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July 4th Independence day celebrations fire works at William's Square Las Colinas
5 Jul 2007
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On the occasion of 60th Independence Day of my Nation -India, I want to highlight the special features, achievement, progress, growth, sites, future, comments from various personality like Einstein, gods of India, people, bollywood, and so much. The best view is to enlarge it to max, and you can pause the video, to read the whole text. This video is must for every Indians, and we should be very proud to be part of It. Once again, Happy Independence Day, If you need PPT files please mail me at rtandon2006gmail****, and spread the message for India all over. Peace Everywhere, RT
14 Aug 2007
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Independence Day 15 Aug 2007 India celebrated 60 years of independence on 15 Aug 2007. As ride is taken on Independence Day, its in audio is in Hindi You see street urchins selling Independence Day, for them it’s a business with out being aware of importance School children returning from flag ceremony are shy of telling importance of day. Cricket is played on Chuchgate station as it’s a holiday. Indian farmers on disillusion with government policy on ISO marks and are on strike in the background drunken voice goes on and on. Mumbai cops are happy about the day and street on going has summed it very well in speech stating we must work hard to achieve more and more.
30 Dec 2007
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As we celebrate America's Independence Day, let's stop to think about what freedom means. As we take a day off to enjoy that freedom, let's not forget how we got here. 232 years ago, a group of patriots put their lives at stake by signing a piece of paper. Those men, our founding fathers, knew the risk, but more importantly, they knew what was at stake if they did nothing. Our forefathers set out for this land to escape tyranny and a strong government hand. Let us not, so very soon after they founded this great nation, seek to return to that very tyranny from which they fled. We the people, the free people, can and should control the destiny of our country. Today as so many seek a great leader to follow, a grand figure who will rise up to take us to the next level, let us not forget that it is we who chart the course, WE who ought to lead. Free men and women, stand up; take action. Do not look to a politician to heal our wounds. It is we who will endure the hardships, weather the storms, and in the end, remain standing - proud. Let us not forget at this time why we are still free. Men and women give their lives each day that we may live as free people. Our armed forces sacrifice all so that we, never again will be forced to live under tyranny and oppression. Live free. Give thanks. And never forget.
4 Jul 2008
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Season 1, Episode 3. Gunther and Gibbit travel to Washinton D.C. for an Independance Day Vacation. Intro of a new character.
15 Jul 2008
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This a fake ovni but best homemade special effects like to Independence Day
6 Aug 2008
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latest india news in hindi over complete coverage of celebrations across india on its 61st independence day and leander paes & mahesh bhupati knocked out of beijing olympics. for more news and updates log on to www.headlinesindia****
15 Aug 2008
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Ginne sarah sandra barbara independence day show st. thomas church saint norwalk connecticut father sudhir sylvester massey india hall USA united states of america
22 Aug 2008
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This is the finale to the Independence Day fireworks show in Long Beach, CA. Video was taken from my 3rd story condo balcony which is near the beach. *******www.DanielWolfert****
29 Feb 2012
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Namitha, Kollywood, Independence Day, Jaganmohini, Sandai, Sarath Kumar, Billa, Bambarakannaale, Raj TV, istream
9 Sep 2008
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An interview with Kollywood bombshell Namitha on 62nd Independence Day
9 Feb 2009
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Here is the video for Pete Yorn's new song American Blues Vol. 1. Pete wrote the song on the 4th of July after reading the morning paper. He was moved by how much negativity he was reading about and how even groups were boycotting Independence Day because they were so disgusted with the state of our Nation. He sent the song to some friends and one of them (a really old friend of his who is actually a huge reason he didn't give up on a musical career back in 1998) was really affected by the message. His friend always has had an unwavering faith in America and has always been able to laugh when times got tough. So, he decided to make a video and at the end send a message for people to get out and vote.
14 Oct 2008
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I had a chance to have a breif conversation with actor James Duval (Independence Day, The Doom Generation, Donnie Darko) at Crypticon 2008.
19 Jul 2011
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Israel Independence Day The fashion of wearing a flag
29 Nov 2008
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******* wishes you Happy Independence Day on 4th of July!
5 Jul 2009
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******* wishes you a Happy 4th of July on this fine Independence Day.
5 Jul 2009
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