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a stupid idiot is walking by when a gangster shoots him! my first flash animation please be kind
25 May 2008
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8 idiots
29 May 2008
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Fall...Just idiot!!!
5 Jun 2008
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Some curious idiot finds out the easy way whether a shotgun sitting on some chicks desk is loaded.
29 Jun 2008
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The actual original idiotic recording session by CHASTON & GRODITSKI in San Rafael, California of the truly stupid hit song, “DUPA DUPA TOILET BOWL”. This crazy song has been played on offbeat radio stations and websites worldwide, including on the syndicated Dr. Demento Show. ENJOY THE INSANITY!!! *******www.chastongroditski****
13 Nov 2009
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Watch as this idiot driver tries to figure out how to drag race.
16 Jul 2008
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28 Jul 2008
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6 Aug 2008
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This video is created to depict the idiocy of the people who are supposed to be governing this country. This is not an attack on Filipinos. I love my country and the 90 million of the nicest, most-hardworking and some of the smartest and most talented people in the world. If you fail to see my point, that's not my fault. This song is an expression of thought. My thoughts. My opinion to how stupid this country is being run. The government prioritizing short-term solutions to our country's problems to save their shit-deep popularity (or notoriety) is a huge showing of lack of morality and decency. Or as I see it, just plain IDIOCY. Don't tell me I missed some points or I should have said this or do this. Because the points I mentioned here are what I think are the most relevant... according to my own view of things... I don't need to explain further because that would mean you don't clearly understand my point. I don't need to include all ills of the society because I believe all societies aren't perfect. Go to other countries and you'll discover that the best place to live in is still the Philippines. Even if you're a moron (like user: gagokanto) who doesn't understand this song... this song is still not written for you or about you. So stop acting like a know-it-all and just shut it. And to those who've appreciated and understood... thank you very much. Enjoy. My version of greenday's amazing song American Idiot. Music used is by greenday dancing clip from video owned by jibjab...or ansfav... my apologies. lyrics and voice by ME!! harhar... enjoy! please rate or comment! dedicated to all filipinos around the world!!! Justice to all victims of this regime!!! Politician Idiots Don't want to be a Filipino robot. Don't want my nation Pwn'd! by the media And can you hear the laugh of little gloria? The ugly poster girl of hysteria Welcome to our land of confusion. All across the Asian nations. Where everyone else are well, okay. While senate dreams of tomorrow. We are the ones who needs saklolo. at least they're there to argue. engineers in saudi arabia is this a part of a wicked agenda? all the doctors flew to america. All good teachers moved to south korea . We fucked up edsa revolution. seen All across the asian nations. everyone thought we're all okay. while congress eats our tomorrow. pork barell drains us all to zero and no one's there to argue. I want to be in a Filipino revolt . One nation boycotting BunyiTA. Information from Bunye and Ermita. Fucking the minds of all in Manila Politicians fucked up inflation. All you did was destroy our education. and everyone stinks in Doj. Are there still food left for tomorrow? Or bet our lives in PCSO's lotto. or wowowee will kill you.
14 Nov 2008
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Fast Loss 4 Idiots Learn The secrets
26 Aug 2008
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30 Aug 2008
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4 Sep 2008
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Idiot on a trampoline
9 Sep 2008
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10 Sep 2008
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*IF YOU DON"T UNDERSTAND the stereotypes please watch the video response. Straight outta Weird Al's new album "Straight Outta Lynwood" is Canadian Idiot the music video by Stupid Hat Productions. No offense to any Canadians. This song is just out of good humor. The Canadian people are cool.
1 Dec 2008
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idiot cat
16 Nov 2008
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