for every tax cut and tax credit possible. _________________________________________ Taxes are the issue this week as Americans struggle to make the April 15th deadline to file their returns. It is a good time to contemplate the effects of big government and what it does to our country. The income tax is one of the most egregious encroachments on our liberties today. It is a form of involuntary servitude, which was supposed to have been outlawed by the 13th Amendment. Tax Freedom Day is defined as the day when the nation as a whole has theoretically earned enough income to fund its annual federal tax burden. For all of the days of the year before this day, you are a slave to government. For 2009, Tax Freedom Day will come on April 13th. Almost a century ago in 1910, before the mistakes of 1913-namely the inception of the Federal Reserve and our current income tax, Tax Freedom Day was January 19th, signifying a mere 5% tax burden. Somehow, our country functioned just fine. If calculated to include government spending and the deficit, rather than just collections, Tax Freedom Day would actually fall on May 29. The annual deficit adds to the growing debt of future generations and adds insult to injury to those that struggle to make this economy work. It is a slap in the face that this is not enough to prevent this crushing governmental burden from falling on the next generation. For months now, Washington has been desperately throwing taxpayers money at various programs to stimulate us out of the recession, to no avail. Seeing hard-earned money confiscated from the people and spent in such wasteful ways, such as the recent bailouts, is almost too much to bear. Getting rid of the income tax altogether, while very beneficial, may be a while in coming. In the meantime, I am fighting for every tax cut or tax credit possible. I can think of no better economic stimulus than letting people keep their money and spend it how they see fit. For this reason, I am an original cosponsor on a bill that would give Americans a two month employment and income tax holiday, while taking unused TARP money back from the Secretary of the Treasury and putting it in the Social Security trust fund instead. In addition, I have recently introduced the Child Health Care Affordability Act. If passed this legislation would provide parents with a tax credit of up to $500 for health care expenses of dependent children. I have also re-introduced the Tax Free Tips Act, which would make tips exempt from federal income and payroll taxes. I am also an original cosponsor of a bill that would make permanent the deduction of state and local sales taxes. My bill HR 162 exempts Social Security benefits from income tax. These are just a few of the many tax related bills I am fighting for in Congress, but without a corresponding cut in the size of government, which I am also fighting for, we are simply adding to the future tax burden of our children.
6 May 2010
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Excerpts off Malachi Martin on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell in 1997 & 1998, discussing the prophecy of Fatima, aka the third secret of Fatima. What can one do? *******www.fatima**** free online ebooks *******fatimashoppe****/sub-category.... *******www.jesus-passion**** *******www.fathercorapi**** *******www.saintbirgitta**** In 'The Fourth Secret of Fatima' Mr. Socci constructs a hypothetical account of what happened in 2000 behind Vatican walls. Socci believes that when John Paul II decided to release the Secret, a power-struggle of sorts erupted in the Vatican. He postulates that John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger wanted to release the Secret in its entirety, but Cardinal Sodano, then Vatican Secretary of State, opposed the idea. And opposition from a Vatican Secretary of State is formidable. First, we have the recent statement by Bishop Williamson of the Society of Saint Pius X, who relates that a priest acquaintance from Austria told him that Cardinal Ratzinger confided (to the Austrian priest) that he had two things weighing on his conscience. One was his mishandling of the Message of Fatima on June 26, the other was his 1988 mishandling of Archbishop Lefebvre. Cardinal Ratzinger is reported to have said that in case of Archbishop Lefebvre, "I failed", and in the case of Fatima, "my hand was forced." Socci's hypothesis supports Cardinal's Ratzinger alleged statement on the forcing of his hand
4 Jul 2010
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PART ONE: THE MORAL SIDE OF MURDER If you had to choose between (1) killing one person to save the lives of five others and (2) doing nothing even though you knew that five people would die right before your eyes if you did nothing—what would you do? What would be the right thing to do? Thats the hypothetical scenario Professor Michael Sandel uses to launch his course on moral reasoning. After the majority of students votes for killing the one person in order to save the lives of five others, Sandel presents three similar moral conundrums—each one artfully designed to make the decision more difficult. As students stand up to defend their conflicting choices, it becomes clear that the assumptions behind our moral reasoning are often contradictory, and the question of what is right and what is wrong is not always black and white. PART TWO: THE CASE FOR CANNIBALISM Sandel introduces the principles of utilitarian philosopher, Jeremy Bentham, with a famous nineteenth century legal case involving a shipwrecked crew of four. After nineteen days lost at sea, the captain decides to kill the weakest amongst them, the young cabin boy, so that the rest can feed on his blood and body to survive. The case sets up a classroom debate about the moral validity of utilitarianism—and its doctrine that the right thing to do is whatever produces "the greatest good for the greatest number."
23 Aug 2010
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Please rate! What if you got text messages if GPS tracked you as having passed stores? Location-based mobile text advertising is the hot trend in 2009 according to Wired magazine (see link below). This is a parody, and I'm not aware of technology that does this, but maybe this year you'll get SMS discount offers from stores when they track you passing them up. Nalts and WifeofNalts take you into this frightening still mostly hypothetical reality to show what kind of behavior it might encourage. BTW- if you like WifeofNalts, subscribe... tomorrow she debuts her new show featuring the most interesting gossip from her tabloids and television shows. ***********/watch?v=Dcg34hffPOs *******www.kevinnalts**** Wired article "Inside the GPS Revolution": *******www.wired****/gadgets/wireless/magazine/17-02/lp_10coolapps
16 Sep 2010
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