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Bollywood’s hot item girl Rakhi Sawant recently had a disastrous wardrobe malfunction while shooting for her forthcoming film ‘Qasam Se, Qasam Se’
16 Mar 2011
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15 Nov 2014
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Lola Kutty, Channel V imitates Sunny Deol - "Retake pe retake, Dhai kilo ka hath dedh kilo ka ho gaya.. par insaaf nahi mila...!!"
14 Mar 2008
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Former cricket star and founder of the political party, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf arrived at University of Punjab in Lahore to lead a students' rally today. However, Jamaat-e-Islami's student political body, Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT), manhandled and beat him while keeping him hostage at the university's Centre for Higher Energy Physics. Imran was later handled to the authorities by these 'activists'. The clips show Imran Khan's arrival at the Punjab University, him being pushed into the department building by IJT activists and scenes outside the building while he was forcefully kept inside. Students in support of Imran Khan also exchanged harsh words and minor fights with the IJT activists. More than 400 students from and outside the Punjab University were present there while dozens of foreign journalists, local reporters and cameramen covered the events.
19 Nov 2008
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Know which movie Rajeev kahandelwal is working in
23 Jun 2008
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Comedy T V show
10 Apr 2010
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Lola Kutty, Channel V imitates Sunny Deol - "Retake pe retake, Dhai kilo ka hath dedh kilo ka ho gaya.. par insaaf nahi mila...!!"
12 Mar 2008
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Bollywood’s hot item girl Rakhi Sawant surely knows how to stay in the limelight... Comedian Bharti Singh was at the receiving end of Rakhis unique brand of insaaf at an award function recently.
5 Dec 2011
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Track title: "Awaam" Artist(s): Faris Shafi feat. Mooroo Produced by: Aflatoon studios how ur love and support by hitting the like button on my official Facebook page: ********www.facebook****/FarisShafiOfficial Follow me on twitter: ********twitter****/officialfaris Update:: Download site is up and working! Download the Track: *******farisshafi****/awaam/ SoundCloud (Lyrics with english translation): ******* Follow Mooroo on twitter: www.twitter****/mooroo4 Join Mooroo's facebook page: ********www.facebook****/mooroomusic Lyrics: Faris: Punjab ho ya Sindh, Makan ho ya pind, teray sar pay, pooray, baal hon ya tind, yeh azaab hai bukhaar hai, beymaari salaab hai, tu din bey kay gin, halaat hain khatin, sub beymaar hain, Pakistan Vaar pay tayaar hai, Haath main talwaar tai, qalam to bekaar hai, issi liyay sub berozgaar pareshaan hain, Loadshedding say you khas, tour pay yeh kaum, Awaazaar hai Lahore, main andheray, aur bomb bhee batheray, Aur mospel aur offspray, k khaali container, Aur honda hee honda hai, honda main launday hee launday, horn dey k, kaun dekhay chaur kinnay honday nay bonday, meri gari main, kyoon ghoortay hain saray kasoor inka nai, aray bhool gayay hain salay, majboori k maray kabhi school nai gayay loray? Mooroo: Cool it, Got what u want from me, Cool it, Got what you need from me, Cool it, Ya, Ya'll neva be cooool neva be cooool, Salay! Badmash hain, Dil Main! Daari main kharaash hai, humaray, ruh-e-emaan hain, kahan? insaaf hain kahaan? Faris: NATO fauj kay to qaum hai humesha say lun pay, barh gayay kharchay, aur ab agarchay, hum apas main lar k, aur jhagar k, ek doojay say sarh k, jal k mar gayay, mazhab k maslay, ghazab k jalsay, katal k hamlay, Pakistan ko lag gayay, lassan k tarkay, aqal pay talay, humaray, logon ko pasand hain, kabrain, pasand hain khabrain, aur ab yeh larkay, bharkay, nakhoon chabatay, guns pakar k, aur sar khujatay, bomb jakkar k, bus chaltay jatay, jihaad chillatay, pakhtoon ilaaqay kee taraf baraf, musharaf, k dost marain drone, get ur postmortem soon or, get a post modern room, do some shrooms, and watch cartoons, mera dost aflatoon, har vaqt mujhay kahay, band rakh apna mun, thand rakh larkay tu, [galiyaan na diya kar] yeh baat ja kay tu, Aliya say kiya kar! Galiyoon k baghairr yeh jahalia nai suntay mawali hain yeh ghunday, harami hain yeh kutay, ghalaazat k yeh putlay, ijazat nai hai varna, iraday meray good thay, nawabon k yeh gurday, salamat nai that bachnay, sun lay, kha loonga main inhain bhun k, chun chun k, jin jin kee, vaja say hum sub Pakistani lagtay hain, Gum sum say dum-bay! Mooroo: Cool it, Got what u want from me, Cool it, Got what you need from me, Cool it, Ya, Ya'll neva be cooool neva be cooool, Salay! Badmash hain, Dil Main! Daari main kharaash hai, humaray, ruh-e-emaan hain, kahan, insaan hain kahaan? Faris: awaam k liyay peghaam, larai choro, parhai karo, safai karo, judai na karo, Obviously!
5 Oct 2012
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Bollywood’s hot item girl Rakhi Sawant who has been off late trying her hand at comedy will now exchange her mother on the popular Sony reality show, ‘Maa Exchange’
25 Mar 2011
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Bollywood's nautanki girl and not to forget item girl Rakhi Sawant is back in the limelight ... Any guesses why so ??? Of course you got it right !!! The hot chick now wants to be a part of another controversial shocking news
12 Jan 2011
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mi rajjeygaa adhulu insaafu eba oi tha?????
28 May 2007
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Since Rakhi Sawant can never keep her mouth shut and never thinks before she remarks on anyone, this time she had something to say in her defense by insulting and talking foul about Shah Rukh Khan...
27 Nov 2010
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Rakhi The Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Awards 2012 For more such videos log on to www.vvidiacom****
20 Apr 2012
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Faced with numerous complaints from viewers and women outfits about indecent content, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry has asked channels airing TV shows 'Big Boss' and 'Rakhi ka Insaaf' to air them only between 11 PM and 5 AM.
21 Nov 2010
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