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I DON'T OWN ANYTHING!!!!!! Music: Exorcist theme song Final hour - X Ray Dog Clips: The Uninvited Directed by Charles Guard (as The Guard Brothers) Thomas Guard (as The Guard Brothers) Writing credits (WGA) Craig Rosenberg (screenplay) and Doug Miro (screenplay) & Carlo Bernard (screenplay) Wild Rose Island You may be the part of a role-play on Wild Rose Island, where you may experience the exciting adventures of the island hiding into the leather of your character ... strange inexplicable things happen on this island ... people are disappearing away horses behave oddly, inexplicable shades come out in the dark dimness ... And what may consist in the background of the inexplicable events? If you are rather brave find yourself out! Wild Rose Islandon szerepjáték része lehetsz, ahol karaktered bőrébe bújva élheted át a sziget izgalmas kalandjait ... A szigeten furcsa megmagyarázhatatlan dolgok történnek ... Emberek tűnnek el lovak viselkednek furcsán, megmagyarázhatatlan árnyak jönnek elő a sötét homályában ... És vajon mik állhatnak a megmagyarázhatatlan események hátterében? Ha elég bátor vagy derítsd ki magad!
18 Aug 2010
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With all the roller coasters, big jumps and big monsters to get through, you'll have a sense of nostalgia mixed with an inexplicably exciting feeling of newness while playing Donkey Kong Country Returns.
11 Nov 2010
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*******www.TipsParaHacerElAmor**** - Aquí hay algunas ideas simples, divertidas y creativas para volver a encender ese Amor y Pasion: 1. ENVÍELE UN REGALO ÚNICO 2. VUELVAN A SER NIÑOS 3. DIVERSIÓN CON AGUA 4. UN MASAJE CON UN GIRO 5. REVIVA RECUERDOS DE LA INFANCIA 6. MIREN LAS NUBES 7. CAMINATA EN LA PLAYA 8. ORGANICE UN PICNIC EN SU PATIO TRASERO EN UNA CÁLIDA NOCHE DE VERANO 9. MUÉSTRELE A SU PAREJA QUE ESTÁ AGRADECIDO 10. CONDIMENTE SU VIDA SEXUAL Muchas personas subestiman el efecto íntimo y apasionado que el sexo tiene en la pareja. Hacer el amor apasionadamente conecta a dos personas de una manera significativa e inexplicable que no se logra con ninguna otra cosa. Por Michael Webb VISITA: *******www.TipsParaHacerElAmor****
7 Dec 2010
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BY NINA MOINI ANCHOR: “Pat Hill is returning to Fresno State but at a price you might not expect.” REPORTER: “And the deal virtually done now Pat Hill says he has agreed to a contract extension with Fresno State but there is a catch Hill says the new deal comes with a pay cut.” (KFSN) Wrapping up his 14th season as the Bulldogs head coach, Pat Hill is scoring major points with Fresno State, after agreeing to a hefty pay cut to help the school’s struggling athletic department. Hill - who made $1 million last year - is taking a $300,000 dollar pay cut in 2011. USA Today reports cutting the coaches’ salary is part of a more conservative, performance-based approach to compensation that a few schools across the nation have taken with newly hired coaches. “The question is how many will follow through and resist the compulsion in big-time college athletics to spend big in search of success. There is skepticism about the number of schools, particularly in college football's bigger-name, more competitive conferences, that ultimately will follow the lead of Fresno State.” A writer for Fresnobeehive**** says Hill - with his cushy retirement fund - is no hero- in fact, he’s no better than all the other coaches making bank. “Is my thinking colored by my annoyance with a society in which a select few athletes, investment bankers and pharmaceutical salespeople get filthy rich while teachers … and other common folk ...scrape by? You bet. I've always thought it depressing that Hill could get that much money … It's what happens when we inexplicably conflate athletic entertainment with our system of higher education.” Fresno ABC affiliate KFSN reports whatever the dollar amount- the players are just glad to hear Hill is staying on. Here’s quarterback Ryan Colburn’s thoughts on his coach. “He truly does put his heart and soul into this place. This is his home. He loves building it here. When we lose, he loses, he takes it very hard. When we win he is fired up. So, very happy to hear that he deserves it.” Hill is still guaranteed $650,000 a year till his contract expires in 2013. So was Hill’s decision to cut back a noble choice- or a necessary force?
10 Dec 2010
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www.lmawson**** Book Trailer: Exposing Dallas by Lindsay Mawson Famed musician Dallas Korbin is about to play the biggest show of his career at Madison Square Garden. He has been trying to ignore the unsettling dreams, the ringing in his ears, the desperate screams of a little boy... and the blood. Tormented by a sudden inexplicable affliction, he finds himself following instinct to confirm if these dreams are more than just that. What he stumbles upon is a dangerous secret and news that will change his life forever. Suddenly, he is being hunted by not just an assassin but also by police, and the only way to escape this mess is by exposing the secret to the world. But at what price?
5 Jan 2011
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A 14th century Crusader returns to a homeland devastated by the Black Plague. A beleaguered church, deeming sorcery the culprit of the plague, commands the two knights to transport an accused witch to a remote abbey, where monks will perform a ritual in hopes of ending the pestilence. A priest, a grieving knight, a disgraced itinerant and a headstrong youth who can only dream of becoming a knight join a mission troubled by mythically hostile wilderness and fierce contention over the fate of the girl. When the embattled party arrives at the abbey, a horrific discovery jeopardises the knight's pledge to ensure the girl fair treatment, and pits them against an inexplicably powerful and destructive force.
9 Jan 2011
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The predominance of quarter-power (4-Dimensional) scaling in biology Excerpt: Many fundamental characteristics of organisms scale with body size as power laws of the form: Y = Yo M^b, where Y is some characteristic such as metabolic rate, stride length or life span, Yo is a normalization constant, M is body mass and b is the allometric scaling exponent. A longstanding puzzle in biology is why the exponent b is usually some simple multiple of 1/4 (4-Dimensional scaling) rather than a multiple of 1/3, as would be expected from Euclidean (3-Dimensional) scaling. ******* “Although living things occupy a three-dimensional space, their internal physiology and anatomy operate as if they were four-dimensional. Quarter-power scaling laws are perhaps as universal and as uniquely biological as the biochemical pathways of metabolism, the structure and function of the genetic code and the process of natural selection.,,, The conclusion here is inescapable, that the driving force for these invariant scaling laws cannot have been natural selection." Jerry Fodor and Massimo Piatelli-Palmarini, What Darwin Got Wrong (London: Profile Books, 2010), p. 78-79 *******www.uncommondescent****/evolution/16037/#comment-369806 Though Jerry Fodor and Massimo Piatelli-Palmarini rightly find it inexplicable for 'random' Natural Selection to be the rational explanation for the scaling of the physiology, and anatomy, of living things to four-dimensional parameters, they do not seem to fully realize the implications this 'four dimensional scaling' of living things presents. This 4-D scaling is something we should rightly expect from a Intelligent Design perspective. This is because Intelligent Design holds that ‘higher dimensional transcendent information’ is more foundational to life, and even to the universe itself, than either matter or energy are. This higher dimensional 'expectation' for life, from a Intelligent Design perspective, is directly opposed to the expectation of the Darwinian framework, which holds that information, and indeed even the essence of life itself, is merely an 'emergent' property of the 3-D material realm. Information and entropy – top-down or bottom-up development in living systems? A.C. McINTOSH Excerpt: It is proposed in conclusion that it is the non-material information (transcendent to the matter and energy) that is actually itself constraining the local thermodynamics to be in ordered disequilibrium and with specified raised free energy levels necessary for the molecular and cellular machinery to operate. *******journals.witpress****/journals.asp?iid=47 Quantum Information In DNA & Protein Folding - short video *******www.metacafe****/watch/5936605/ The ‘Fourth Dimension’ Of Living Systems ************/document/pub?id=1Gs_qvlM8-7bFwl9rZUB9vS6SZgLH17eOZdT4UbPoy0Y "Information is information, not matter or energy. No materialism which does not admit this can survive at the present day." Norbert Weiner - MIT Mathematician - Father of Cybernetics Quantum entanglement holds together life’s blueprint - 2010 Excerpt: “If you didn’t have entanglement, then DNA would have a simple flat structure, and you would never get the twist that seems to be important to the functioning of DNA,” says team member Vlatko Vedral of the University of Oxford. *******neshealthblog.wordpress****/2010/09/15/quantum-entanglement-holds-together-lifes-blueprint/ Ions have been teleported successfully for the first time by two independent research groups Excerpt: In fact, copying isn't quite the right word for it. In order to reproduce the quantum state of one atom in a second atom, the original has to be destroyed. This is unavoidable - it is enforced by the laws of quantum mechanics, which stipulate that you can't 'clone' a quantum state. In principle, however, the 'copy' can be indistinguishable from the original (that was destroyed),,, *******www.rsc****/chemistryworld/Issues/2004/October/beammeup.asp Atom takes a quantum leap - 2009 Excerpt: Ytterbium ions have been 'teleported' over a distance of a metre.,,, "What you're moving is information, not the actual atoms," says Chris Monroe, from the Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland in College Park and an author of the paper. But as two particles of the same type differ only in their quantum states, the transfer of quantum information is equivalent to moving the first particle to the location of the second. *******www.freerepublic****/focus/news/2171769/posts Further Note on the 'higher dimensionality' of information: Special Relativity - Time Dilation and Length Contraction - video ***********/watch?v=VSRIyDfo_mY For us to hypothetically travel at the speed of light, in this universe, only gets us to first base as far as quantum entanglement, or teleportation, are concerned. That is to say, traveling at the speed of light only gets us to the place where time, as we understand it, comes to complete stop for light, i.e. gets us to the eternal, 'past and future folding into now', framework of time. This higher dimension 'eternal' inference for the time framework of light is warranted because light is not 'frozen within time' yet it is shown that time, as we understand it, does not pass for light. "I've just developed a new theory of eternity." Albert Einstein - The Einstein Factor - Reader's Digest *******www.readersdigest***.za/article/10170%26pageno=3 "The laws of relativity have changed timeless existence from a theological claim to a physical reality. Light, you see, is outside of time, a fact of nature proven in thousands of experiments at hundreds of universities. I don’t pretend to know how tomorrow can exist simultaneously with today and yesterday. But at the speed of light they actually and rigorously do. Time does not pass." Richard Swenson - More Than Meets The Eye, Chpt. 12 Light and Quantum Entanglement Reflect Some Characteristics Of God - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4102182 It is very interesting to note that this strange higher dimensional, eternal, framework for time, found in special relativity, finds corroboration in Near Death Experience testimonies: 'In the 'spirit world,,, instantly, there was no sense of time. See, everything on earth is related to time. You got up this morning, you are going to go to bed tonight. Something is new, it will get old. Something is born, it's going to die. Everything on the physical plane is relative to time, but everything in the spiritual plane is relative to eternity. Instantly I was in total consciousness and awareness of eternity, and you and I as we live in this earth cannot even comprehend it, because everything that we have here is filled within the veil of the temporal life. In the spirit life that is more real than anything else and it is awesome. Eternity as a concept is awesome. There is no such thing as time. I knew that whatever happened was going to go on and on.' Mickey Robinson - Near Death Experience testimony 'When you die, you enter eternity. It feels like you were always there, and you will always be there. You realize that existence on Earth is only just a brief instant.' Dr. Ken Ring - has extensively studied Near Death Experiences It is also very interesting to point out that the 'light at the end of the tunnel', reported in many Near Death Experiences(NDEs), is also corroborated by Special Relativity when considering the optical effects for traveling at the speed of light. Please compare the similarity of the optical effect, noted at the 3:22 minute mark of the following video, when the 3-Dimensional world 'folds and collapses' into a tunnel shape around the direction of travel towards the speed of light, with the 'light at the end of the tunnel' reported in very many NDEs: Traveling At The Speed Of Light - Optical Effects - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/5733303/ Speed Of Light - Near Death Experience Tunnel - Turin Shroud - video *******www.vimeo****/18371644 Also, hypothetically traveling at the speed of light in this universe would be instantaneous travel for the person going at the speed of light. This is because time does not pass for them, but, and this is a big but; this 'timeless' travel is still not instantaneous and transcendent to our temporal framework of time, i.e. Speed of light travel, to our temporal frame of reference, is still not completely transcendent of our framework since light appears to take time to travel from our perspective. In information teleportation though the 'time not passing', eternal, framework is not only achieved in the speed of light framework/dimension, but also in our temporal framework. That is to say, the instantaneous teleportation/travel of information is instantaneous to both the temporal and speed of light frameworks, not just the speed of light framework. Information teleportation/travel is not limited by time, nor space, in any way, shape or form, in any frame of reference, as light is seemingly limited to us. Thus 'pure transcendent information' is shown to be timeless (eternal) and completely transcendent of all material frameworks. Moreover, concluding from all lines of evidence we have now examined; transcendent, eternal, infinite information is indeed real and the framework in which 'It' resides is the primary reality (highest dimension) that can exist, (in so far as our limited perception of a primary reality, highest dimension, can be discerned). "An illusion can never go faster than the speed limit of reality" Akiane - Child Prodigy - Artwork homepage - *******www.artakiane****/ - Music video - *******www.metacafe****/watch/4204586 Logic also dictates 'a decision' must have been made, by the 'transcendent, eternal, infinite information' from the primary timeless (eternal) reality 'It' inhabits, in order to purposely create a temporal reality with highly specified, irreducible complex, parameters from a infinite set of possibilities in the proper sequential order. Thus this infinite transcendent information, which is the primary reality of our reality, is shown to be alive by yet another line of evidence besides the necessity for a ‘first mover’ to explain quantum wave collapse. The First Cause Must Be A Personal Being - William Lane Craig - video *******www.metacafe****/w/4813914 As a side light to this, leading quantum physicist Anton Zeilinger has followed in John Archibald Wheeler's footsteps (1911-2008) by insisting reality, at its most foundational level, is 'information'. "It from bit symbolizes the idea that every item of the physical world has at bottom - at a very deep bottom, in most instances - an immaterial source and explanation; that which we call reality arises in the last analysis from the posing of yes-no questions and the registering of equipment-evoked responses; in short, that things physical are information-theoretic in origin." John Archibald Wheeler Why the Quantum? It from Bit? A Participatory Universe? Excerpt: In conclusion, it may very well be said that information is the irreducible kernel from which everything else flows. Thence the question why nature appears quantized is simply a consequence of the fact that information itself is quantized by necessity. It might even be fair to observe that the concept that information is fundamental is very old knowledge of humanity, witness for example the beginning of gospel according to John: "In the beginning was the Word." Anton Zeilinger - a leading expert in quantum teleportation: *******www.metanexus****/Magazine/ArticleDetail/tabid/68/id/8638/Default.aspx John 1:1-3 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. Also of interest to 'higher dimensionality'; I find it extremely interesting, and strange, that quantum mechanics tells us that instantaneous quantum wave collapse to its 'uncertain' 3-D state is centered on each individual observer in the universe, whereas, 4-D space-time cosmology (General Relativity) tells us each 3-D point in the universe is central to the expansion of the universe. These findings of modern science are pretty much exactly what we would expect to see if this universe were indeed created from a higher dimension by a omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal Being who knows everything that is happening everywhere in the universe at the same time. These findings certainly seem to go to the very heart of the age old question asked of many parents by their children, “How can God hear everybody’s prayers at the same time?”,,, i.e. Why should the expansion of the universe, or the quantum wave collapse of the entire universe, even care that you or I, or anyone else, should exist? Only Theism offers a rational explanation as to why you or I, or anyone else, should have such undeserved significance in such a vast universe: Psalm 33:13-15 The LORD looks from heaven; He sees all the sons of men. From the place of His dwelling He looks on all the inhabitants of the earth; He fashions their hearts individually; He considers all their works. The expansion of every 3D point in the universe, and the quantum wave collapse of the entire universe to each point of conscious observation in the universe, is obviously a very interesting congruence in science between the very large (relativity) and the very small (quantum mechanics). A congruence that Physicists, and Mathematicians, seem to be having a extremely difficult time 'unifying' into a 'theory of everything'.(Einstein, Penrose). Yet, the unification, into a 'theory of everything', between what is in essence the 'infinite world of Quantum Mechanics' and the 'finite world of the space-time of General Relativity' seems to be directly related to what Jesus apparently joined together with His resurrection, i.e. related to the unification of infinite God with finite man. The Center Of The Universe Is Life - General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Entropy and The Shroud Of Turin - video *******www.metacafe****/w/5070355 Turin Shroud Enters 3D Age - Pictures, Articles and Videos ************/document/pub?id=1gDY4CJkoFedewMG94gdUk1Z1jexestdy5fh87RwWAfg Turin Shroud 3-D Hologram - Face And Body - Dr. Petrus Soons - video *******www.metacafe****/w/5889891/ A Quantum Hologram of Christ's Resurrection? by Chuck Missler Excerpt: “You can read the science of the Shroud, such as total lack of gravity, lack of entropy (without gravitational collapse), no time, no space—it conforms to no known law of physics.” The phenomenon of the image brings us to a true event horizon, a moment when all of the laws of physics change drastically. Dame Piczek created a one-fourth size sculpture of the man in the Shroud. When viewed from the side, it appears as if the man is suspended in mid air (see graphic, below), indicating that the image defies previously accepted science. The phenomenon of the image brings us to a true event horizon, a moment when all of the laws of physics change drastically. *******www.khouse****/articles/2008/847 "Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only in contradiction to that which is known to us of nature." St. Augustine Philippians 2: 5-11 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Further references; Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/2009/10/intelligent-design-anthropic-hypothesis_19.html
15 Feb 2011
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RUBBER is the story of Robert, an inanimate tire that has been abandoned in the desert, and suddenly and inexplicably comes to life. As Robert roams the bleak landscape, he discovers that he possesses terrifying telepathic powers that give him the ability to destroy anything he wishes without having to move. At first content to prey on small desert creatures and various discarded objects, his attention soon turns to humans, especially a beautiful and mysterious woman who crosses his path. Leaving a swath of destruction across the desert landscape, Robert becomes a chaotic force to be reckoned with, and truly a movie villain for the ages. Directed by legendary electro musician Quentin Dupieux (Steak, Nonfilm), aka Mr. Oizo, RUBBER is a smart, funny and wholly original tribute to the cinematic concept of “no reason.”
10 Apr 2011
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BY JACQUELINNE MEJIA ANCHOR SALEM SOLOMON You're watching multisource global video news analysis from Newsy Tokyo Electric Power Company released a timeline describing when it expects the nuclear crisis in northeast Japan to be resolved. HLN summarizes the strategy. “It could be nine months before those damaged reactors in Japan are completely shutdown. The owners of the Fukushima nuclear plant say that it’s gonna take three months just to bring radiation levels down and get the cooling systems back to normal. Then it could be another three to six months before the reactors get cold enough to shutdown.” So what exactly is a “cold shutdown”? The Financial Times explains, in order for a reactor’s radioactive uranium fuel to not heat up, water inside a reactor must be below 100 degrees centigrade at normal atmospheric pressure. The FT also reports on the plan’s execution. “To overcome the problem, engineers plan to flood the reactors’ containment chambers with enough water to immerse the internal pressure vessels that hold the fuel. [...] Once a “cold shutdown” has been achieved, the long decommissioning process can begin. The plant’s fuel will have to be left to cool for years, and the whole process is expected to take at least a decade.” Many Japanese people living in the evacuation zone and beyond have expressed doubts about the effectiveness of the plan, due to the previous lack of transparency from both TEPCO and the Japanese government, the Telegraph reports. “In Fukushima, locals complained that the government’s decision to suddenly and inexplicably raise the alert level at the plant two notches to seven, the same level of seriousness as the Chernobyl disaster, has created a maelstrom of rumours.” The nine-month timetable isn’t sitting well with the estimated 100,000 people evacuated from areas with high levels of radioactivity. An editor for Japan Today talks to CTV on the multiple effects for those forced from their homes. “ [...] No one was happy at all, because these people want to go back to their homes, but it looks like they won’t be able to for at least 9 months. So...what do they do? And then the farmers need compensation for their crops and the dairy farmers need compensation, they’re throwing out their milk. So this is a really contentious issue that’s gonna go on for many, many months.” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met over the weekend with Emperor Akihito to discuss the long-term rebuilding process -- euronews reports on how the U.S. wants to help. “She announced the creation of a public-private partnership to help Japan rebuild from the world’s most expensive natural disaster.” There was one bright spot for victims of the nuclear crisis. The Japanese government told TEPCO to pay $12,000 to each family and $9,000 for single-person households. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
19 Apr 2011
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******* - Click to Subscribe! Insidious hits theaters on April 1st, 2011. Cast: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey, Angus Sampson, Johnny Yong Bosch, Kimberly Ables Jindra, Ty Simpkins, Andrew Astor "Insidious" is the terrifying story of a family who shortly after moving discover that dark spirits have possessed their home and that their son has inexplicably fallen into a coma. Trying to escape the haunting and save their son, they move again only to realize that it was not their house that was haunted. Insidious clip courtesy FilmDistrict.
3 May 2011
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Tokyo, fin des années 60. Kizuki, le meilleur ami de Watanabe, s'est suicidé. Watanabe quitte alors Kobe et s'installe à Tokyo pour commencer ses études universitaires. Alors qu'un peu partout, les étudiants se révoltent contre les institutions, la vie de Watanabe est, elle aussi, bouleversée quand il retrouve Naoko, ancienne petite amie de Kizuki. Fragile et repliée sur elle-même, Naoko n'a pas encore surmonté la mort de Kizuki. Watanabe et Naoko passent les dimanches ensemble et le soir de l'anniversaire des 20 ans de Naoko, ils font l'amour. Mais le lendemain, elle disparaît sans laisser de traces. Watanabe semble alors mettre sa vie en suspension depuis la perte inexplicable de ce premier amour. Lorsqu'enfin il reçoit une lettre de Naoko, il vient à peine de rencontrer Midori, belle, drôle et vive qui ne demande qu'à lui offrir son amour.
4 May 2011
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Screen Saviors presents a fresh new take on the premise of 'Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps', with footage that was inexplicably left out of the movie's official trailer.
22 Jun 2011
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Été 1979, une petite ville de l’Ohio. Alors qu'ils tournent un film en super 8, un groupe d’adolescents est témoin d'une spectaculaire catastrophe ferroviaire. Ils ne tardent pas à comprendre qu'il ne s'agit pas d'un accident. Peu après, des disparitions étonnantes et des événements inexplicables se produisent en ville, et la police tente de découvrir la vérité… Une vérité qu’aucun d’entre eux n’aurait pu imaginer.
3 Aug 2011
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In the summer of 1979, a group of friends in a small Ohio town witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie and soon suspect that it was not an accident. Shortly after, unusual disappearances and inexplicable events begin to take place in town, and the local Deputy tries to uncover the truth - something more terrifying than any of them could have imagined.
5 Aug 2011
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En el verano de 1979, un grupo de jóvenes de un pequeño pueblo de Ohio son testigos de un choque de trenes catastrófico mientras ruedan una película en super 8. Cuando comienzan una serie de desapariciones irregulares y eventos inexplicables, los chicos sospechan que no fue un accidente y el jefe de policía intentará descubrir la verdad.
19 Aug 2011
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In a picturesque city on the shores of Michigan, a series of mysterious murders all have an unlikely but common thread � Bryan Spikes, a hired insurance fraud investigator who gets more than a paycheck when he is inexplicably killed and then framed for the crimes. One year later, Alex Forrester (Mark Bierlein, Street Boss) arrives in the city claiming to be a writer researching the case. But as he begins uncovering the shocking truth behind the murders, his informants turn up dead, and he soon learns he may be next. It seems there is no-one he can trust, including Bryan� s ex-girlfriend Heather (Mena Suvari, American Beauty) and a new overly-friendly ex-sharpshooter neighbor (Tom Arnold, True Lies). The deeper he digs, the more his life, and Heather� s, is in danger. What is the secret in this city that everyone is hiding? What is Alex's link to Bryan? He must now set the record straight, not only for restitution, but for revenge.
25 Aug 2011
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