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Political Science 101 - Who wins in politics? The positive candidate? The negative candidate? What does research tell us? I don't know, but I do know this: The Republicans tell us that Democrats are delusional. Dirty politics, demonizing the Democratic candidate, always wins the day... See Al Gore branded as a liar in 2000 (I invented the Internet) and hero John Kerry got Swift Boated (secret mission for Nixon) in 2004. With Hillary, Republicans will have a field day...
13 Apr 2008
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This is what really happened to that storage tank. Totally gnarly dude!
25 Apr 2008
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*******www.todaysfinancialnews**** -- When investors ran for the hills, Warren Buffett spent billions buying distressed companies at fire-sale prices.
30 Sep 2008
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*******www.todaysfinancialnews**** -- Panicked billionaires will trigger the next financial shock wave as mass redemptions hit the over-leveraged, money-losing industry.
30 Sep 2008
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"Caught on Tape": The Legendary home of the Dallas Cowboys during all five of their Super Bowl championships was imploded with more than a ton of dynamite PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL
12 Apr 2010
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Cube Cat Games today introduces Sidera 1.0 for iOS, their upcoming touch arcade Game where players are a supernova and must destroy all the stars and planets on the screen. The planets and stars do not move, though the star field background does. By touching it the player destroys a star or planet, but the explosion alters the supernova's position. Careful planning is required, because only stars and planets that are in direct horizontal or vertical alignment with the supernova can be destroyed.
28 Oct 2011
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This is advertising done properly.
13 Feb 2012
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Implosion of a building. This is so impressing...
1 Jun 2006
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Amazing nuclear power plant cooling tower implosion!
21 Sep 2006
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French tower implose
13 Oct 2006
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Word on the street was that WTC 7 was going to collapse... even though no steel framed building in the history of mankind had ever done so. The 47 story tall building built in the mid 80's collapsed at free fall speed in a geometrically perfect implosion. Textbook demolition.
26 Feb 2007
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Infinite (golden mean symmetry) constructive recursive wave velocity addition leads to faster than light speed implosion which allows for time and space travel ... and Yes it can be done using our own Biological Bodies ... www.lotus-ocean****
16 May 2007
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3 Apr 2008
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WWW.ALANAWEZ.COM The Chinese Hydrogen Bomb 17 June 1967 Air drop, 2960 m Yield: 3.3 Mt (megatons) 3300kilotons ---- atmospheric ---- 100 ways powerfull Hiroshima & Nagasaki atomic bomb 100 ways Little Boy + Fat Man (together : 33 kilotons) x 100 = 3300 kilotns. Explosion date June 17th 1967 8.20 am ( 06.17.1967 ) This was China's sixth nuclear test, and its first full scale radiation implosion (Teller-Ulam) weapon test. It was conducted only 32 months after the first atomic test, the shortest elapsed time for any nuclear weapons state. The device contained U-235, lithium-6 deuteride, and U-238. It was detonated at 2960 m over the Lop Nur Test Ground after being dropped from an H-6 1967年6月17日、中国が独自設計・製造した初 の水爆による実験が、中国西部上空の大気圏 内で行われた。爆発実験は成功を収めた 広島、長崎に落ちた場合、一瞬にして町は消える。 1967年6月17日上午8时20分,我国西部地区新疆罗布泊上空,我国第一颗氢弹爆炸试验获得完全的成功。三十多年过去了,试验全过程中的困难、艰辛、风险与酸楚,时时犹在眼前。请让我只写出其中一些大家最想了解而未曾披露的所谓秘闻吧。 広島 長崎 hiroshima nagasaki
25 Aug 2009
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One of the saddest and most tragic events in our history. The implosion of G-Unit and their pool sales. Say a prayer for the victims of the disaster and light a candle.
13 Jul 2008
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Martial Law The Rule of Law Has Been Suspended in Congress There are reports that "martial law" has been declared in Congress. A cursory investigation reveals that this means that the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has summarily declared that the normal rules of procedure that govern legislation in the House have been suspended. It is unclear whether a similar suspension of the rule of law has taken place in the Senate. This is government by total fiat under the color of an "emergency". That is to say, dictatorship. - Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) says: "I have been thrown out of more meetings in this capital in the last 24 hours than I ever thought possible, as a duly elected representative of 825,000 citizens of north Texas." Burgess asks the Speaker of the House to post the bailout bill on the internet for at least 24 hours instead of passing the largest piece of legislation in US financial history in the "dark of night." Rep. Burgess' says, "Mr. Speaker I understand we are under martial law as declared by the speaker last night." - Congresswoman Kaptur (D-OH) says: "My message to the American people don't let Congress seal this deal. High financial crimes have been committed." "The normal legislative process has been shelved. Only a few insiders are doing the dealing, sounds like insider trading to me. These criminals have so much political power than can shut down the normal legislative process of the highest law making body of this land." "We are Constitutionally sworn to protect and defend this Republic against all enemies foreign and domestic. And my friends there are enemies." "The people pushing this deal are the very ones who are responsible for the implosion on Wall Street. They were fraudulent then and they are fraudulent now.
30 Sep 2008
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