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When you are with your friends and trying to impress them with your only skill that you have mastered over the years.
8 Nov 2017
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You want to give your future in-laws a sweat free salutation. Information shared above is the personal opinion of the author and not affiliated with the website.
27 Oct 2017
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Info from Licensor: "World-famous slackliner and Daredevil 'Sketchy' Andy Lewis continues to live up to his name as he attempts 260 meters (780ft) highline. Highlining is the modern day version of tightrope walking but without the use of a balance pole. This highline is especially unusual as one end of the slackline is anchored to a web-like structure that is suspended 450 feet above the canyon. This web structure, also known as 'The Spacenet', is the brainchild of Andy and inspired by the Ewoks of Star Wars who's civilization lived in trees. As a spectator, it takes your breath away as Andy stands up and takes his very first step. And even though he is anchored in, he has hundreds of feet to walk out to his destination, and there are hundreds of feet below him. If the slackline were to rupture, Andy's harness would not be enough to save him from falling to his death. After a few falls, Andy manages to make it out to the Spacenet. An impressive sight!"
23 Oct 2017
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You can't believe how cute a lion's roar can be until you watch this handsome cub trying to impress the ladies with his voice.
2 Nov 2017
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This kid has got some skill that even impresses the dolphin inside the aquarium. For a change, he is entertained by a human.
20 Nov 2017
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Leave a sparkling first impression on your wedding guests by choosing these exuberantly glamorous Indian Wedding Invitations for your wedding. For more Indian Wedding Invitations, Visit 123WeddingCards
20 Nov 2017
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MAD TV's Ike Barinholtz does a really good impression of typical Dane Cook jokes along with his actions during his live performances.
24 Oct 2006
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a 300pound kid jumps off to impress his friends but it doesnt go as planed
5 Nov 2006
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impress your friends by blowing out smoke without the use of a cigar or the cold weather. i couldnt really get the smoke to be visible on camera but trust me it really works.
25 Dec 2006
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Street wit to impress the hotties - works every time - makes them bend over!
26 Dec 2006
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A simple and cool trick to turn a blank paper into money. Do this trick for your friends and amaze them. Impress girls with this one. Endless possibilities. Check it out and learn it now. Transform the bills in front of their very eyes!
1 Jan 2007
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Me doing impressions of people, characters, and anything else I can get my dirty little hands on.
1 Feb 2007
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Impression of Will Farrell impersonating Harry Carey
2 Feb 2007
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