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A defeatist feeling of competing with so many other people's videos & receiving nothing for your efforts the more you try.
24 Oct 2008
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22 Feb 2009
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I love this couple!!! They're cuteee together!!! I hope you like it!!!
28 Nov 2010
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9 Jun 2011
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Hinata, Sasuke, Sakura, Ino, Lee, Gaara get bodied. I don't own Naruto Kishimoto Masashi does *sighs* Get me Bodied is copyrighted by Beyonce *sighs* HOWEVER! I own this video!
6 Aug 2007
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Sakura Vs Ino
1 Dec 2007
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Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at some games being shown at MacWorld Expo. He looks at Freeverse's Neon Tango and Hordes of Orcs. He also takes a look at the iNo, a game that uses your iPod.
30 Jan 2008
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It's a special tribute to the girls of Naruto,who, I think, are totally ignored. No moving pictures and I tried my hardest! Third video. Music: Nobodies by Marilyn Manson The Naruto Girls: Anko Mitarashi Hinata Hyuuga Ino Yamanaka Kin Tsuchi Kurenai Yuuhi Sakura Haruno Tayuya Temari TenTen Tsunade Enjoy!!(Please can someone tell me where to download episodes...I really need moving clips) THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST OR ANIME COMPANY IN ANY WAY. ALL MUSIC/ANIME ARE COPYRIGHT OF THEIR ORIGINAL OWNERS
7 Jun 2008
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In this video Ino hates Sakura's goodies! She's not the only one either, in the video!
8 Jul 2009
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To watch the remainder of the video please visit: *******tv.ino****/premium/?tvt Curtis Arnold shows you how to use high-probability chart patterns to enter trades with low risk and high potential profits. You’ll learn how to get on board big trends with very little risk and find out how much to risk and exactly where and when to take profits. Plus, you’ll learn how to use first notice days, options expiration and internal market composition to put the odds for trading success firmly in your favor.
21 Jun 2008
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What a difference a day makes. The DOW up 277 points, gold dropping 10 dollars and crude oil under pressure and falling to its lowest levels in three weeks. Amazing. We have said this before, and we will say it again ... Sentiment and Perception rule the markets. I have prepared a short video on gold to show you why we feel it is on the defensive and why we should see some lower to sideways action before the market resumes its positive trend. In the video I will show you precise points where I think the market will find natural support before resuming its upward trend. There is no cost for viewing the video and I think you'll find it both educational and informative. Enjoy the video. Adam Hewison President, INO****
28 Jul 2008
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naruto couples :D
17 Jan 2007
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