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*******www.cindyashton**** Many struggle with their body image, whether they are a size 1 or 42. Cindy Ashton embraces her body by actually showing you her 2 inches fat, knowing she is imperfectly perfect. Play big no matter what anyone else thinks.
9 Oct 2009
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If I Can Dream Season: 1 Alex sings his new song "Imperfectly Perfect" in the studio.
20 Jul 2010
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hi! thankyou to the ppl for leaving nice comments =] i think there will always be haters out there but the ppl that are leaving comments and hating on these girls .. are pathetic and rude.. if you dislike them then why watch the video. and leave such mean comments.. i know half the stuff ppl say on here they wouldnt say in reality and i like to believe that you all are nice ppl but you dont even know the girls and your calling them SLUT GENERATION did they do something wrong to you? if not then seriously why say all this rude stuff when you could just ignore it and move on .. i like that ppl express their opinions but some ppl are going way overboard.. i havent checked the comments on this vid for a long time and im shocked at the amount of bashing the girls recieve! these girls ahve worked hard to get to where they are and even if the got plastic surgery or whatever they ARE still talented .. the music industry practically says its a prerequisite to get their imperfections perfected .. keeping in mind that this is an asian country and this not only happens in korea but hongkong taiwan china .. everywhere! these girls have worked hard to get to where they are and they do NOT deserve to get bashed .. thanks again to all the ppl who support the girls =] and to the ppl who leave comments abt being antis : i dont mind that you express your opinion i think saying that "i dont like them" etc is fine but please dont say things like "their the SLUT GENERATION!" imagine if you were called that .. thankyou.=] Girls Generation MV!!! from their 1st Album they are so cute in this !!! the song is a remake and really catchy !! LOVE IT!! High Quality music video.. credits to VonBryan ambition.cjb**** ^^
5 Dec 2009
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