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*******www.canadianindianart**** | Canadian Indian Art offers one of the largest collections of native art from the Northwest Coast.
30 Nov 2010
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******* presents a Pacific Northwest Native Indian mask carved by Cody Mathias of Squamish Nation, BC. Free ebooks on Native art and Inuit art available at website.
25 May 2010
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know about auction of morder indian art,Heart attack,adlabs cinema, bulding and flyover in delhi.
25 Feb 2008
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Know about tourism in Kashmir valley, coca-cola's new ad campaign with Hrithik Roshan, marriage of Monkeys in Orissa, Bentley Motors venture into Indian art, Polka art gallery
29 Feb 2008
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Visit www.thespiritconnect**** for more New Age Videos, Articles and Discussion on Meditation, Yoga, Astrology, Accupuncture, Qi-Gong. Hindu art, unlike Buddhist art, shows the human figure curved, voluptuous and filled with potential motion. Parvati below is shaped and dressed (only in jewelry to emphasize her sexuality and a crown) like the Yakshi. Ganesha, the elephant-headed god in the center, is corpulent, the result of "good living." Vishnu on the right is portrayed with a fit, but soft body, and with four arms to show his many powers. The Indian artist had an entirely different starting point. He considered that the perfect human animal was an inadequate symbol for the beauty of the divine nature which comprehended all human qualities and transcended them all. It was only by meditating on the Ultimate Perfection that the artist’s mind could perceive some glimmer of the beauty of the Godhead. Mere bodily strength and mundane perfections of form are never glorified in Indian art. Indian art is essentially idealistic, mystic, symbolic, and transcendental. The artist is both priest and poet. In this respect Indian art is closely allied to the Gothic art of Europe – indeed, Gothic art is only the Eastern consciousness manifesting itself in a Western environment. But while the Christian art of the Middle Ages is always emotional, rendering literally the pain of the mortification of the flesh, the bodily sufferings of the Man of Sorrows, Indian art appeals more to the imagination and strives to realize the spirituality and abstraction of a supra-terrestrial sphere.
9 Jun 2008
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Indian Art
1 Oct 2008
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KANU PATEL-From Mask to Unmask HIS QUEST FOR A METAMORPH0SIS OF SUBLIME Modern Indian art has traveled a long journey in recent past but the forces of promotional aspect of contemporary art practices has been overriding for the artists.. Kanu Patel, born at Visnagar in Gujarat, a painter of substance is trying to lash out with his multifaceted personality who is consciously releasing his energy with his creative potentials. With his diversified interest in visual and performing arts, he was in position to imbibe the intricacies or the subtleties of these complimentary mediums, one is temporal, and another is crystallized form of expression. This dichotomy of mediums was always proven as a propelling factor and synthesis his persona with a wider sense of freedom. .His works destabilize the existing discourses on aesthetics by raising questions about the ambivalence between nature and man through a grotesque element of “MASK” and the context which constitute these discourses. Kanu Patel embraces the aesthetics of Imitation but in more candid manner to project himself as a source to release his inner ecstasy with a sense of pride . His long association with TV soap operas where he get himself transformed in to a persona of wild imagery from different allegorical, mythological and historical world and the play of various kind of grotesque elements derived from the sets of these colourful world . His disengagements from the mundane , earthy flavors of pastoral life, series of rainscapes and a wide variety of subjects with more passionate handling of pigments and a kind of super realism stretch of meticulous brush strokes was a thriving force for this “MASK” series of canvases in present exposition. Kanu said, “…. Yes, unmasked, partially masked……and with series moving ahead, new dimensions of mask with the reference to self-portrayal surface. Let me make it clear. People talked about my role as Shankaracharya. Now the self portrayal is overwhelmed by these characters I played: Sadhu, Suryadev, Hakim-e-Jinnat which I played recently in ‘Tilsmi-E-Hoshrooba’. The face is not at all masked in these paintings but the self is masked with the impersonation of characters I played…..” During his recent trip to Ajanta and Ellora, he confronted the Buddhist tradition of image making with all its grandeur which left a deep mark on his imagination .Finally Kanu Patel synthesis the iconic transmutation in his group of paintings In finale, Kanu Patel expresses, “Buddha, Shankara and carnival masks, ascetic way of Indian life and lustful way of the west. I tried to balance these two extremes to understand subtle layers of reality: Kanu Patel is also a momentous painter who creates his own personal myths by delving into his own stirring. Thus he reflects the modern Indian psyche and belongs to the main stream art practice of twenty first century.His concern to unmask the masked faces, shrouded in repugnance, grief, apathy and the ignorance which can be proven bliss in disguise therefore ….tryst for the royal gateway to heaven… waiting for all animated world around…. End of journey and the return of the prodigal son….. H.S.COMMUNICATION
25 Oct 2008
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Kalakendra is a small but significant effort to expose the hitherto un-projected facets of India's vibrant tradition. yoga, vedas, bharathanatyam dance, carnatic music, classical - simply any Indian art. Visit Us At : *******www.kalakendra****
4 Dec 2008
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Kalakendra is a small but significant effort to expose the hitherto un-projected facets of India's vibrant tradition. - yoga, vedas, bharathanatyam dance, carnatic music, classical - or simply any Indian art. Visit Us At : *******www.kalakendra****
28 Nov 2008
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Kalakendra is a small but significant effort to expose the hitherto un-projected facets of India's vibrant tradition. - yoga, vedas, bharathanatyam dance, carnatic music, classical - or simply any Indian art. Visit Us At : *******www.kalakendra****
19 Dec 2008
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Located on the shores of Otsego Lake, in historic Cooperstown, NY, the Fenimore Art Museum is home to an exceptionally rich collection of American, folk, and American Indian art, as well as important holdings in American decorative arts and photography.
31 Aug 2010
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Founded in 2005, Copal Art is a leading Indian Art Advisory and Placement Firm. Copal Art, over the past five years has been firmly committed to its core business philosophy of creating new collectors and promoting Indian art. Copal Art in the past has launched three Copal Art Portfolio (CAP) Series – an innovative and unique delivery linked module that allows new collectors to understand & acquire undervalued and future potential artist's artworks as long term holding and simultaneously they get to embrace aesthetic pleasure. Copal Art combines expertise in art education and investment to guide the process of art acquisition. Since its inception, Copal Art has created its own art bank where over fifteen hundred artworks are placed. Copal's focus on hard core research backed analysis has spearheaded its growth and differentiated it within the art market. Copal Art in the past has marketed and successfully launched three Art Portfolio Series called CAP Series, first two of $2 Mn each, the third one, being Asia's largest for $ 30 Mn in 2008. Copal Art is credited to create largest base of first time art collectors.
22 Feb 2011
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Welcome to Metal Kraft (*******www.metal-kraft****/ , proficient manufacturers of restaurant and hotel supplies. Based in New Delhi, Metal Kraft has set bench marks in the industry by offering supplies which reflect traditional Indian art and craftsmanship. Some of the products that we offer are Karahi Stand, Lazy Susan, Chafing Dishes, Chadelabra and Center Pieces, Food Display and Presentation Items, Soup Warmer, Table Wares, Barware, Kitchen Cutlery, Serving Trolley, Kitchen Cookware, Hotel Uniforms, Kitchen Serve ware. Our key advantages are Unmatched style quality and finish, Dedicated R& D Facility, Quality Assured products, provide vast range of products at competitive price.
29 Jun 2011
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*******www.augustlodge**** August Lodge and baseball go back to when the Lodge was built in 2007. The lodge is situated near Cooperstown, NY - The Home of Baseball. The Lodge has had guests from all over the world. Entire teams have reserved the lodge for their stays for games at some of the local playing fields. Doubleday Field is the primary ballpark in Cooperstown. Although it used to be used for major league exhibition games, and after that, the Old Timers Game, it's still used for the Hall of Fame Classic. It's a beautiful venue - the quintessential intimate ballpark. It was even featured in the movie "A League of Their Own" (with Geena Davis and Tom Hanks)? It's not the only field in town, though. Cooperstown Dreams Park (the home of the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame Invitational Tournaments) hosts games all summer, as does Cooperstown All Star Village and Cooperstown Baseball World. These baseball camps are world-renowned among the youth baseball crowd. Many teams and their families who have played at these parks have been guests at the August Lodge and Spa, as have hundreds of viditors to the The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and many visiting other baseball attractions. The award-winning National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is a draw for kids of all ages from all around the world. It's a natural part of any fan's pilgrimage to Cooperstown. But, as any local resident or previous visitor to Cooperstown can tell you, the town is more than baseball. It was founded by the father of the famous author, James Fennimore Cooper, Judge William Cooper. (James Fennimore Cooper was the author of "Last of the Mohicans" - one of the "Leatherstocking" tales.) One of the top local attractions is the Fenimore Art Museum. It presents changing and permanent exhibitions of North American Indian art and artifacts, American Folk Art, 19th-century genre paintings, Hudson River School,and American photography. Harkening to America's agrarian past, the Farmer's Museum is a wonderful working farm. There are many authentic exhibits, such as a working smithy. The Cardiff Giant is housed here in a lovely exhibit. Here is where you can also ride the impressive Empire State Carousel. It's a carousel that is intricately carved with animals and famous people from New York State, finished in 1998. The Glimmerglass Festival (featuring, among other events, "Aida" in the 2012 lineup) is held at the world famous Glimmerglass Opera. A reminder of bygone times of English aristocracy in North America, Hyde Hall is a remarkable building and reminder of bygone times of English aristocracy in America, Hyde Hall is a remarkable historic structure. The edifice itself may be the most outstanding specimen of neoclassic country estates anywhere in America. Brewery Ommegang , an authentic Belgian-style brewery, is famous for its ales. It's located in pastoral environs just beyond Cooperstown. Even among all these wonderful attractions, the great draw for Cooperstown still remains baseball. And baseball and the August Lodge are inseparable. ***********/watch?v=ijIQCp-6zc0
2 Mar 2012
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Legend of Abhimanyu - LoA is the first 3D game made for iOS based on the “Mahabharata”. Foster in-depth experience of Melee combat and archery system with a unique experience through the minimum use of UI. LoA is the attempt to create a new genre based on scripts of the Epic which also have uniquely created puzzles which will take you through the mysteries of Chakravyuha, contemporary Indian art style, and stunning original soundtrack. LoA also thrives on creating awareness about the epic through cinematics for any age and gender.
10 Aug 2016
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Kalakendra is a small but significant effort to expose the hitherto un-projected facets of India's vibrant tradition. - yoga, vedas, bharathanatyam dance, carnatic music, classical - or simply any Indian art. Visit Us At : *******www.kalakendra****
30 Dec 2008
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