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Detective Virgil Tibbs' brief stopover in segregated Sparta is anything but. When a wealthy industrialist is murdered, police chief Bill Gillespie needs Tibbs to help him solve the murder and find the murderer. Can these two very different men learn to work together, to like each other, and more?
9 Feb 2009
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"In the Meat of the Lamb" is funny new wave song made at the end of 2006 by Marie-Claire, in association with Dimbra, which consists in a tribute to the eighties German band SANDRA's hit: "In the Heat of the Night". This amazing promotional video, featuring Marie-Claire (lead vocal) & Dimbra (backing vocal & keyboard) as well as Cain (guitar) & the R. brothers (bass & drums respectively), brilliantly leads the viewer into the crazy universe of that parody: lust, sweat, steak and ostriches! That music video was recorded on February 2007, under the direction of Dimbra, who also shot most parts. The heavy montage work was performed by Choplair from the Choplair-network, which also handled most technical stuffs. The song in itself is a creation of the Marie-Claire Records label, and is not intended for commercial purpose, by respect towards SANDRA's business. Indeed the song as the video are released under the Free Art License.
19 Mar 2007
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Ace homicide detective Virgil Tibbs' temporary stopover in the small town of Sparta turns into something more when local police chief Bill Gillespie asks Tibbs to help him solve the murder of a wealthy industrialist. Can these two men - from wildly differing backgrounds - turn their mutual antagonism into something else?
7 Feb 2009
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10 Jan 2012
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Breif intro of my self in the heat of the night
22 Jun 2007
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Created by Benny Fine & Rafi Fine. MORE SPOILERS COMING SOON! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR VIDEOS! THE NAKED VERSION! video will save you hundreds of hours of movie watching. You can now feel free to either thank us....or kill us for doing so. SIGN UP FOR OUR MAILING LIST MYSPACE FACEBOOK TWITTER OUR VIDEOS ON YOUR IPOD! provided by spoiled: The Crying Game, Blair witch project, Reservoir Dogs, A Beautiful Mind, Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village, Chinatown, ET, Silence of the Lambs, Wild Things, Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V, Rocky Balboa, There Will Be Blood, Forrest Gump, Sex and the City, Hancock, The Usual Suspects, LA Confidential, American Beauty, Se7en, Secret Life of David Gale, Kill Bill, Million Dollar Baby, Castaway, My Girl, Election, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, Return of the King, Sleepless in Seattle, Youve Got Mail, Addicted to Love, When Harry Met Sally, IQ, French Kiss, Kate and Leopold, City of Angels, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Boogie Nights, Titanic, Inside Man, Heist, Perfect Score, Italian Job, Oceans 11, Planet of the Apes, Bad News Bears, Rookie of the Year, Remember the Titans, Angels in the Outfield, Major League, Little Giants, Mighty Ducks, Mighty Ducks 2, Mighty Ducks 3, Field of Dreams, Shawshank Redemption, Oldboy, The Others, Braveheart, Life is Beautiful, Bonnie and Clyde, Easy Rider, The Departed, Jaws, Night of the Living Dead, Passion of the Christ, The Shining, Some Like it Hot, The Game, Soylent Green, Primal Fear, Fight Club, Jacobs Ladder, The Wizard of Oz, American Psycho, Total Recall, Twelve Monkeys, The Dark Knight, Vanilla Sky, Saving Private Ryan, Rosemarys Baby, Friday the 13th, In the Heat of the Night, Presumed Innocent, Scream, What Lies Beneath, Psycho, Empire Strikes Back, and Citizen Kane tags: spoiler 100 alert movies plot twist endings film films movie preview trailer ruining video videos spoof parody end thefinebros ravenstake lost benny rafi fine thefinebrothers
12 Jun 2009
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SOMETHINGS GONNA LIVE (2009, 77 min.) is an intimate portrait of life, friendship and the movies, as recalled by some of Hollywood's greatest cinema artists. A follow-up by Daniel Raim to his Oscar-nominated documentary, THE MAN ON LINCOLN'S NOSE, the film profiles renowned art directors Robert Boyle (NORTH BY NORTHWEST, THE BIRDS), Henry Bumstead (TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, THE STING), Harold Michelson (STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE, CATCH-22) and Albert Nozaki (THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS), as well as master cinematographers Conrad Hall (IN COLD BLOOD, BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID) and Haskell Wexler (IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT, WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?). From snapshots, sketches, and vintage footage interwoven with interviews and new scenes of these octagenarian artists at work, we get a behind-the-scenes look at moviemaking in the golden age of cinema. As we watch iconic scenes of our collective imagination emerge from their drawings, models, matte paintings, and sets, we hear tales of Mae West, "Hitch," and DeMille, and experience their longing for the sense of community that made working on these films so great. Not a nostalgia piece, but an exploration of the artist's moral obligation to truthfully portray the human condition, SOMETHING'S GONNA LIVE is a deeply moving and thought-provoking celebration of the human stories behind the glamorous edifice of Hollywood. For more information on the film, please visit: *******somethingsgonnalive**** CONNECT WITH AFI: *******AFI**** *******twitter****/AmericanFilm *******facebook****/AmericanFilmInstitute
30 Jul 2011
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Watch "Jezebel" on Reel 13 tonight with the legendary Bette Davis and then check out John's three recommendations for other classic movies set in the South - "Inherit the Wind", "In the Heat of the Night", and "Mississippi Burning".
16 Jan 2010
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IF THIS VIDEO DOES NOT LOAD PROPERLY, CLICK THE "HD" BUTTON TO MAKE IT PLAY. NBC fall of 1988 promo in 16x9 format. NBC Saturday Night 800pm - 227 830pm - Amen 900pm - The Golden Girls 930pm - Empty Nest 1000pm - Hunter NBC Sunday Night 700pm - The Magical World of Disney 800pm - Family Ties 830pm - Day by Day 900pm - NBC Sunday Night at the Movies NBC Monday Night 800pm - Alf 830pm - The Hogan Family 900pm - NBC Monday Night at the Movies NBC Tuesday Night 800pm - Matlock 900pm - In the Heat of the Night 1000pm - Midnight Caller NBC Wednesday Night 800pm - Unsolved Mysteries 900pm - Night Court 930pm - My Two Dads 1000pm - Tattingers NBC Thursday Night 800pm - The Cosby Show 830pm - A Different World 900pm - Cheers 930pm - Dear John 1000pm - L.A. Law NBC Friday Night 800pm - Something is Out There 900pm - Miami Vice 1000pm - Rage Hard
1 Jun 2010
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