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Team Hot Wheels is pulling out all the stops at this year's Indy 500! Their newest toy line is being blown up to life size as they are recreating their new V-Drop track and attempting to break the World Record for a jump on a four wheel vehicle. Check out some inside info from Metacafe Sports Editor CJ Hillyer in this exclusive MetaMinute.
27 Apr 2011
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2 May 2008
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11 Apr 2008
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25 Jul 2010
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13 Nov 2008
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Here we go again! For the second year in a row, Sand Blasters: The Extreme Sand Sculpting Championship brings a one-of-a-kind competition to Travel Channel. Paired off into teams of two, 16 of the best sand sculptors from across America dig in to picturesque Pacific Beach in San Diego, California, for the chance to win their share of $15,000 in prize money. But there's one obstacle standing in their way… Explosions! Over the course of this intense two-day competition, five of the eight sculptures are randomly selected for complete destruction by a Hollywood pyrotechnics crew. The ill-fated blast victims then have the remaining time to create another world-class work of art in order to contend for the title of Sand Blasters 2007 Extreme Sand Sculpting Champions. Sand Blasters 2007: The Extreme Sand Sculpting Championship premiers Sunday March 4th, 8:00 P.M. et/pt on the Travel Channel. More info at: travelchannel****/sandblasters
8 Feb 2007
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20 Feb 2007
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We're talking crashes, accidents, injuries, car crashes, misstakes and just plain stupidity. A bunch of dumbasses. song is from the movie "Dumb and Dumber" from 1994. Republica - Crash or the primitives - crash im not really sure who but since people say diffrent but my song was called the primitives so : )hope that info helps you anyways if you trying to locate the song.
14 Feb 2008
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By: ******* - Clip with the most beautiful pictures of Aishwarya Rai (Miss World 1994)
17 Nov 2007
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22 Sep 2009
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14 Sep 2007
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6 Nov 2009
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1:02 A litle peak of Dian Sastro's Cleavage
18 Mar 2008
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******* - Philippine bold star - Travel to a place very few are yet to experience and learn to love and appreciate a different culture which is the Philippines. *******
15 Mar 2009
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Sexymoment.Info - Sexy Blog
16 Nov 2010
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Great augmented reality application to layer info fetched from the web on top of the things you're looking at. Has integration with things like Foursquare, local info, and search. *******www.facebook****/verizon
12 Jun 2010
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