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If you are stuck in a traffic jam and see a lion too is stuck riding shotgun in a car, you should record the incident because people might not believe you.
17 Nov 2018
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This kind of interesting and crappy incident takes place only in Walmart. Have you ever been there? Did you see situations bizarre like this one?
21 Nov 2018
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Ultimate Funny Video .
24 Oct 2018
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14 Nov 2018
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After seeing a need to address racism in their community, spoken word duo Kinetic Affect, consisting of a former teacher and a former military veteran, could not stay silent. So, they responded how they know best—through their art. “A Simple Question” addresses racism in the United States and speaks to specific incidents from the last decade, calling for conversation, empathy, and understanding. Feeling conflicted over recent events, a student asks his teacher what seems like a simple question. But as the teacher ponders both history and modern reality, he realizes there isn’t an easy answer. Touching on perspectives from both education and the military, A Simple Question is a catalyst for conversation. The video calls for empathy in hopes that it will lead to understanding, a productive dialogue, and positive action; in hopes that someday our students won’t have to ask this question.
26 Oct 2018
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NERC CIP Training Bootcamp, North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) training bootcamp is a crash course style training program designed and created to meet the needs of the electric in regards to CIP compliance: Cyber Security for NERC CIP Versions 5 & 6 Compliance. Target audience: CIP Compliance IT cybersecurity ICS and SCADA cybersecurity EMS cybersecurity Field and security operations Incident response Project managers CIP Auditors Any other staff from electrical utilities who are maintaining cyber security standards across their enterprise and substations Generation, transmission and distribution staff working to meet NERC CIP standards
28 Oct 2018
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This is the first dominar of India which got burnt in an accident. We cant blame Bajaj brand for this, neither we can blame the rider. Actually these bikes are totally technical, and technical faults can happen anytime anywhere. So in this case, there was a problem in ECU, due to which bike's throttle was lagging at 90-100kmph. Generelly we always heard that after ECU update, these can be fixed. But in this case, before update, Owner's personal Mechanic was riding the bike and checking something, while riding at around 100+ kmph, throttle lagged, which lead to the dis-balancing of the rider, and hence he fallen down. While skidding, the petrol came out from the full tank, and the bike caught fire due to sparks. No one can imagine that these type of small technical issue can also lead to such a big accident. Owner tried to approach the Showroom and Insurance Company, and hopefully he will get a new bike, by paying some money. Rider got too many injuries, even his body is also burnt, he is right now admit in hospital. A big thanks to the owner of this bike who allowed me to share this incident on social platform, and let everyone know about this case. Everyone please ride safely and get checked your bike after regular periods.
7 Nov 2018
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#MARSH #IRUL #IRULHORRORWEBSERIES #IRUL #USEHEADPHONES FOR BETTER EXPERIENCE : IRUL irul is a horror based web series from December 2018 every Saturday A SORT HORROR WEB SERIES BASED ON A TRUE INCIDENT DIRECTED BY ARJUN.M DOP: SURYA VISHNU CAST PRASATH PRASANNA DINESH KALEEM ARJUN ORIGINAL SCORES #MARSH AUDIOS FOLLOW AT INSTAGRAM; marsh_creative FACEBOOK: Yuthanjp LIKE SHARE AND COMMENT SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE UPDATE SUBSCRIBE & turn on NOTIFICATIONS to watch new episodes of irul content every Saturday. Our short films cover the entire spectrum: psychological, creepy, funny, bloody and gory. type #marsh follow us
12 Nov 2018
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Whoud you like to buy this car?:) It's interesting what police officer say to driver when incident happened.
16 Feb 2007
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incredible incident in monotact very funny
10 Apr 2007
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incident incredible
16 Jul 2007
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Few paragliding incidents
7 Jul 2007
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Muslims Who Escaped From Hindu Killers Explaining about Incident... MUSLIMS UNITED NOW... Before it is too Late
19 Jan 2008
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Very god incident - grad pri
2 Feb 2008
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funny sport incidents
30 Mar 2008
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Star Trek - The Enterprise Incident FX Reel
30 Sep 2008
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