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a very small knex gun. This is "knex gun builders" Mini knex gun from instructables . com. Please rate and subscribe
4 Jun 2010
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Here is a perimeter marble run around my sons room. The track runs around the entire room near the ceiling. The supports are walnut and a majority of the tracks and other parts are birch. Gear motors are run by "AA" battery packs. The marbles are 1 inch diameter. Go to the following link for more information on the building of this track: www instructables com/id/Kinetic-Marble-Track-Ar­ound-The-Top-Of-A-Room/
16 Mar 2011
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**** LINK TO DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS BELOW ***** I am not making rocket or missile launchers anymore but I keep getting request for a tutorial video. This is just a slide show of the pictures from my written instructions in INSTRUCTABLES.COM. This homemade M72A2 LAW laucher will launch a Nerf Pocket Vortex (discontinued product) about 100 yards. It can also launch mini tennis balls and anything else that will fit inside the schedule 40, 2 inch pvc tube. I put in as many tips, hints and advice as i could remember to help you build your own air cannon. Detailed instructions below: *******www.instructables****/id/Airsoft-M72-LAW-launcher/
5 Sep 2011
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