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A great science experiment or bar trick, this will teach you how to, lift an ice cube without touching it.
14 May 2007
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Dancing on Ice's Clare Buckfield suffered all kinds of injuries whilst on the she finds out how to treat those bumps and bruises.
14 May 2007
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This is a delicous way to brew your own iced tea. My grandma used to do this for the people who worked on their farm. It is cheap, simple and tastes SOO good. You have to try it
16 May 2007
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(S.E.P) Make HOT ice Instantly with a single touch, We show you how, This liquid radiates heat and turns solid if something touches it, Definatley Worth a watch (A ShootingEggs Production)
24 May 2007
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Quick and easy video showing you how to make Ice Text in photoshop
20 Jun 2007
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Change water to ice... and we'll show you how to do it.
27 May 2007
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How To Make A Dry Ice to easily make a dry ice bomb
31 May 2007
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Dry Ice Bomb
4 Jun 2007
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Some people do ice ski in piccadilly in manchester
6 Jun 2007
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Kaplan International Inc., Turn Company's Signature Waffle Cone into $1 Million Gold and Diamond Creation for Charity Bruster's Real Ice Cream, the country's premium ice cream retail franchise with more than 260 stores in 18 states, unveiled the world's first $1 million ice cream cone at the JCK Las Vegas Show. This work of art is created in the likeness of its signature waffle cone. Bruster's waffle cone masterpiece was created by renowned diamond manufacturer, Lazare Kaplan International Inc., and consists of nearly 20 troy ounces of 18k white and yellow gold, 548 round Lazare Diamonds, 87 Lazare square emerald cut diamonds, and one breathtaking 5.63 carat Fancy Intense Yellow radiant cut diamond. The 152.16 carat total weight one-of-a-kind piece has a retail value of $1 million and is for sale!
5 Jun 2007
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Dry Ice and Magnesium shaveing. Brings one bright glow and they will tell you how it's done!
10 Jun 2007
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Siting on thin ice, deep, cold water, glacier stream flowing swiftly... Apache Shaman David Lakota sitting on a remote river in Alaska playing the flute and chanting to the Earth Mother, Nature, Spirit, Self and All. He knows he's in danger. One slip and he plunges into the deep, cold, glacier water. It's easy to die in a situation like this. He can be swept downstream under the ice and be drowned or die of hypothermia. The water is cold enough to kill someone in less than fifteen minutes. Trusting he is, though, and not prone to take risks beyond those inherent with travel and exploration into known and unknown regions of Alaska's wilderness.
11 Jun 2007
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