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Promo video created in the first year of business
13 Jan 2009
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Oklahoma City TV Spot within the first year of business
13 Jan 2009
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Pole Position Raceway Las Vegas Promotional Video. Located across the street from the Palms Casino & Resort.
8 Apr 2009
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Ktla5CW News broadcast featuring Pole Position Raceway Las Vegas
9 Feb 2009
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Pole Position Raceway (P2R) featured on a Vegas**** ad bit called "Off the Strip."
13 Jan 2009
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Rawat, known also by the honorary title Maharaji, has traveled the world for over four decades, inspiring people to find peace within and spearheading significant humanitarian initiatives. Born in India, he started addressing audiences at the age of three. More than ten million people in 50 countries around the world have come to hear his message of hope and peace. Then Vice-president bhairon singh shekhawat starts the ceremony commending Maharaji's inspiration and showing delight to the response that Maharaji received for his appeal.
9 Feb 2009
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*******www.fradleycroft-events****** Corporate Team Building UK
30 Jan 2009
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US Muscle Mods is a [*******www.usmusclemods****/mustang_performance mustang performance parts] , [*******www.usmusclemods****/corvette-performance Corvette Performance Parts] , and [*******www.usmusclemods****/charger-performance Dodge Charger / Magnum / Chrysler 300 Performance Parts] Dealer. This footage was of one of our employees for his birthday.
2 Feb 2009
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LuxSauna® enjoys a flawless reputation for extremely high-quality far infrared saunas. Every one of our saunas comes with high quality, high output heaters and beautiful, well crafted cabinetry.
13 Feb 2009
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Upgraded the flow of water to using hose connectors but they leaks a little...another upgrade is the fish protector medium to prevent fish from being sucked into the water pump! Go to *******sgenergycrisis****/blog/?page_id=1418 for more information
18 Apr 2009
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The Aviva Great Britain and Northern Ireland team are revealed as follows: MEN 60m: Dwain Chambers (Belgrave Harriers); Craig Pickering (Marshall Milton Keynes); Simeon Williamson (Highgate Harriers); 400m: Richard Buck (City of York); Nick Leavey (Thames Valley); 1500m: Neil Speaight (Belgrave Harriers); Chris Warburton (Notts AC); 3000m: Mark Draper (Bedford and County); Mo Farah (Newham and Essex); Nick McCormick (Morpeth Harriers); 60m hurdles: Allan Scott (Shaftesbury Barnet); Andy Turner (Sale Harriers); High Jump: Martyn Bernard (Wakefield Harriers); Samson Oni (Belgrave Harriers); Pole Vault: Steve Lewis (Newham & Essex); Long Jump: Greg Rutherford (Marshall Milton Keynes); Chris Tomlinson (Newham & Essex); Shot: Carl Myerscough (Blackpool, Wyre & Fylde); 4x400m: Buck, Dale Garland (Birchfield Harriers); Leavey, Nigel Levine (Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow); Phil Taylor (Liverpool, Pembroke and Sefton) WOMEN 400m: Donna Fraser (Croydon Harriers) 800m: Jennifer Meadows (Wigan Harriers); Marilyn Okoro (Shaftesbury Barnet); 1500m: Hannah England (Oxford City); Susan Scott (City of Glasgow Victoria Park) 3000m: Katrina Wootton (Bedford and County); 60m hurdles: Gemma Bennett (Shaftesbury Barnet); Sarah Claxton (Woodford Green & Essex Ladies); Pole Vault: Kate Dennison (Sale Harriers Manchester) Long Jump: Jade Johnson (Herne Hill); Pentathlon: Kelly Sotherton (Birchfield Harriers); 4x400m: Vicki Barr (Rugby and Northampton); Tara Bird (Woodford Green & Essex Ladies); Fraser; Kim Wall (Basildon AC); Dawn Wilson (Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow)
23 May 2010
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8 Mar 2009
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Absolutely amazing aerobatic maneuvers thanks to 3D Thrust Vector Control and fully functional canards - see how everything works at the end of the clip.
29 May 2009
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*******www.RawAndFit**** and *******www.Massive-Energy**** Interested in staying fit during the winter? Here's my Blackburn Trakstand Fluid Trainer that I picked up on ebay about 2 years go. It's an amazing tool to keep me fit during the winter, and to workout on rainy days. I'm not a fan of riding a road bike on wet roads, so I set it up in my home and ride it HARD! In this video, I reveal the secret to getting a trainer SUPER CHEAP! You can see how I set it up, the basics of a bicycle trainer, and what to expect. The best workout I've found on the bike, while on the stand, is tabata or interval training. You can learn more about interval training for fat loss at my two websites *******www.RawAndFit**** and *******www.Massive-Energy**** If you're interested in losing fat, getting fit, and living a life FULL of MASSIVE ENERGY, be sure to check those two websites out. For other fun things to do to stay fit, be sure to check out my Recreational Tree Climbing post at *******www.rawandfit****/recreational-tree-climbing-part-1/
21 May 2009
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*******www.lindasfleamart**** Great vendors, great products and fantastic prices.
23 May 2009
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*******www.electrifly****/parkflyers/gpma1129.html Buy the Extra 330 SC, and find out what the speed of light is like! Advanced materials — Pro-Formance™ foam, carbon fiber spars and genuine 3M® Blenderm for the hinges — hold all-up weight to just over six ounces. Yet as light as it is, the Extra 330 SC is strong enough to handle the latest in brushless power.
6 Jan 2010
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