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This illusion video will prove you that nothing can be a greater hoax in this world than illusion. If you think this man is just washing his car, watch till the end.
31 Dec 2017
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If Reality Is An Illusion... There Are No Aliens
11 Jan 2018
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A Small ship which is disguised as a giant duck is moving on the water, creating the illusion that a giant duck is moving on the water.
27 Dec 2017
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Phantom black light theatre is the compilation of 15 different short parts. It shows the best of this theatre group HILT in last ten years 2007-2017 (it is the 10th anniversary of HILT). "Black light theatre" is the very special theatre genre based on optical effects of darkness and UV lighting. This genre is the world known originality of The Czech republic since 1955. Costumes and stage props are "shining" in the dark making visual illusions - like for ex. flying dancers on black background. Each part of this show is different style - love, autumn, winter or Africa, India, Czech folklore and more. Each part is different style of music and dance choreography in combination with visual effects of UV lighting and projections. Masked person as "Phantom" is opening each part of the show. Director's Note To have 10th anniversary of my theatre group HILT black light theatre Prague is very special moment in my life. I still remember our beginnings 10 years ago and I am grateful to all my actors and dancers for staying in my group still. Especially to Stepanka Pencova, lady who helps me to lead our group all the years. My life is theatre and I can not just imagine to live without that. It gives me many beautiful feelings to use the theatre to "tell something" to the people in the audience. Sure, my work is still changing and with every experience I feel my shows are more advanced. Phantom is the biggest matter of my heart - it shows many different parts of my personality and sure - of each person in the audience.
11 Jan 2018
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Welcome to a PROTRK™ lesson from Pixel Film Studios We will start by Dragging the PROTRK text effect above your footage and trimming it to the correct size. Fill out your text field , choose a color for the text, and select blend mode that best matches the look and feel of your scene. The first step in this process is Keyframing the position of the text. De-activate the text edit check box, Turn Magnification On, and hide the text before we begin. First, Go to the first frame of your clip. Select the key-frame icon next to the text position parameters. Now drag the On-Sceen Control to a point that will be easily visible through the entire clip. Once in position press the right arrow key on your keyboard. This will advance a single frame. Now drag the on-Screen Control to the same spot as the object moves around. Because this position is different than the previous frame ... It will auto-keyframe in Final Cut Pro X. In this clip, we are going to focus in the top center of the subjects head. You don't have to keyframe every frame. It depends on the amount of movement in your clip. For this example, we keyframed every 5 to 7 frames. Once that process is complete, turn off the magnification and make the text visible again. We will begin to work with the X,Y and Z angles of the Text next. Again, go to the beginning of your clip and select the keyframe icon in the x-Rotation parameter and adjust and keyframe as we did with the position. In this example we only need two keyframes for X-Rotation. One when this subjects head is on the floor and another when she is in a full upright position. Y rotation in this scene will also only need two keyframes. One when the subject is fully upright and another at the end. This gives the illusion the text is turning and leaving the scene. There is no z rotation needed in this scene... But it is completed the same way. Next is Text Scale. As the subject moves towards the screen it needs
12 Jan 2018
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An amazing 3D illusion.
27 Jul 2006
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Painting illusion amazing.
20 Apr 2006
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A 3D illusion. Beautiful !
17 Apr 2006
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'Illusions', a new spot for the Audi A6, is worth a second glance. Or two. Indeed, the more times you see 'Illusions', the more the sophisticated visual trickery concealed beneath its serene surface becomes apparent.
11 Apr 2006
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Anamorphic illusions drawn in a special distortion in order to create an impression of 3 dimensions when seen from one particular viewpoint.
20 Jul 2006
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My Modern Art Illusion...
31 Jul 2006
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some cool illusions, and some nunchakus at the end
4 Oct 2006
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