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Join OpTier at IBM IMPACT 2010 in Las Vegas, May 2-7. OpTier’s senior sales engineer, Eva Tuczai gives some upcoming highlights of OpTier’s participation at the show. Remember what happens in Vegas, happens in the z-Zone!
5 May 2010
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***********/innovation/us/smarterplanet/index.shtml?url=midsized_business/engines/gsms&cmp=agus_mmspv_20100203&cm=v&csr=bh1&cr=m&ct=usmmvid1&cm_mmc=agus_mmspv_20100203-usmmvid1-_-v-_-bh1-_-m\ Find out how IBM and our Business Partners worked with GSMS, a midsize pharmaceutical company, to help protect patients by using RFID technology and to innovate its package tracking system in order to strengthen its anti-counterfeiting operations to make prescription drugs safer.
13 May 2010
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***********/software/tivoli/products/composite-application-mgrproductline/?cmp=agus_itspsmism-20100512&cm=v&csr=ibmvoracle&cr=m&ct=usitp200&cm_mmc=agus_itspsmism-20100512-usitp200-_-v-_-ibmvoracle-_-m Blair Drenner speaks about BM’s investment in integration of the data and leveraging the same interface, creating a much larger return on investment. It is allowing businesses to bring together the network administrators, system administrators, database administrators into a single group, trained in the same manor/tools while deep diving into the appropriate area leveraging their area of expertise to quickly pinpoint and solve a problem instead of seeing the same issue in an environment from different vantage points and spending needless cycles working separately. "Customers are increasingly shifting focus on cost reduction efforts; primarily around efficiency & consolidation of service management solutions. In the past, within an IT organization, there were various groups looking into the state of enterprise resources with different tools, different interfaces and separate data stores. IBM’s investment in integration of the data and leveraging the same interface creates a much larger return on investment for our clients. It is allowing businesses to bring together the network administrators, system administrators, database administrators into a single group, trained in the same manor/tools while deep diving into the appropriate area leveraging their area of expertise to quickly pinpoint and solve a problem instead of seeing the same issue in an environment from different vantage points and spending needless cycles working separately. So let’s take the example of a company who is running a Siebel solution. Oracle will provide a solution that monitors their Siebel application claiming they can do that better than other vendors. However, This view is very myopic as Seibel is not just a simple application with one layer. Behind the single Siebel “application” itself lies several complex components that make up the overall service that Siebel provides. This would include such things as the the application server, a database, hardware and supporting network infrastructure in addition to the management software to ensure this composite application is secure from internal and external threats, fail safe, and the SLA’s are being met in terms of quality and availability of the service. If a disk goes down on one of the primary boxes hosting the Siebel application, if the IT organization is running an Oracle tool to monitor Siebel, a Microsoft product to monitor their x86 systems hardware, a Cisco tools to monitor network traffic, and IBM to monitor the database you may have a problematic situation. First, a person from each of those IT tooling groups will be looking at the same problem, using different interfaces and having no idea they are related or that someone else is also looking at the problem. The system tool will surely know the disk is down, the Seibel monitor will know Seibel is down but may not be able to tell you specifically why, the network monitor may detect the packets are not arriving to the machine but again does not know it is related to a disk problem, etc. At this point, the data can be very misleading, cause finger pointing and looking into the wrong area and ultimately drastically slowing down the response time to fix the issue. One differentiator of IBM is that we can visualize, control, and automate all the components for the customer from the Siebel application to the underlying databases, middleware components and specific devices such as routers, servers and disks within the platform. We can even monitor custom or homegrown applications. Of course, I selected Siebel to talk about IBM’s strengths even monitoring Oracle’s own applications but as you know, an enterprise will have a vast amount of items to monitor including such things as SAP, Websphere, Exchange, etc that extend far out of reach of Oracle’s capabilities and necessitating more point products in the environment, each with separately infrastructures, training requirements, etc. Whereas, IBM can manage all of these items with the same solution set. IBM has a plethora of solutions that provide value to IT such as tools for predictive analytics, which focuses on proactively alerting customers about potential risks by predictive trending capabilities and helping to fix problem areas instead of the historical way of simply reacting when an end user is already impacted by an issue. The common interface and the integrated / shared data warehouse among the IBM Tivoli monitoring solutions help to provide context to a problem especially in composite environment and helps with quick diagnosis.. With IBM, it is possible to find the root cause of the issue across all domains and enabling groups to drill down from the business view into the specific area that caused it from a single interface, using some of the best diagnostics tools in the industry. This greatly masks the complexity and truly gives the company a much larger return on investment as the real cost savings occurs when the service downtime is reduced and IT expenditure is lowered because of smarter service management of the IT infrastructure. This is something Oracle is considerably lacking compared to IBM. In order to do Smarter Service management, it is important to have best practice and a vendor with expertise to ensure success in your project. The reality is that you probably will not have a single vendor for all of your IT needs. So, to have a company that is open, allowing you to leverage existing investment while bringing smarter service management components together in an integrated fashion is crucial. It is also important to have those best practices be ITIL aligned – for instance, ensuring changes are in line with a change management process workflow for remediation of issues and planned deployments can avoid large downtime risk. All of these elements will not take place overnight but to have a strong partner to work with to create a long term strategy to maintain competitiveness in the business by driving efficient IT operation to run the business is key."
14 May 2010
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(1888PressRelease) The new version of GanttChart for IBM Rational ClearQuest is available
18 May 2010
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***********/smarterplanet/us/en/smart_grid/nextsteps/index.html?cmp=agus_cxosp2gridsol-20100426&cm=v&csr=smmeters&cr=metacafe&ct=usbrb401&cm_mmc=agus_cxosp2gridsol-20100426-usbrb401-_-v-_-smmeters-_-metacafe Theo Pozzy of Portland General Electric speaks about the changes within the utility industry and how smart meters have made an impact on his business and the carbon footprint it leaves behind.
18 May 2010
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***********/smarterplanet/us/en/smart_grid/nextsteps/index.html?cmp=agus_cxosp2gridsol-20100426&cm=v&csr=models&cr=metacafe&ct=usbrb401&cm_mmc=agus_cxosp2gridsol-20100426-usbrb401-_-v-_-models-_-metacafe Experts discuss how flexible smart grid technology is a better path for efficient, cheap, clean and reliable electricity solution for the future.
19 May 2010
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***********/services/us/cio/businessimpact.html?cm_mmc=agus_cioviddistr-20100219-uscxv100-_-v-_-outsourcing-_-metacafe Outsourcing to IBM can help CIOs free up much-needed time to focus on innovation and growth and ultimately improve financial performance. VO: CIOs spend 45% of their day bogged down on routine IT operations. An enormous amount of time NOT spent innovating, enhancing, developing new technologies and pushing leading-edge initiatives. Which raises the obvious question: If innovation drives businesses forward, shouldn’t CIOs spend even more time doing it? To free up much-needed time, 56% of CIOs rely on third-parties like IBM to handle day-to-day IT. With industry and tech experts in 173 countries worldwide, IBM easily manages companies’ IT infrastructures, applications and business processes. Sending IT management beyond the office not only increases efficiency and improves financial performance. It frees CIOs to focus on innovation and growth.
28 May 2010
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***********/software/tivoli/solutions/security/?cmp=agus_itspsmism-20100527&cm=v&csr=timbrazil&cr=m&ct=usitp200&cm_mmc=agus_itspsmism-20100527-usitp200-_-v-_-timbrazil-_-m "IBM customer, Rodrigo Salvagio from Tim Brazil, speaks about the importance of securing business activities. Business today cannot run without security. It’s a very important point that must be taken. They use tools that help to correlate millions and thousands of events from multiple sources in geographically separated regions. Having a tool that can help predict or even catch an incident when it is occurring is a turnkey to success, to maintain the downtime low. With IBM security solutions, they now have an ability to identify events and incidents before they happen. "
3 Jun 2010
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IBM WebSphere® provides a next-generation solution for all of a company's e-commerce needs. The successful relationship between IBM and 1-800-FLOWERS.COM provides insight into the future of e-commerce.
29 Jun 2010
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Moosejaw Mountaineering was able to merge their online and in-store experience using IBM online commerce platforms, creating a highly successful multi-channel retail brand initiative.
29 Jun 2010
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Meeting the demands of the smarter consumer: A conversation with IBM Retail Industry Leader Jill Puleri & "Freakonomics" author Stephen Dubner on today's shopping experience and new ways retailers can adapt to the needs of its consumers.
8 Jul 2010
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***********/software/tivoli/pulse?cmp=usitp&cm=v&csr=svcmgmttech&cr=m&ct=usitp200&cn=agus_itspsmism-20100721 Helene Armitage general manager of IBM Systems Software speaks about the planet becoming more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. according to Armitage this is an unparalleled time for technology. 1 trillion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2011. To learn more about IBM software which is at the forefront of the networks that make all of the devices work together visit****/pulse2010.
5 Aug 2010
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"***********/innovation/us/smarterplanet/index.shtml?url=midsized_business/engines/elie_tahari&cmp=609A5&cm=v&csr=elietaharie_doc&cr=m&ct=usbrp301&cn=agus_mmspv-20100730 5 minute video featuring Nihad Aytaman, Director of Business Applications for fashion label Elie Tahari ,discussing how an IBM business intelligence solution allowed his midsize business to see near real-time shipping patterns, helping them make smarter, faster decisions to address customer needs. "
17 Sep 2010
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***********/innovation/us/smarterplanet/index.shtml?url=midsized_business/engines/samarinda_lodge&cmp=609A5&cm=v&csr=samarindalodge_doc&cr=m&ct=usbrp301&cn=agus_mmspv-20100730 3 minute video highlighting how with the help of IBM, Samarinda Lodge−a residential aged-care facility− improved resident care while increasing staff productivity by using innovative messaging and location systems.
18 Sep 2010
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Car Dealerships Nationwide Deploy Customized Websites in 15 Minutes with IBM Industry Marketing Software
24 Sep 2010
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***********/services/us/gbs/bus/html/bcs_banking.html?cmp=blank&cm=v&csr=agus_cxobankpilt-20091104&cr=metacafe&ct=usbrb301&cn=vid_svenska Svenska Handelsbanken migrated its online banking system and several Linux applications and databases onto the IBM System z platform.
1 Oct 2010
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