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This is a Documentary I made with compiled footage that explains the Notorious Prostitution problem that plagues India. Prostitution is a global problem. However, in India it is much worse compared to other parts of the World. It is estimated that there are 10 million Prostitutes operating in India. A quater of whom are Minors (Under 18 yrs old.). Many women are smuggled from Nepal and Bangladesh to work in India's bustling commercial sex industry. Also many local Hindu women are engaged in Prostitution, India has over a 1,000 Red Light Districts or Areas, and Thousands of more Brothels. India is also a country with one of the highest recording HIV/AIDS infected population. To learn more please visit the sources below. NOTE: The information in my video is also found from the sources below. 1)******* (Most of my statistics can be found here) 2)*******www.unaids****/en/KnowledgeCentre/Resources/FeatureStories/archive/2007/20070704_India_new_data.asp (2.5 Million People living with HIV in India from the UNAID) 3)*******e-n-i-g-m-a.sulekha****/blog/post/2007/06/india-facts-on-prostitution.htm (India Facts on Prostitution) 4)*******www.cwasu****/page_display.asp pageid=STATS&pagekey=95&itemkey=97 (est. 10 million Prostitues in India) 5)*******newsgroups.derkeiler****/Archive/Soc/soc.culture.pakistan.politics/2008-11/msg00001.html
18 Oct 2012
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