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*******www.howdini****/howdini-video-6651433.html Basic wardrobe planning - How to build a great wardrobe You may have a closet full of clothes, but do you have the wardrobe basics every woman needs? Fashion experts Jennifer Goodkind and Jayne Chase, hosts of A Fashionable Life on radio, show us how to choose the essential fashion basics you must have in your wardrobe. Keywords basic wardrobe planning wardrobe basics wardrobe essentials basic wardrobe
13 Apr 2009
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Bestselling author CLAUDIA DAIN brings you THE COURTESAN CHRONICLES, the saga of Sophia, who was London's most infamous courtesan. She marries Lord Dalby, and is now London's most infamous retired courtesan. With charm and wit, she arranges for each "Miss" to find her ideal match, because every woman deserves to get exactly what she wants.
19 Jun 2009
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The Ardyss Body Magic reshaping garment was designed by an orthopedic surgeon. It has many health benefits for women. It is an improved and transformed corset, which was used in earlier times to reduce the waist and shape the female figure. This product is very effective in reshaping the body by reducing it up to three dress sizes while accelerating the process of weight loss. The Ardyss Body Magic does what is called "Lipo Transportation," which means it takes a woman's fatty tissue and moves it from where it is to where it needs to be in her body. There are only two places a woman needs fat tissue and those are the breasts and buttocks. The Body Magic offers every woman the extraordinary opportunity to look and feel better about her body. This garment is ideal for the times women want to fit into that "special" dress that no longer looks special when they put it on due to the extra weight. It will help any woman have the perfect shape she has always desired. The Body Magic is the perfect complement for body reshaping. It is unique since it can instantly reduce a woman two to three dress sizes in a matter of minutes due to the fat redistribution process. This garment is also ideal for caring for the female skeletal system as it favors correct posture of the spinal column. Not only does it make a woman look slimmer, her body will acquire an esthetic and female shape. The Ardyss Body Magic was originally created to help overweight women to recover their figure, shaping their body while in the weight loss process. Size reduction, body reshaping and a correct posture will make anyone look and feel great. The reshaping garment also gives the appearance of a breast lift. It reduces the waist, lifts and rounds a woman's buttocks and positions them in their correct anatomical place for a proper function and prevents sagging. This dynamic body reshaper also gets rid of love handles, back and underarm fat, giving a smoother, more feminine figure. The Ardyss Body Magic is designed to exert pressure on the abdomen, generating a protection that prevents fat accumulation in the abdominal walls. It gives the appearance of an instant tummy tuck!
10 Feb 2012
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With: Cary Grant, Leslie Caron, Douglas Fairbanks,Jr., Deborah Kerr, Eva Marie Saint, Ralph Bellamy. Cary Grant was the very essence of a movie star: a man every woman loved and every man wanted to be. His deft comic style merged easily with his strength as a romantic leading man. But the suave exterior concealed a complex and often sensitive individual. Cary's painful journey from his lonely working-class beginnings to the peak of Hollywood royalty is made vivid through family photos, archival footage, clips from many of his films -- including his first, following his discovery by blond bombshell Mae West, starring role in She Done Him Wrong. Other movies include His Girl Friday, Notorious, An Affair To Remember, To Catch A Thief, North By Northwest, Charade, and more. Among friends and colleagues interviewed on-screen are Leslie Caron, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr, Deborah Kerr, Eva Marie Saint, Ralph Bellamy, Stanley Donen, Richard Brooks and Stanley Kramer. Narrated by Richard Kiley.
30 Jul 2009
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*******www.silverlandjewelry****/bridesmaid-jewelry-sets-2.html - This site gives you a wide selection for your bridal party jewelry, bridesmaids jewelry or pearl bridesmaid jewelry. You can sure to find your personal choice. These are uniquely designed to please every woman's desire to walk down the aisle.
1 Aug 2009
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For more info visit www.newsinfusion**** You always wanted to be “hot.” But this is not what you had in mind. The Change…The Big “M”…The Silent Passage. Call it what you may, but when you go through menopause it can be very difficult to understand what’s going on. The fact is, every woman on the planet who lives past, say 50, will go through menopause. And that means hot flashes, night sweats, even…dare we say….vaginal dryness (and yes, many women are too embarrassed to even discuss certain symptoms with their doctors). So the first question you might want to ask is: Why isn’t anyone else talking about menopause? Women are savvier than ever, and are in need of a place where they can connect and get candid, useful and relevant information! The Doc & Diva have the answer.
3 Oct 2009
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LipsticknLaundry in Hi Def! This episode is top 7 Alternate Meanings for PMS that every woman should know and use!
6 Oct 2009
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Chic and Inexpensive Ways to Go from Office to Evening Out New York, NY - With the holiday season fast approaching, women everywhere are looking for new and updated ways to take their wardrobes from the office out for an evening on the town, while still keeping their budgets in check. "Sixty nine percent of women prefer to wear one comfortable outfit all day, rather than changing outfits to suit different activities," says Linda DeFranco, Director, Product Trend Analysis, Cotton Incorporated, citing statistics from the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle MonitorTM survey. "So it's important to have some successful techniques for taking that work wardrobe from day to night in the event of a last-minute invitation out, which is especially common in the busy holiday season." The little black dress is a staple of every woman's wardrobe, and for good reason, says DeFranco, but cotton cardigans are also a must-have. Keep a colorful one on hand at the office, like the classic Jackie cardigan from J. Crew. A sleeveless sequined cardigan from Alice + Olivia adds sparkle for an evening out, yet will still provide warmth for those cool fall nights. A crisp cotton shirt in a vibrant color, paired with slim cotton pants and heels, never looks out of place at the office; add a cropped cotton jacket with a metallic sheen for a night out, like the 'Space Age' jacket from Yoana Baraschi, similar to the one sported by the model in the accompanying webisode. "These are just a few of the ways that women can transition their wardrobes without spending a lot of money," says DeFranco. "With just a few key statement pieces, women can take that favorite little black dress, or that classic button down and slim pants, from day to night in a stylish and sophisticated way." View the accompanying webisode at www.TheFabricOfOurLives**** for more tips on how to take your office-wear for an evening out, without breaking the bank. Cutting Cost With Cotton is one in a series of communications designed to help consumers in trying economic times get the most from their favorite fiber. Cotton Incorporated, funded by U.S. growers of upland cotton and importers of cotton and cotton textile products, is the research and marketing company representing upland cotton. The Program is designed and operated to improve the demand for and profitability of cotton. Produced for Cotton Incorporated
8 Oct 2009
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Requested by my very good friend here in YT... Docdoc aka DrChefPayatas... You can access his delicious channel by clicking this link... ***********/user/DrChefPayatas 20:24, 3 November 2009 (UTC)20:24, 3 November 2009 (UTC)20:24, 3 November 2009 (UTC)20:24, 3 November 2009 (UTC)20:24, 3 November 2009 (UTC)20:24, 3 November 2009 (UTC)20:24, 3 November 2009 (UTC)20:24, 3 November 2009 (UTC) With their heavily orchestrated, sweet ballads, the Australian soft rock group Air Supply became a staple of early-'80s radio, scoring a string of seven straight Top Five singles. Air Supply, for most intents and purposes, was the duo of vocalists Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell; other members came through the group over the years, yet they only functioned as backing musicians and added little to the group's sound. Hitchcock and Russell met while performing in a Sydney, Australia, production of Jesus Christ Superstar in 1976. The two singers formed a partnership and with the addition of four supporting musicians -- keyboardist Frank Esler-Smith, guitarist David Moyse, bassist David Green, and drummer Ralph Cooper -- Air Supply was born.For several years, the group gained no attention outside of Australia, earning one significant hit single, "Love and Other Bruises." Their first international exposure came in the late '70s, when Rod Stewart had them as his opening act on a North American tour. Air Supply signed a record contract with Arista in 1980, releasing their first album by the end of the year. Lost in Love, their debut, was a major success in the U.S., selling over two million copies and spawning the hit singles "Lost in Love," "All Out of Love," and "Every Woman in the World." The following year they released their second album, The One That You Love. The title track became their only number one hit and it also featured two other Top Ten hits, "Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)" and "Sweet Dreams." With their third album, 1982's Now and Forever, their popularity dipped slightly -- it only had one Top Ten hit, "Even the Nights Are Better," and the other two singles, "Young Love" and "Two Less Lonely People in the World," scraped the bottom of the Top 40. Air Supply released a Greatest Hits collection in 1983, featuring a new single, "Making Love Out of Nothing at All." The single spent two weeks at number two while the album peaked at number seven and eventually sold over four million copies. Two years later, they released Air Supply, their fourth album. It featured the number 19 single "Just As I Am," but it was clear that their audience was shrinking -- the album was their first not to go platinum. Hearts in Motion (1986) was even less successful, peaking at number 84 and spending only nine weeks on the charts. After its disappointing performance, Air Supply broke up. Hitchcock and Russell reunited in 1991, releasing Earth Is..., but the album failed to make the charts as did 1993's Vanishing Race and 1995's News From Nowhere. The new millennium marked the band's first studio album in four years, and a summer tour in support of Yours Truly.
22 May 2010
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www.PapTestForTheBreast**** - The HALO breast pap test was featured on the Doctor's show in Sept 2009. The HALO is a new lifesaving test that every woman needs to know about. It's a five-minute, non-invasive screening test for breast cancer. It is not a replacement for a mammogram, but it is a good tool, especially for younger women with a family history of breast cancer.
24 Nov 2009
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Men Are Like Fish: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Catching a Man and keeping him happy. www.learntogethisattention****
6 Jan 2010
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*******www.goclaudia**** Can there be any woman who does not fancy carrying the latest styles in designer bags? And with all the crazy price labels tagged on these designer bags, is it possible for every woman to own one? Not really. Guess thats the reason why refurbished handbags are common among the designer freaks and who are in constant hunt for authentic designer handbags at cheaper rates. It is not surprising to see all top designer brands with a 5-digit price tag on every item. Similarly, in order to meet the demands of the yearning fashion lovers, its common to see manufactures of refurbished handbags to come up with heavy discounted prices on those leading brands, maintaining the quality of their products. Designs of the top brands like Gucci, Chanel, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Prada and many more in abundance in the refurbishing market and are priced 80 percent lower of the original price. No one wants to wants to be spotted carrying a refurbished designer bag and be humiliated no way! The toughest challenge the refurbish bags manufactures faces is to meet all the loose ends and the quality of the original master piece.Authentic Designer HandbagsUsed Designer PursesRefurbish
6 Jan 2010
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Looking for that perfect fashion secret that takes 10 lbs off of every woman instantly? For one of the most amazing, easy to do programs of the century go to *******dressingyourtruth****
1 Feb 2010
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Join Carol and Nicole, the lead Dressing Your Truth Stylist, as they share the “5 Most Common Mistakes Women Make with Their Hair.” These practical steps will help every woman avoid “bad hair days.” *******dressingyourtruth****
31 Jan 2010
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March 8, International Women’s Day, is a huge holiday worldwide, particularly in Latin America where every woman finds herself praised for her femininity and talents. But if you’re in Chile, this comes as a time of mixed emotions. As the world knows, this past Saturday Chile was rocked by the biggest earthquake to hit the Americas in years. As this great Latin American country lies in ruins, AmoLatina has mustered her forces to provide relief for the thousands in need there, and for the handful of darling Ladies from Chile who joined us in the hope of finding their better half. Join AmoLatina’s Chile Relief! For any service you use on AmoLatina, Correspondence, Phone Introduction, Live Chat, or when you send Fresh Flowers & Gifts from now through March 8, International Women’s Day, AmoLatina will donate 10% of the proceeds to Chilean Disaster Relief (The American Red Cross). Plus! Send a Letter to any of our Ladies in Chile, and AmoLatina will donate 25% of your fee to relief… Latin America is where women thrive as a gift to all. See 4 of AmoLatina’s Hottest and Finest in a Special Women’s Day Video Tribute! On Women’s Day men express their love and appreciation for women in sentimental and open ways. Tell your Latin flower how much she means to you. Make her heart race and contribute to a noble cause with a Letter, in a Phone Call, or Live Chat. Blow her mind and help mend a country with a bouquet of Fresh Flowers. You can even meet and greet her with AmoLatina’s Date a Lady, or on a sensational Romance Tour. Meet Your Dream And Make a Difference
7 Mar 2010
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*******CharmBraceletWorld**** | Gold Charm Bracelets Website Gold charm bracelets are the perfect versatile gift for every woman. CharmBraceletWorld**** has a vast collection of different gold charms that can be added on to a gold charm bracelet. Visit the website or dial (877) 217-3414 to order any of the charms pictured on the website. Gold charm bracelets are an excellent gift to give to a woman because gold charms can be chosen to add onto the gold charm bracelet that suit her taste. The gold charm bracelet is like a foundation where a collection of charms can be added to over time. Once a woman is in posession of a gold charm bracelet, individual golden charms can be given as gifts on occasions so the bracelet becomes a piece of jewelry that holds many memories. The gold charm bracelets are available in standard lengths of 7, 8 and 9 inches and can also be made in customizable lengths so they can be made to fit the size of a smaller or larger wrist. On CharmBraceletWorld**** there is not only one type of charm bracelet but there are many different bracelet link styles to choose from. There are oval, round, anchor, figaro and double link bracelets as well as three varations of beautiful heart link bracelets. Some of the gold charm bracelets even have a magnetic clasp that makes fastening the bracelet an easy task. On CharmBraceletWorld**** there are 14karat and 10karat gold charm bracelets and many different types of gold charms. Some of the gold charm bracelets are available with a gold heart starter charm but there are other charms that make a good first charm. A great gold charm to start with on a gold charm bracelet is a gold initial charm. There are initial charms from A-Z and they are all available in gold plate, 10 karat yellow gold, 14 karat yellow gold and 14 karat white gold. Each initial is also available in different styles like the delicate cursive initial surrounded by a lacy flourish, the bolder swirly calligraphic initial and the slimmer caligraphic initial. Anyone having difficulty choosing a gold charm for their gold charm bracelet can not go wrong by personalizing it with their first initial. All of the charms are available to purchase on the website but can also be ordered over the phone. Call (877) 217-3414 to order or to have someone answer any questions you may have.
13 Mar 2010
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