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This is a look at the Amsterdam light festival. Follow me as I walk the route, reveal the facts, investigate the art, and look at some secrets of the city. We look at the good, bad, and the ugly, but ultimately let you decide. This is hopefully a fun and entertaining look at this annual event, and what to see, do, and expect. This series of shorts looks at many different topics in Amsterdam and reveal some hidden places, points of interest, and secrets of the city. You can find me on YouTube as Simon Amsterdam, on Facebook and Instagram as Amsterdam Report. Hope to see you out there. Let me know your thoughts, comment, like, subscribe for more Amsterdam. I hope you like and enjoy...
23 Feb 2017
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The ghosts of Amsterdam at the Spinhuis. I take a look at the Spin House, reveal some of its secrets, history and tell an infamous ghost story of this most haunted place. I hope you enjoy, like, comment, and subscribe for more. You can also find me on youtube as Simon Amsterdam or on Instagram as Amsterdam Report. See you out there :) x
1 Mar 2017
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A party ain't a party without a starter. Here is the ultimate Party Starter Anthem to get you jump started. Hey India! Let us see you do the Hook Step and let's create The Party Starter movement. #ThePartyStarter #ChandonIndia
4 Mar 2017
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Amsterdam annual light festival, filmed January 2017. This is a shorter version of my other video, and just focuses on the light art, without the reviews, direction, commentary. Please see my other video if you want more insights. This just shows whats going on and on offer. I hope you enjoy it. I'm just putting it out there for anyone who may enjoy, otherwise I'm at least pleasing myself. If you enjoy, would love to hear from you, appreciate any likes, subscribes, shares, and comments.... You can also find me on YouTube as Simon Amsterdam, or on Instagram as Amsterdam Report. Hope to see you out there.. xx
9 Mar 2017
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It takes all your will power to try and not sing-a-long to any of these songs. Let's see you try!
15 Mar 2017
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"Zone" Lyrics Intro "The moons and the stars they could go so far, it's like everywhere we are they know who we are, all the diamonds and the rings and the flashy things I just wanna live my dreams, live life and sing verse 1 sometimes I just wanna go sometimes I just wanna blow sometimes I wanna disappear pack my bags get outta hear because I rather be alone sometimes I wanna reach the stars sometimes I just wanna chill on mars at times i'll grab a bag of leaves of that sticky icky green and my mind would go so far and that's why I turned off my phone and that's why I rather be alone and I won't care what people say ima let the haters hate jelousy won't lead me on so i'll just go hard ima live this dream letting life get by ain't the tip for me so im zoning on and on and on everywhere I go this the life I chose. Chorus I don't know where this life will take me but I just wanna go (go,go,go) and I hope they remember to keep me in my zone as I'm zoning on and on and on and I'm zoning on and on yeah buddy I'm zoning on and on and on yeah I'm zoning on and on Verse 2 I found pain in every heartbeat ima need a life support while on the road to riches I flew out the car seat dark nights that haunted me reminds me of elm street the moonlight shines in my hotel suite sometimes I just want to be alone no text messages or calling on the phone and if she do after the beat leave it at the tone my composition more than simple like the Margion i'm in my zone but lately drunk off this hour glass my time is wasted procrastinating now is later but nothing's sweet being you is the only person you could ever be seeing you is the only person I could ever see no coincidence that little bo pete had lost his sheep time flies by but mine has flone I buy a lot of time I need some time on my own Chorus Repeats as the first.
15 Mar 2017
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Good day everyone! I will be using the Urban decay Full Spectrum eyeshadow palette. I bought this from Ulta and it is on sale for 35 dollars. I love all the colors and everything is very blendable. The colors are not too shinny or shimmery. For me is a perfect palette, and I will be using this palette many times, than you for watching, see you all on my next video and pls like and subscribe! Products Used Catrice Camouflage cream eyeshadow Base Light Beige Urban Decay Full Spectrum: Warning, Iced, Delirious, Bump Too Faced Instant Attitude Brow Bone Estee Lauder The estee edit The edgiest kohl: Black Viper Bare Minerals Lash Domination Ink Liner Catrice Luxury Lashes Ultra Black Kiss Ever EZ Lashes This video is NOT sponsored!
16 Mar 2017
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20 May 2007
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You asked cute boys to message you, but.. I thought that this might be a better approach to show my love. Lyrics: I remember the first time you caught my eye I was flipping the channels around not sure what I'd find And then this pretty girl showed up out of no where, hey this works for me "Dude what the heck why are you watching Disney?" Now my alarm is set for 7 pm and I don't miss a show Just because I watch Hannah Montana doesn't mean I'm alone I feel this deep connection between Miley and I "Are you kidding me? She's like only 9..." Miley please don't freak out Your all I think about I st-st-stuttered my mom catches us making out. It's you I've got to see. For once, not on TV My best friends wondering Why I'm watching Disney Next time that we hang out No more cardboard mouth. I just can't wait till then Oh noowahoo I can't wait to see you instead. So do you really have a youtube account? I gotta subscribe! In this one video you say you have zero boyfriends Miley cyrus I could be that guy! You say you're saving yourself for marriage Wink wink me too ;-) Here me out, I just wanna be with you. Miley you know who to call if you get lonely -------------------------------------------- This song is based off her song "See You Again" Download My Song Here: just RIGHT CLICK THIS: and my green shirt is in the wash, okay?!
14 Jan 2010
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Miley Cyrus, I can't wait to see You
22 Apr 2008
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Check out this hilarious lip dub video of Miley Cyrus's new hit "See You Again". You'll probably get a laugh - at least I hope you will! Distributed by Tubemogul.
21 May 2008
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Cowboy Bebop - See You Space Cowboy
26 May 2008
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Exclusive to Australia! Watch the music video for See You Again, as performed live by Miley Cyrus!
28 Jul 2008
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Official video for the new single by Rex The Dog - 'I Can See You, Can You See Me?' Website: Myspace: Facebook:
29 Sep 2008
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Spiderman Slide Pics - Song When I see you smile - Bad English - My first movie - Solainux love SolanJess. Love song.
26 Sep 2008
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Hannah Montana songs (To see you again)(,Make some noise),Who said, Castillo kids Joey 12 Jessie 10 Julie 8
17 Oct 2008
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