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This is my first homemade mix. Unfortunately, the whole mix is too big for this place, so this is the part where the records are into each other. I hope you like it :-)
3 Feb 2009
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from Fearless Music TV.
14 Mar 2009
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ok i didnt complete this cover at all. in the middle of practice:/ its hard for me to sing. ughh i wish someone could sing for me.
7 Sep 2009
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Live at Studio 11 103.1FM
13 Sep 2009
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[NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED] Lyrics i knew that i'd get like this again, that's why i try to keep at bay be a 100 percent when i'm with you and then the perfect heart's length away the stickler is your plague, not one beat wrong you never promised me anything even set me down, warn me just how they fall i knew the odds were i'd never win and here i am it's a half life with you as my quarterback a daft life myself worth measured in text-back tempo it's been two days and eight minutes too slow there may well be others but I still like to pretend that i'm the one you really want to grow old with i've got a schedule to stick to, got a world to keep sweet it's so much to everyone all the time will you ever slow down? will i ever come first? the universe contracts to size it's a half life with you as my quarterback a daft life it's a half life with you as my quarterback a daft life oh, me oh, me oh, me oh, me darling please you know you'll never be lonely no, you'll always be loved and maybe, you'll never need more than that of others sapless little loves what's to become of us? does it even register on your conscience? long for one last showdown from a box in a crowd air compress tight to explode i'm clenching my ticket to the only way out as you disappear in a puff of smoke its a half life with you as my quarterback a daft life
4 Oct 2009
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12 Oct 2009
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Model: Leah Dizon Song: *******www.megaupload****/?d=CAJKP1KY
12 Oct 2009
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Live at Studio 11 103.1FM (hosted by Zach Braff, promoting the movie "The Last Kiss" - 9/15/06)
18 Feb 2010
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DWNLD:: "Bitch I'm A Star 3" on www.tinyurl****/bitchimastar
6 Apr 2010
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this is the greatest music video and song of all time. most of you may know it from Jason Derulo's sampler "Watcha Say". oh, and if you dont have anything nice to say about this song or Immi herself, please, keep it to yourself cuz no one could care. enjoy! shes so lovely in this video!
13 Apr 2010
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another amazing peaceful song from the new album Ellipse released worldwide from Agust 24! No Copyright Infrangment Intended
15 Apr 2010
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22 Jun 2010
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hello... I just wrote a HUGE long blog to go with this but it's too youtube just told me it's too darned long... so will put as much as I can in here but go and have a look at my iblog at imogenheap**** or myspace****/imogenheap for the rest.. Hello my lovelies... Thank you all for your birthday wishes left in all the various places. I've just had a very healthy fancy fruit salad for a very late breakfast then ate all the round toffee ones from a pack of chocolates someone gave me. I know this is cliche but BOY this year has flown by! What the?? Quite scary! I barely had time to get used to 30 and now I'm 31. That had better not keep happening or i'll be 105 before I know it! Thank goodness Justine's been filming as I've been going along so I can remember what I got up to in this blur. If you haven't watched the new vblog watch it now... warning... major plot spoiler after this full stop. That's right.. you probably guessed it. Little Miss Heap didn't make the finish line for her birthday this year (moves onto long rectangular chocolate coated toffee ones)...This album has taken me by surprise so many times. I really feel like I'm taking this huge strong dog out for an endless walk and it's running about it all directions...sniffing over there, chasing that rabbit, running into bushes and ponds . I've just had to go with it. Also like a dog.. you can't leave it for too long or it gets the hump with you. If I could just somehow shut everything else off for 6 months I could have finished it by now but with PopTech! Nitin Sawhney gigs and song, Jeff Beck gigs, silent movie accompaniment, a jaw harp appearance, weddings, birthdays, laundry, accounts, the Mika song, Little Spirit (or not as the case may be), IAMX remix, vblogs! Japanese classes, getting my driving license, trying to get/keep fit, building a studio from scratch, feeding everyone who was working on building it, taking on the family home and all this whilst filming the whole process with Justine behind the camera... It's not been easy to find time to get on with it! Now there's christmas getting in the way godammit! I love that you're all on this trip with me. I can't tell you how helpful it is to have you all here egging me on. Not having a boyfriend this time around has been quite a different experience. There's no-one to shake and wake up to tell them all the exciting news from the latest goings on in the studio. That's why I'm digging more than ever blogging and more recently using twitter. I think I'm developing a twitter twitch. So the big question, I can hear you all ask from my kitchen table already, before you've even read this... WHEN IS IT COMING OUT HEAP?
27 Jun 2010
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Follow on from the walk i added a year ago today. Thought you guys might like it.
13 Jul 2010
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Clip from an episode in 1993. I think it was called "Diversion", and was based in and around Notting Hill at Carnival.
9 Sep 2010
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13 Sep 2010
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