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Steve Prator of Caddo.
16 Oct 2017
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I must say my heart is so melted after I watched this boy begging for keeping a dead fish with him as a toy. Pure innocence.
24 Sep 2017
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How to Treat heart murmur in baby 4 months |Adult Heart Murmur Heart murmurs are unusual sounds that the blood makes as it is pumped through your heart. Some heart murmurs are innocent heart murmurs and are not indicative of a condition requiring treatment. Other heart murmurs, however, are abnormal and may require monitoring or treatment 1 Take medications if your doctor prescribes them. The medication you are prescribed may vary depending on your particular condition and medical history. Commonly used medications include:[18] Anticoagulants. These medications reduce blood clots. They reduce the likelihood that a blood clot will form in your heart or brain causing a heart attack or stroke.
29 Sep 2017
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Playing with an innocent and disturbing an innocent creature is really annoying for them, no matter how entertaining it can be for you. And here it is the reason why should annoy them.
2 Oct 2017
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How to Cope with a Heart Murmur|Cardiovascular System Health A normal, working heart beats at around 100,000 beats each day. Using a stethoscope, your doctor should hear a steady “lub-Dub...lub-Dub” from your heart. A heart murmur refers to abnormal heart sounds that are heard along with a normal heartbeat, such as a faint or loud swishing sound. Heart murmurs are classified into two types: innocent or “harmless” and abnormal. Innocent heart murmurs are not considered serious medical issues, but abnormal heart murmurs must be addressed, treated, and monitored. 1 Understand how your heart works. Your heart consists of four chambers and four valves. The two upper chambers are called atria and the lower chambers are called ventricles. The right atrium collects the non oxygenated blood from the superior and inferior vena cava (two large veins) and pours the blood into the right ventricle through the Tricuspid valve. The right ventricle then pushes the non oxygenated blood to the pulmonary artery where the blood moves into the lungs through the Pulmonary valve. After making this gas exchange, the oxygenated blood returns back to the heart to the left atrium, which then transfers it to the left ventricle through the Mitral valve. The left ventricle then pushes the oxygenated blood to the aorta artery and the blood moves to different body organs through the Aortic valve. 2 Imagine heart valves like doors or gates in your heart. They allow blood to be transferred in only one direction, preventing it from returning backward through any valves. The “lub-Dub” sound comes from the heart valves opening and closing. When the two ventricles squeeze to contract, the Tricuspid and Mitral valves are both closed to allow the blood to enter into the pulmonary and aorta arteries respectively, and not to return back to the atriums. This process is called the “Systole” and is heard as the first “lub” sound in your heart beat. When the two atriums squeeze to contract, the two ventricles
28 Sep 2017
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Innocent people killed by air strikes.
4 Oct 2017
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So, I've never told this story publicly. First – you've gotta understand, being a latin pop musician is often like being a member of the rat pack, but in spanish. Although I'd love to fancy myself as Dean Martin, let's face it – I'm prob Sammy. You could be going about your business innocently, but crazy shit happens. This is true for musicians stateside too, part of the biz – but as a Hindu I'm usually the only one without a gun. Not even sure I'd know what to do with one! On one of these crazy days, I was in Colombia and was tagging along with a friend who was creating a map of old school Escobar style mansions. Upon approaching one, he decided to ring the bell to ask if we could see the inside. An old lady answered the door and OK'd our entrance. It is important to note that my friend is american-white, although he'd lived in latin america for a while he was still very noticeably not hispanic. Within minutes of us looking around the amazing house it became quite clear that this was an active cartel house (embarrassingly not my first either, just like Sammy, I end up stumbling into these places more often than I admit) . Soon, a local guy showed up with two tourists (a retired Texan and a young Irish party-goer). Both had obviously been drinking. Did I mention it was only 2 in the afternoon? Well, the two sat down and demanded drugs and hookers -as if they were ordering sleaze from a restaurant menu. The local guy saw my friend and me, and I overheard him tell the lady of the house in spanish that we “belonged to him” and that We were paying the bill for his two gringo goons and that he should get a commission. Again, did I mention it was only 2 in the afternoon? This is when I turned to my friend and let him know that we needed to get out of there QUICKLY. However, upon trying to leave, we noticed that the front door was chained and locked shut with a giant padlock! We were trapped i
6 Oct 2017
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In this installment of the $0 "Jurassic Park" parody series, our heroes race to the rescue of innocent people when a construction accident releases a prehistoric shark into a swimming area!
6 Oct 2017
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These "natural disasters" are actually WEATHER WARFARE TERRORISM ON THE GENERAL POPULATION, and these illuminati terrorist attacks are happening all over the Earth right now, in a sinister attempt to heard as many innocent people as possible into FEMA concentration camps, which are also all over the Earth ! Cinema Of Gaming HURRICANE NATE: LIFE THREATENING OMNIOUS LANDFALL WARNING FOR UNITED STATES! (STATE OF EMERGENCY) ENDTIMES SIGNS-NEWS & CONSPIRACY Tornado Warning California,Ohio,Texas,Georgia,Oklahoma,Missouri America EndTimes Signs!! 2017 Kevin MacLeod Bump In The Night
11 Oct 2017
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Witch Hunts, The Death of Innocents
6 May 2007
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Harvest Moon : Innocent Life for PSP
9 Oct 2007
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Alpha Twins vs. Brennan Heart - Innocence (X-Qlusive Qlimax Dj-Tool)
9 Jun 2008
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