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This happened in Indiana. Our guys followed by another car and was talking rubbish and pulled out his pistol. But he was messing with the wrong guy. Watch to see what happened next.
1 Jul 2017
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"Who Is Dog Psychology and Training Center"? You may have never heard of us. We are not a franchise, we are a small family owned business. We are a handpicked team of 6 including myself and my husband. We operate in our home town of Fort Wayne Indiana and our new home Greenville South Carolina. Check out our "About" page to learn more about us.
29 Jun 2017
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8 Jul 2017
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Fields, who lives in Indiana, reached out to Bday Bears, but they said there was no way to track the bear. That's when she took to Facebook and social media to find the bear's owner.
18 Jul 2017
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Indiana Jones for PS3 & XBOX360. gameplay looks good, but graphics are ok.
28 Sep 2006
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The Indiana Jones adventure. Episode 1
26 Dec 2006
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When Billy gets overwhelmed by modern life he takes a trip either to the bottom of a bottle, or Indiana.
17 May 2007
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Indiana Jerome finds the golden cup and is pursued by the Evil Dr. Kavorkiadia. I made this in middle school... haha.
7 Jul 2007
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indiana jones
22 Aug 2007
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A teddy come to life in this short 3D animation, based on the Indiana Jones movies.
22 Sep 2007
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This video examines how in decades ago The United States was in a serious Race war, now we face another war of acceptance. Indiana is one of five states that does not have a hate crime law. This needs to end. Times are changing and so should laws and policies concerning people of a different sexual preferance.
4 Nov 2007
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Get Indiana driving tips from a racecar driver in this 2 minute video courtesy of *******eStateTrafficSchool****. Includes information about what to do when pulled over by a police officer and where to go for help after you get the ticket!
9 Feb 2009
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