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FIRST TIME BUYING A CAR!! Overall Pleasant Experience By Josef - Apr 23, 2010 This was my first time buying a car from a dealer. I researched a lot about the vehicle I wanted ahead of time and contacted dealers through internet sales once I knew what I wanted. Magic Toyota one of the only dealers to get back to me with the car + options I wanted and they were the lowest price quote by over $600. When I went to the dealer for a test drive they respected their online offer (which was 5% over their cost according to Truecar and Edmunds) and were very transparent in the processing of the paper work. Yes they did try to sell extra warranties and special dealer options though who's to blame them. And no I am not a sales man / employee there, just a happy customer that got a great hassle free deal on a car.
26 Jan 2011
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PROFITABLE WITHIN 45 DAYS OF STARTING THE PROGRAM! The Financial Control Program by survival Strategies has given us new life in this era of managed care. We are now cash flow profitable (within 45 days of starting the program.) Survival Strategies is the best management consulting company that we have ever worked with. They gave us the tools, time and their talent to get us back on the right track. We have found that they are truly concerned about how our business functions and are there to help us whenever we need it. WE NOW HAVE AN ABUNDANCE OF THERAPISTS!!! Thanks to Survival Strategies we now have an abundance of therapists - we actually have more than we need. I know that is going to be shocking to some people out there but it's true.
18 Oct 2011
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MY REFERRALS INCREASED 27%!!! In the first six months, after I received training in your program, my referrals increased 27%. I am definitely more aware of the importance of my referral source and improving and maintaining communication with them. I am pleased to report that our patient load has increased 50% compared to the first two months of a year ago, thanks to your Referral Control Program. M.R., PT/Business Owner OVERALL UPWARD TREND WITH CONTRACTS & BILLED OUT!! Over the course of this module, Milestones has had an overall upward trend with contracts & billed out. Collections peaked at 360K for 1 month from 160K the month before we began with Survival Strategies. Our staff is much more organized and here is order in the department. People are well-hatted and are working to train others as their back-up. Well worth the investment. M.S., PED - Mcallen, TX
16 Nov 2011
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FIRST NEWSLETTER WE SENT OUT HAD AN ALL TIME HIGH! With the first newsletter we sent out we had an all time high of 71 referrals the same week the mailing was sent and 67 referrals the following week. When the net newsletter went out we had 70 referrals that week. Most recently, we sent 8,000 newsletters and had a new record high of 73 referrals. This week (2 weeks after our last mailing), we inserted 5,900 newsletters in the local newspaper and beat our record. We received 79 referrals. Keep the newsletters coming! Thanks! PEACE OF MIND AND MORE FREE TIME!!! We are in the midst of constructing a 6,500 square foot clinic. Much of that is also being handled by my key people. The peace of mind, more free time, and the expansion would not have been possible without the Power of Choice Program and the technologies of L. Ron Hubbard. Thanks! C.C., PT
20 Dec 2011
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*******companynewstv****/zero.ob-stwa-inc-applied-oil-technology-products-shows-efficiency-boost-in-latest-u.s.-doe-tests/ STWA's Applied Oil Technology™ (AOT™) is designed to allow pipeline operators to temporarily reduce the viscosity of the crude oil within their pipeline(s) to reduce the fluid-drag (also known as friction-loss) between the fluid and the pipeline. By reducing the friction loss, pipeline operators' pump systems require less energy to maintain a constant flow rate, thereby directly reducing daily operation costs. *******
10 Apr 2012
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