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the sickest <b>popping</b> you'll ever see, performed by Nam <b>Hyun Joon</b>
20 Mar 2009
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long version of hyun joon's LG commercial
4 Sep 2009
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Recent video of Hyun Joon tutting. (Sept, 2007) Song: Erick Sermon feat. DJ Quik -Focus
22 Jun 2011
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hyun joon popping wit his crew on tha streets of korea
24 Jul 2011
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he got hurt in arm,wearing a cast. but he moves koool!
9 Dec 2008
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poppin hyunjoon!
7 Aug 2009
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Kwon Hyeok Joo (Ji Hyun Woo) est un jeune lycéen très pauvre qui, pour subsister, est membre d'une de mafia locale. Les circonstances font qu'il est obligé de participer à un concours de danse, et c'est à partir de ce moment là que la danse devient sa raison de vivre. Au même moment, il rencontre Jeong Hee Soo (Kim Ok Bin), une belle et talentueuse danseuse qui rêve de devenir chanteuse. Elle apprend la danse à Hyeok Joo et ces deux-là deviennent rapidement un couple. D'un autre côté, nous avons Rex (Hwan Hee), du même lycée que Hyeok Joo, une star montante de la chanson qui va petit à petit tomber amoureux de la belle Hee Soo. Puis Ma Sang Mi (Seo Ji Hye), une fan de Rex va faire son apparition dans leur vie...
7 Sep 2009
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Michael Jackson magic dance 45
2 Apr 2010
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26 Jun 2013
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Starring: Jordan Chan, Fan Bing Bing, Poppin Hyun Joon (Rain's Choreography)
21 May 2009
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hyun joon, break dance.
17 Nov 2008
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filmed on a 25 mile bike ride on our down in kansas and rested under the bridge and I decided to pull my camera out while everyone was tired and did not want to make this at all we had no idea this would become so popular americas best dance crew abdc kaba modern tm juniors team millenia jabba wockeez hip hop bboying bboy popping locking battle ballet step up 2 nam hyun joon american idol step up 2 challenge miley and mandy yuri tag bobby lee M&M cru expression crew KOGS fab five boogz pacman marvelous motion soreal crew super crew the groovaloos locking ashlee nino bboy snake TIP rivers crew jonmchu phillipino all stars boa eat you up finger tuts tutting waving snaking mephis buckin jookin flexin gliding glides
2 Mar 2009
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BBoy unit vol.8 1A. Part 3 [Nam Hyun Joon Showcase, USA DREAM TEAM VS CHINA, STYLE CRAX(Germany) VS EXTREME CREW(ex-obowang)(Korea)]
20 Jul 2009
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Sexta parte de pelis coreanas: The wonder years (Los años maravillosos) 2007 Cast: Lee Se Yeong, Choo Sang Mi, Kim Yoon Ah, Yoo Hye Ri The Happy Life (La Vida Feliz 즐거운 인생 /Jeul-geo-woon In-saeng) 2007 ***********/watch?v=RxLjHjVcv74 Project X 2003 Cast: Kwon Sang Woo || Kim Min Jung (Kim Min-Jeong) || Cha Seung Won || Hong Yeun Hee A Man Who Went to Mars (Cartas a Marte/ Hwaseongeuro gan sanai 2003 Cast: Kim Hee Sun, Shin HA kyun, Park So Hyeon ***********/watch?v=EHDib4ZP_h8 Crossing (Cruzando/크로싱) 2008 Cast: Cha In Pyo, Shin Myeong Cheol How to keep my love (Como mantener mi amor/ Nae namjaui romance 2004 Cast:Kim Sang Kyung, Lee Yu Jin, Kim Jeong Eun The promise (La promesa/Wu Ji) 2005 Cast: Jang Dong Gun, Cheung Cecilia, Sanada Hiroyuki, Tse Nicholas Last Present home on leave (마지막 선물 (Ma-Ji-Mak Sun-mul) 2008 Cast: Shin Hyun Joon, Heo Joon Ho, Joo So Min, Ha Ji Won trailer: ***********/watch?v=idzjmhRksow Marrying High School Girl Cast: Lim Eun-kyeong, Eun Ji-won ***********/watch?v=_pMgHH93Z1M&feature=related Once Upon a Time in High School(El espirítu de Bruce Lee/Maljukgeori janhoksa) 2004 Cast: Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Jeong Ji, Han Ga In ***********/watch?v=UbwxuofE6vE&feature=PlayList&p=FF593815D72CA640&index=0&playnext=1 My girlfriend is an agent (Mi novia es un agente) Cast: Kim Ha Neul, Kang Ji Hwan ***********/watch?v=Se3AZhgoino&feature=related my love (Mi amor/내사랑 (Nae Sa-lang) 2007 Cast: Kam Woo Seong, Choi Kang Hee, Uhm Tae Won, Jeong Il Wo, Lee Yeon Hee ***********/watch?v=BgK1uDv6SMM&feature=PlayList&p=32F7AE37C954C37A&index=0&playnext=1 Seasons of good rain (Temporada de buena lluvia) 2009 Cast: Jeong Woo Seong ***********/watch?v=oCZCC8SKHx0 Actresses (여배우들 (Yeo-bae-woo-deul) 2009 Cast: Choi Ji Woo, Kim Ok Bin, Lee Mi Sook, Lee Jae Yong, Ko Hyeong Jong, Yoon Yeo Jeong trailer: ***********/watch?v=Yp7r-q7TKq0 Shadows in the Palace (Sombras en el palacio Goongnyeo/궁녀) 2007 Cast: Park Jin Hie, Seo Yeon Hie, Lim Jeong Eun trailer: ***********/watch?v=dcM4jxxfQSQ
2 Apr 2010
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you are watching r.m.s.h. video.... Band Name: K.I.S.S (or) Kiss Band Members:Mini, Umji and Jini Lee Origin: South Korea Genre(s): Korean Pop Years active 2001 - April 2002 ------------------------ About the Song... K.I.S.S was (currently inactive) a Korean pop female trio. Their first single, "여자 이니까" ("Because I'm A Girl") was a huge hit in 2002, which can be attributed to its melodramatic video of the sacrifice one can make for love. This video spread like wildfire over the internet, becoming a very popular music video. This helped to launch the career of K.I.S.S by sending the song to the top of the charts, and an album quickly followed. However, the group quickly disbanded amid reports that there was internal squabbling. Although all three members are currently inactive, Jini (the Korean-American member) has vowed to return in some capacity.... ------------------------ Shin Hyun Joon (born march 24, 1968) is a Korean actor famous in Asian movies, he plays a photographer who shots by chance the girl played by Goo Hye Jin. Goo Hye Jin - a Korean model who began as an actress. Some websites says she is miss Korea 2000, that isn't true since it is Son Tae-Young who was miss Korea 2000...In the clip, she plays a woman working in a hairdressing salon who dreams to be a famous model. ------------------------ A short but unforgettable Story: ------------------------ Story Highlights ------------------------ # The story begins with the scene of a photographer who was taking a picture for an automobile magazine. He accidentaly took a picture of a girl who was walking across right in front of his camera. She excused politely and went away. One day, the photographer went to a salon which by accident was the the place where the girl worked at. He left his bini in the salon by accident, leaving the girl a chance to come by his workplace to return it. So she came to his studio and returned his bini. # But before she left, he made her pose as a model. They found out that they shared a same passion. He was a professional photographer and she was a girl who dreamed to be a model. They became close and spent a lot of time together. He took a lot of pictures of her and published them. One day, an accident happened while she was trying to get something from a high rack in his studio. An unlid bottle of photographic product fell and spilled on her. She was immediately taken to a hospital. The chemical of the photographic product was so toxic, it damaged her eyes so bad that she was about to never be able to see again. # A miracle happened, after a while being taken care in the hospital, the doctors took off the bandages on her eyes. She opened her eyes and saw the photographer's co-worker holding a celebration cake with a candle on it. The co-worker took her to his studio, but he was not there to be found. She was so sad because she loved him so much, she thought that the photographer left her. # One day when she was working, the co-worker came over and showed her the magazine he published with her as the model. She remembered about the racing place where they went together before. She found him there sitting on a bench with a dog next to him and noticed that he was blind. # She stand there and suddenly cried realizing that he loved her so much that he let go the most important part of his life as a photographer and a biker for her, his eyes. She was so touched knowing that he actually gave her his eyes just so she could see again. ** At the end of the clip, you can hear a man's voice, which is not part of the Kiss song. It was actually some love words from par Shin Hyun Joon to Goo Hye Jin. She had a boyfriend at this time, but broke with him to go with Shin Hyun Joon. ("There is someone I love... Although I can't be with her now... I'm still in love with her...") ------------------------ Lyrics in Korean: *******www.lyricsondemand****/k/kisskoreanlyrics/becauseimagirlkoreanolyrics.html English Lyrics: *******www.lyricsreg****/lyrics/kiss/BECAUSE+IM+A+GIRL/ --------------- Other versions: (more than 10 languages) 1. English version : "Because I'm A Girl" by Jini 2. Portuguese version : "Se você disser que sim" by Francielle. 3. Japanese version : "Onna Da Kara" by Azuki External Myspace Link: *******www.myspace****/kisskoreangroup Updated on June 2009
27 Jul 2010
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Korea Drama. Stairway to Heaven * Alternative Title: 천국의 계단 / Cheon-kuk-ui Gye-dan / Stairway to Heaven / Stairs To Heaven / Steps in Paradise * Genre: Drama, Romance * Film Date: December, 2003 * Total Episodes: 20 * Korea Casts: Choi Ji Woo, Kim Tae Hui, Kwon Sang Woo, Shin Hyun-Joon * Description: Jung-suh and Song-joo grew up together. They were always there for each other. Tragedy begins when Song Joo begins his studies overseas without Jung-suh. Jung-suh's father remarries Tae Mira. Mira takes in her two children from a previous marriage, Tae-hwa and Yuri. Yuri is envious of the life that Jung-suh leads and is determined to take everything away from her, including Song-joo. Tae-hwa begins to develop feelings for his stepsister, however Jung-suh still loves Song-joo. Five years later, tragedy occurs when Jung-suh gets into a car accident causing her to lose her memory. Together with Tae-hwa, they start anew. Song-joo is led to believe that she is dead. However, when they meet again one day, he is determined to remind her of the love they had for one another. When fate finally seemed to be on their side, Jung-suh is diagnosed with You can watch it here: *******www.mysoju****/stairway-to-heaven/
3 Dec 2010
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