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6 Jan 2009
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Considering a move to New Zealand? But dont know where to start? Theres a lot of immigration information out there, and that can be overwhelming. Make it easy with Go New Zealand, the must-watch how-to guide for immigrating & settling in New Zealand. Go New Zealand is a 2 disc DVD set that provides all the need-to-know information about living in New Zealand. We talk about how to get a visa or work permit, find a job once you arrive, navigate the education system, register with Inland Revenue, set up a bank account and what to do for fun! Chock-full of interviews with New Zealand experts in immigration, employment, finance & more, we present what you need to know in an easy, fun format. Also hear from immigrants like yourself, who have already gone through the process, giving you a personal feel for what's really involved in moving to New Zealand: how to bring your pet, get your kids in school, settle in and more! So what are you waiting for? Take the first step and order Go New Zealand. In just two hours you'll have all the information you need to begin your journey! *******www.nzimmigrationdvd****/
28 Mar 2009
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Civil liberties and immigrant rights advocates are expressing outrage over a new Justice Department rule mandating federal agencies to collect DNA samples from anyone who is arrested and from foreigners detained by immigration authorities.
16 Jan 2009
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Immigration Attorney Carl Shusterman (Former INS Attorney 1976-82) provides viewers with 10 Rules for how to select the best immigration attorney.
16 Jan 2009
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"60 seconds with... " Video Statement by Jeanine Hennis Plasschaert MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on sanctions against employers who employ illegal immigrants. [60 Seconds] [Statements] [Language EN] 090204-ALDESTATEMENTS-Jeanine_Hennis-Plasschaert-Illegal_imm
5 Feb 2009
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Have questions about US immigration? Green cards, fiance or marriage, k1, k3, fiancee & spouse visas. Email for free consult or query
14 Feb 2009
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Have questions about US immigration? Green cards, fiance or marriage, k1, k3, fiancee & spouse visas. Email for free consult or query Visit Us-*******www.nationalimmigrationattorney****/
14 Feb 2009
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This Is Why we need Send Back All The Immigrant in Sabah.
27 Feb 2009
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Investor Category for Immigration to Canada Distributed by Tubemogul.
28 Feb 2009
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1)Recession hits UK immigrants badly 2)Australian Govt. To slash Skilled Worker Immigration this Year 3)New amendments in famous Alberta Nominee Immigration Plan Distributed by Tubemogul.
27 Mar 2009
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1) Migration agents uncovered targeting the overseas students for Australian visa fraud. 2)CIMC announces new online work for immigrants to Canada. 3)Marriage Visa rules of UK changed. Distributed by Tubemogul.
3 Apr 2009
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We have been running our award winning services in India and abroad. Before we diversified into immigration, the business is a family run organization with a team of lawyers who represent your cases. Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Apr 2009
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1) Canadian population on rise due to high immigration numbers. 2) Countless cooks messing up with the talent shortage broth. 3) Student visas cut down by UK immigration . Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Apr 2009
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Hanlon Law Group, PC handles U.S. immigration and nationality law issues including green cards, citizenship and removal defense. Contact the firm in Pasadena, California at 866-489-7612. *******www.visaandgreencard****
21 Sep 2009
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A criminal conviction can have a serious impact on an immigrant. If you are facing deportation because of criminal charges, contact Mark A. Davis in Pasadena, California at (626) 440-0477. *******www.madlawonline****
21 Apr 2009
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Italy is home to one of the largest concentration of immigrants in Europe. But charges of Italian racism are widespread. .. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN ***********
28 Apr 2009
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