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BY KIM ST. ONGE ANCHOR LAUREN GORES You're watching multisource U.S. news analysis from Newsy. Inmates in Georgia could soon be turning in their jumpsuits for firefighter uniforms. MSNBC’s Ed Schultz gives you the background. “Authorities in Camden County Georgia say they can save more than $500,000 a year by using prison inmates to fight fires. The plan would use convicted criminals from another county where a similar program has been up and running for two years now.” But, some would rather see the new money saving proposal burn. A spokesperson for the National Association of Firefighters told ABC, letting inmates fight fires will only lead to bigger problems. “Now you’re going to be bringing people that have been before judges, convicted of crimes, and all it takes is for someone to say, ‘Oh I’m missing something out of my house and the only other people here were firefighters.’ They’re not going to differentiate between prisoner and firefighter, and the distrust in community, it’s just not a good equation.” Authorities say Inmates convicted of only low level and nonviolent crimes would be eligible for the job.A Camden County Commissioner told The Florida Times Union inmates have a hard-working reputation. “I’ve been told these inmates are very enthusiastic about being a firefighter... It’s an opportunity to break that cycle. This is not like a chain gang. Life at a fire station could be a whole lot more pleasant than life in jail.” The inmates would be supervised by a certified firefighter and monitored by a surveillance system. A writer for Gawker points out the ideahas spread to other states. “In California, another broke state with a thriving prison-industrial complex, ‘there are more than 4,000 firefighting inmates stationed at 45 camps throughout the state.’ Although they mostly help with wildfires and huge emergency things like that — not your daily cat-in-the-tree stuff, except to sell drugs to the cats.” On top of committing only low level crimes, inmates would need to be in good standing pass an interview, and would not be allowedoutside visitors or cell phones. The pay? It’s strictly volunteer, but inmates could apply for a firefighting job five years after their conviction date instead of waiting 10. Transcript by Newsy
15 Oct 2011
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These violent inmates were the member of the Bloods gang and they were unhappy to see a newcomer into their unit.
5 May 2017
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28 Aug 2007
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It's amazing what you can make when you put your mind to it. Imagine what these guys could do if they weren't so screwed up.
24 Sep 2007
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those people rocks big family lol
7 Dec 2007
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titles says everything
7 Dec 2007
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*******1apublicrecords****/inmaterecords/alabamainmatesearch.php Nowadays it's extremely easy to commence a government records search. There are various ways that you can search government records. You can search ...
16 Aug 2009
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*******1apublicrecords****/inmaterecords/inmatesearch.php public recordscounty public recordsfree public records
20 Nov 2009
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*******1apublicrecords****/inmaterecords/arizonainmatesearch.php With only one race left for the grand finale of the Sprint Cup in the NASCAR Series, the championship has taken a surprising twist that puts Jimmie Johnson once again at the top of the drivers standings.
21 Nov 2009
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*******1apublicrecords****/inmaterecords/iowainmates.php In alcohol rehab they help you to control the situation of your alcoholism. The more you sip, the less you can think because the bottles of alcohol causes brain damage. The treatment center can help you to bring to an end the damage, although rescinding it is another matter.
25 Nov 2009
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*******1apublicrecords****/inmaterecords/floridainmates.php Your employer asks that more of the staff become notary publics; what does a notary public do? Many businesses, including banks, real estate firms and legal offices, often need an employee who is also a registered notary since they constantly have so many legal documents that need to be signed.
6 Dec 2009
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*******1apublicrecords****/inmaterecords/marylandinmate.php According to Reuters, as of 2009, one in every 31 US adults is part of the us prison system, including anything from probation all the way up to jail. This is twice as high as it was 25 years ago, and currently the US has the largest prison population in the world. Also, it doesn't help that prisoners are committing crimes soon after they get released only to be imprisoned again.
26 Nov 2009
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*******1apublicrecords****/inmaterecords/texasinmates.php Christians, God's children, have for years taken a beating by those who make the claim that Christians have been responsible in part, at least, for religious wars that killed tens of thousands of people during the Crusades and in Europe itself during the Middle Ages. There never was any truth to it and never will be.
8 Dec 2009
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*******1apublicrecords****/inmaterecords/federalinmatelocator.php If you live in San Jose, you already know just about the last thing you want is a DUI. California laws have gotten so strict that a DUI can lead to serious fines, felony convictions, and a lot of jail time.
23 Dec 2009
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*******1apublicrecords****/inmaterecords/floridainmates.php Many people have started understanding the need and importance of home security system. People understand that in this highly unsafe environment home security is the best option available to secure on
25 Dec 2009
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*******1apublicrecords****/inmaterecords/texasinmates.php Todays chiropractic, however, marks its beginnings in the late 1800s when Daniel David Palmer, a self-educated teacher and healer, performed the first spinal manipulation on a patient.
28 Dec 2009
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