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Vice President Joe Biden called attacks on Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital "totally legitimate" in a fiery speech in New Hampshire on Tuesday, also comparing GOP to Preakness winner "I'll Have Another"- "except the horse is a real winner."
1 Sep 2012
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I slam my glass on the bar not thinking 'bout where you are But I know the liquor won't last And I'm probably gonna take it way too far I'm DUI on the way to your house but I know deep down That I'm never gonna see you again Still I drive by slow and turn the Kenny up loud 'Tin Man' cause it's kinda how I'm feeling now I ain't gonna find a way to get you back And I did you wrong and I can't change that Maybe the crying will go and lay me flat Wake up and do the same tomorrow (chorus) So pour me another shot to get you off my mind And pour me another shot and then I've got to ride baby And pour me another shot to get you off my mind And pour me another shot and then I got to ride I ain't even thought about ya baby for the whole week long And lately I just work eat sleep and I'm gone I got the weekend coming then it's time to unwind 5 o'clock Friday evening and it's quitting time So I head to the bar with a couple of friends And all they heads turn when you stroll in You didn't even speak when you walked right by Hey.. but I saw that look in your eye Looks like you want a reconciliation But baby girl it's a bad situation I'm big cause the bartender's hot And me and her are leaving after one more shot So uh (chorus) How 'bout another round will you mix me up a strong one I don't wanna 'member when I wake up in the morning I don't care to talk cause the whiskey still callin' Can't believe she gone I guess I miss all the warnings A lot I could have done just to keep her from leaving I thought she was the one but I guess I was dreaming What I thought was a part of me is now a part of my past And I know ya feeling me, ya mind feeling my glass Sitting in a bar, see I'm glued to the stool And I feel a 'lil foolish being here singin' the blues I can't sing one note and I can't carry a tune But I'll have another shot and dedicate it to you (chorus) Yeah... cause I'm moving on, yeah I'm moving on
5 Mar 2013
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This really was not as enjoyable as it is portrayed to be in movies and videos and stuff. Beer taste terrible.... and i felt like i was about to explode afterwards... y do human like do kill themselves and enjoy it -_- . Kids again i did this on my on accord no one peer pressured me into doing this just wait till you are of legal age of drink trust me ur not missing out on anything... That was my first beer and im 20 and i doubt i ll have another one in a while.... NEW CHANNEL SCHEDULE MONDAYS : RANDOM VIDS Q&AS WEDNESDAYS : FOOD CHALLENGES FRIDAYS : SONG COVERS Facebook Page : *******www.facebook****/pages/Teddy-Covers/146150405497904
17 May 2013
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The clip nina-connie-argue-about-life-choices from Evening (2007) with Natasha Richardson, Toni Collette. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. All right. It seems to me that you're counting on Mom to have been as unfulfilled as you are. And I'm not going to let you do it. How dare you? I'm not going to let you badger her on her deathbed about supposed old miseries that are probably, in fact, just fever dreams. Who are you to tell me I'm unfulfilled? Whatever the hell that means. Okay, so you're fulfilled and I'm not. The fulfilled one has the career and the husband and the house and garden which just happen to be three towns away from Mom. Mom needed someone close by. And cleaning women. You don't know how frail she's been, these last few years. You've just breezed in and out. Family dinners at least three times a week. And no more sex because even if you weren't too tired, the children would probably hear you. Stop this! So I hope you'll understand if I tell you I don't look at you and say to myself, "Hey, that's one fulfilled woman over there." Let's talk about your life then. Okay. Let's. You've had four different careers. Go-go dancing didn't count as a career. You were going to be a real dancer. Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to admit that I was not good enough? I don't think you really tried, not really. Luc is your umpteenth boyfriend. How many, exactly, is umpteen? And you're about to dump him. I look at you and I think, "In five years she'll have a different job and another new boyfriend, "and five years after that, she'll have another new job "and another new boyfriend." So?
6 Nov 2013
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Everything you want to know is right here... STAY CONNECTED WITH ME: Business Inquiries Only (please): nicoleYTguerrieroyahoo**** Instagram: nicoleguerriero - *******www.instagram****/nicoleguerriero Facebook: *******www.facebook****/nguerriero19 Twitter: *******www.twitter****/nguerriero19 So I wanted to get a video up with my lighter BellaMi Hair Extensions because I'm already over this hair color - I know I know, I have serious hair color commitment issues lol. Wanting to go back dark - not black but wayyy darker than this. Also just wanted to say again that I was super pleased to know that BellaMi is sending out quality hair to everyone & not just to people on Youtube. Two points! :) & for the waves I love wearing my hair like this because once it's done its effortless & makes me feel like a mermaid! :) Oh and P.S. I'll have another video for you babies Sunday! 143. Hair Details: BellaMi Bellissima 220 grams. 22 inches. Chestnut Brown #6 & Dirty Blonde #18 (not worn) *******bellamihair**** Use coupon code NIC5 at checkout for $5.00 OFF Bed Head Deep Waver - Ulta Beauty Healthy Sexy Hair - Soy Touchable Weightless Hairspray What I'm wearing: Face: Benefit POREfessional + L'Oreal True Match W6 + MAC Prolongwear NC30 + Hoola Bronzer + MAC Pink Swoon Eyes: UDNP2 + Benefit They're Real + L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black + Rimmel Lash Accelerator Lips: MAC Angel + Maybelline Coral Crush + NARS Turkish Delight Hair: BellaMi Extensions. 22 inch. Chestnut Brown Nails: Gold acrylic Top: Asos Earrings: Forever21 (really really old) Necklace: mynamenecklace**** -Filmed with: Canon 60D -Edited with: iMovie '11 -Music: audio micro & one more thing - Hi Loves! So if you don't know who TaliaJoy18 is she is a 13 year old beauty guru who has been battling cancer for the past 6 years. I got the pleasure to meet her a couple months ago and she is the most inspiring little girl ever. She really needs donations from anyone and everyone for BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation. The money is going to put towards buying a home - for volunteers, family counseling and much more. She has tons of followers but mostly really young ones so hopefully you can help by donating any amount you can and by sharing her story and links. Let's help Talia get this done. I love you T! *******www.indiegogo****/projects/bring-hope-home?c=home The End.
11 Nov 2014
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