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26 Nov 2013
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Help us make more videos :)! Here is a step by step guide for beginners on how to do a handstand. Just practice! You have to stand on your hand everywhere!
28 Nov 2013
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Note #5: Make a video to encourage Parker to stay strong: Note #4: Click here to see what happened to Parker: Note #3... On August 19, 2013 Judge Denn Whalen ordered that Parker go live with his mom and step-dad, who recently moved 6 hours away to San Antonio. He got about 15 minutes to say goodbye. Please contribute to our Indiegogo campaign. Bitcoin address: 154u6wnmLiJnhnMUYjZo9jMrUiM6qyichU Letter to Parker from Ghazi Abdullah --- Fan Page ***Note 2: For those who wish to thank officers Rocha and Spinks of the OPD, here's the contact info: Odessa Police Department, 205 N. Grant Avenue, Odessa, TX 79761 432-333-3641 *** NOTE 1: I appreciate the enormous support and "bad words" don't bother me at all, but for those very few trolls who are suggesting ANY sort of violence to ANYONE in this video, you disgust me and it is NOT appreciated. Voluntarism has NOTHING to do with the initiation of force. -caleb Twitter: calebleverett This video was recorded on Sunday, May 26, 2013. It is completely unedited. I (Caleb Leverett) uploaded the video to YouTube the very same day, but kept it set to private until June 6, 2013. I am Parker's dad, father, biological father, Daddy and guy who cut his umbilical cord. This video was recorded, posted and released with the permission and request of my son, Parker. We only decided to release it after the step-dad in this video (Jason May) admitted to repeatedly trespassing on my land, when confronted by Parker and myself. Neither of us appreciated the harassment. I am a subscriber to the non-aggression principle (NAP) which basically says that the initiation of force is always immoral. I raise all four of my children in a non-violent manner, i.e., I never spank my kids... EVER. All four of my kids are very familiar with the NAP are extremely well behaved; anyone who knows them personally will testify that this is true. Until today (Saturday, June 8, 2013) there was no description to the video. I am adding it to help others understand the broader picture. Parker has lived with me full time since the day this was filmed. I picked up my other three kids from their mom and step-dad's house yesterday for my first week of summer vacation with them. The pick up was text book perfect and without incident, of which I am thankful. I bought Parker his very own iPhone 5 and gave the number to his mom. He is free to call or text her (or anyone in her family) any time he wishes (something I was never granted). He is also free to visit her or her family or friends any time he wishes. On this day, he is with his cousins in Gardendale, TX playing and working on the family farm. He is excited to have a job this summer. My son and I are very close and are very open. We have a full summer planned and I am excited. I thank many of you for your kind, encouraging words. I even thank the critics, for your words are teaching Parker and I to hone our skills, and yes, Parker and I read every single word. Have a peaceful day and remember, you own yourself. No one else owns you.
30 Nov 2013
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Monstercat 010 - Conquest Album is now available! Support your favourite Monstercat Artists by purchasing this track + 19 others (plus a bonus 1 hour album mix). Purchase on iTunes: Purchase on Bandcamp: ------------------------------------------- PURCHASE ON BEATPORT: PURCHASE ON BANDCAMP: REDDIT DISCUSSION: ▼ We need your help! Link: ▼ Follow Monstercat: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: ▼ Follow Stephen Walking: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: Bandcamp: ▼ Want some new Merchandise?
30 Nov 2013
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Join us for the next exciting chapter of TYT and build our next home with us. You, yes YOU, our supporters have always been the core of The Young Turks (TYT). Together we have always believed that we can make a difference and will we make a difference. We will stand up against the establishment. We will challenge conventional wisdom. Together we will not accept the fabricated truth that the mainstream media tells us. The heart of TYT believes the people in power are not always right and we can take that system on together by telling the truth. We have an opinion, we are honest about it, and everybody knows it. Over the past 12 years our supporters have grown with us with this unwavering spirit and passion for what is right. Let's build it together Today, as we end one chapter of TYT history, we look forward to a new chapter with hope and excitement. We recently moved out of Current TV studios where we have called home the last two years. We haven't found our permanent home yet so we will be residing in a temporary space while we will locate, plan, and build the new TYT Studio here in Los Angeles. We want to build a quality TV ready studio that will stand up to all the other mainstream networks out there. A space that TYT can proudly call home, from where we will continue to deliver the truth the way we've always done it - independent and unfiltered We would love it if you can build it with us. We want this to be the house that YOU built. Together, we can tell the world #IAmTYT To build a basic studio from the ground up we need $250,000. We recognize this is a significant amount but we are excited about this new chapter. We are excited about building something that is uniquely designed for TYT that we can call our home. We will start by building walls and laying down floors. We will install lights and hang curtains. We will set up work stations and hand pick equipment. We need cameras, microphones, audio mixers, monitors, and recorders. We also need to furnish the studio. We are starting from scratch and we would like to invite you to build it with us. The house that you built We want you to be a part of every element in this new home. We realize this is no small amount but every small amount matters. We will know it was YOU who helped us build this and we sincerely appreciate it. Everyone who chips in will be commemorated on our website or on our special donor wall at the studio so that we can proudly announce that we built it together. We will dedicate physical parts of the studio, or even the main studio, to you. We also have some fun perks for you, like TYT t-shirts and hoodies, free TYT memberships, and more! Join us for the next exciting chapter of TYT and build our next home with us.
7 Dec 2013
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Aprende a ser Exitoso en Youtube! Compra la Merca de WDF : Apoya a Donde Faq Estoy: Cancion por Style Wars Crew Anexo & Ballin : _______________________________________________________ - WDF FILMS: - Website: - FB Oficial: - Mox FB: - Twitter: - Instagram : _______________________________________________________ Episodio de What da Faq Show Mira Todos los Videos en Si te gustan los videos dale me gusta y compartelo con todos tus amigos! :D
12 Dec 2013
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Learn more at and support the cause at This is the first of several Public Service Announcements MB Studio Productions will be producing to demonstrate who gun laws really affect and why they don't work. MB Studio Productions is dedicated to the preservation of our constitutional rights, and has combined this dedication with a passion for production and entertainment, with a goal of using moving media to support the 2nd Amendment!! Please watch and share! MB Studio Productions has launched an campaign to raise funds for the production of Shoot To Thrill, an exciting television show that will promote the positive image of responsible gun ownership. Learn more at and support the cause at Thank you for your support!
17 Dec 2013
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T-SHIRTS! Second Channel! Dad³ Channel! Nerd³ Twitter! Nerd³ Site! The 37th episode! Maths, Curtains and Gods. Games! You Can't Do Simple Maths Under Pressure: Curtain Simulator 2013: Gods Will Be Watching: Indiegogo link: End theme by the incredible Dan Bull: All other music is in-game music. It makes me want to save everyone by wafting curtains at them.
18 Dec 2013
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Special Thanks to Mike for his support on "Food Battle: The Game". You're alright - for a Canadian. BTW Mike, it's pronounced Mar-ee-o not Mae-ree-o. For more info on "Food Battle: The Game": Ian and Anthony want to play with you! Watch them play new and user-suggested video games from the Smosh Games HQ in a new episode every Wednesday. Play with us! Subscribe: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Add us to your circles on Google+:
9 Jan 2014
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Read more at: Dear Audience! Thank you so much for all your interest and all your kind words!! This is a small Video we did mostly for FUN. We have also launched a project on Indiegogo (google it!) where we ask for $10 000 funding of this project. (Hold in mind that this is not a multi billion DARPAinitiative, but a small scale project run by Enthusiasts, with alternative methods, and any money we get in will be less than have spent ourselves, even NOT counting work hours.) We are working on a video that show's the tech in use, but don't expect too much: The whole project actually in no way novel, and the using EEG-equipment on animals has been done before. Also, the the fact that different states of mind creates different types of brainwaves has been known. Perhaps, the only thing we might be able to take credit for is that we present this in a sort of a COOL way.  So what can the dog say? It is fairly easy and uncontroversial to distinguish if a dog is"sleepy" or "curious/hard thinking" it might LOOK spectacular to use a small loudspeaker saying that. However, to move from where we are right now is not easy, but it is far from impossible.  (For you that is interested in a more scientific presentation, one interesting article (in no way connected to us) can be found here: We would be surprised if we did not see significant breakthroughs, by us or others, in the next few years! But it IS important to note that we have no way of competing with $100 million taxpayer funded DARPA research. All we can hope for is to make small, if radically packaged, progress, use existing technology in a novel way (as our IndiegGoGo project clearly states) and to raise awareness of this technology.  Finally, we hope that we have CLEARLY (over-clearly some say) stated all over our presentation that we do not offer any products, and that we are far from any factory made perfect mindreading sets.  Thanks again for all the support and love! /The No More Woof Team
9 Jan 2014
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Fran Bow is a terrifying adventure into madness... Subscribe Today ► Fran Bow Website: Follow me on Twitter ► Like me on Facebook ► Hello everybody and welcome to my playthrough and review of the new indie horror game Fran Bow. This game is one of the most disturbing and creepy games I have ever had the chance to play. It's subtlety is incredible and jarring once you entire the nightmare world. I look forward to this game's full release! Help fund the game: T-Shirts: Livestreams: Outro Song:
19 Jan 2014
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Help us make a Tobuscus game! LIMITED TIME TobyGames Lootcrate! Free Netflix for Audience! Get 10% Off Loot Crate: Tobuscus Shirts US | Shirts EU | Signed DRW posters! Join the Audience!! Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Thanks for Favoriting/Liking!! It helps a lot! Outro Music "Gimme That" by DJ Alex S. Get it on iTunes! ------------------------------------------- Happy Wheels Playlist: Sign up for a Gamefly free trial HERE - Playlists: Main Channel - Daily Vlogs - Toby Sucks at Happy Wheels 328 Tobuscus Happy Wheels Artwork provided by © 2013 Tobuscus
26 Jan 2014
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Se Parte del Proyecto : Compra la Merca de WDF : Cancion por Style Wars Crew Anexo & Ballin : _______________________________________________________ - WDF FILMS: - Website: - FB Oficial: - Mox FB: - Twitter: - Instagram : _______________________________________________________ Episodio de What da Faq Show Mira Todos los Videos en Si te gustan los videos dale me gusta y compartelo con todos tus amigos! :D
30 Jan 2014
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Dragonfly is now at Palm-sized robot that flies like a bird and hovers like a helicopter. Designed for Aerial Photography, Advanced Gaming, R&D, Security. Find out more!
1 Feb 2014
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Prince EA // // PrinceEa // Indiegogo page: Instrumental: Dscorchd Obama voice: Marlin Hill Video: Titus Productions -
1 Feb 2014
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GAY RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS! SHARE THIS VIDEO & HELP END DISCRIMINATION WORLDWIDE! This video was created by THE FAIR GAMES PROJECT with funds raised independently via It is meant to serve as a catalyst for dialogue and a gesture of support for Athlete Ally, LGBT advocates in Russia, and the Russia Freedom Fund. Berserk was the sole entity behind the project's creation. THE RUSSIA FREEDOM FUND - is a U.S. tax-deductible vehicle for making financial contributions in support of the LGBT movement in Russia and efforts to combat discrimination and violence there based on sexual orientation and gender identity. 100% of all donations will be paid out as grants. This initiative responds to growing concerns about recent state-sponsored discrimination in Russia and expresses solidarity between the international LGBT community and allies, and the Russian LGBT movement. CREW Director / Producer / Editor - Michael Rohrbaugh // Executive Producer / Producer - Chris Svoboda Executive Producer - Louis Venezia - Associate Producers - James Wolcott, Adam Mutchler, and Hugo Rojas Director of Photography - Dave Myrick Music by - King avriel Casting Director - Christopher Catalano and Ben Selle Costume Designer - JJ Lewis Production Designer - Jennifer Sacks Hair - Maxine Christians Make-up - Jose Calderon Stunt Coordinator - Jared Burke Graphics - Joel Pomonik Colorist - Dan Moses Sound Design - Kim Cates Publicity - Savas Abadsidis CAST Chervine Namani Johnathan Ahmadi Brian Regal Nigel McGuinness Dominic Munafo Ryan Gaines Freddie Degrate Mario Diaz Alison Korman Shelly Desai SPECIAL THANKS TO Denise Pomonik Mark Taylor Brian Hegedus Lance Sorenson at Hertz Rentals Tony Blue at Paskal Lighting Denny Caira
14 Feb 2014
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