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L'Oreal Paris Augmented Reality interactive ad for the Casting Creme Gloss hair color line, powered with WOWSOME. Ad was published in the biggest Indian newspapers.
24 Apr 2017
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The Interactive Print ad for Omega luxury watches appeared in "Luxury Box" tabloid the world's only
2 May 2017
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Many times, companies have heavy workloads and cannot do fluent customer interaction. That is why need of call center services is becoming more and more relevant today! Call centers help many services prosper and give output because they carry the workload on their backs. They can provide cheap offshore services whenever the need may arise.
28 Apr 2017
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FarmerUncle is an Online Farmer's Market which helps farmers from across the country to sell their produce directly to the end-consumers in the city. The growing customer base ensures that the farmers have a concentrated customer base to whom they can offer their produce. The direct interaction that the platform helps farmers to explain more about their produce, their practices and expected harvest date and procure orders for the same. FarmerUncle gives farmers the ability to set a price for their produce and also decide on minimum order quantity. In turn, the farmer commands 70-80% of the retail price paid by the customer. FarmerUncle helps the farmers to utilize its last-mile-delivery channel, allowing them to send their produce, harvest-fresh, within a maximum of 4-5 days from the day it is harvested. This ensures that the customer also gets the produce fresh and ready to eat. In short, FarmerUncle is India's first and only, real, "Farmer to You" model.
3 May 2017
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004 - It's Comic Bastards Podcast time. This week we dive into a new segment called, "Steve Hates TV." That is to say; we're going to discuss the first three episodes of DC and NBC's Powerless! That's a comedy I promise. After we're all tuckered out on TV, we begin another new segment in which we're spending a year on Transmetropolitan called "Year of the Bastard." It's pretty relevant to what's going on in the world these days, and so if you'd like to join us, we'll be covering volume 1 "Back on the Street" on this episode and then "Lust for Life" in a month from now. We encourage you to ask us questions, make comments, point out things we've missed and join us for the live stream to interact with us. Now, on to the show!
3 May 2017
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Cloud based network is probably the best invention since the start of the internet. First thing first. One must first understand what exactly is cloud based networking. Everyone has some sort of cloud storage. It is now a normal part of the package if you buy some sort of electronic device. Cloud based networking is when the network communication and interconnectivity between IT resources or application is within a cloud computing infrastructure. It enables a cloud computing solution or service to interact and perform network connection with other resources on the cloud.
6 May 2017
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Alien Bodies have been found Deep in a Cave in Peru.. is this the evidence that will Force Full Disclosure of Alien interaction on Earth ..
9 May 2017
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Airbnb Clone Script is an advanced vacation, rental script software; this script enables you to run your own Hotel Reservation Software to assist customers can find accommodations for an industrious fee. Our Rental Booking Script is very easy to handle and the process to searching and booking the accommodation through online and it keeps our valuable time for the users and the business owners, both are getting benefits from this process. Airbnb Script is easy to install on the server with high security and the owners are accessing this script at anywhere at any time from nook and corner of the world. Accommodation Booking Software is high range of innovative features in our script that offers a lot of beneficial and most advantages for business owners and also it provides as better interaction with the customers. Apartment Rental Software, the renters and the property providers find an attractive tool to list their properties in depth. Vacation Rental Software is used for online vacation rental booking website designed that particularly aiming holidays rentals for all over the world. By using Hotel Booking Script is to start earning and get commission for each booking and accommodation providers through our Airbnb clone are high features like SEO friendly. To contact our website Make a Call: India – (+ 91) – 9841300660 Make a Call: (USA) – (+1) 325 200 4515 Make a Call: (UK) – (+44) 203 290 5530
11 May 2017
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Reach your Full Potential with a Self-Transformation Course Your life is composed of outside and inside realities. Your outside reality is effort-based with your success in work relationships, self-care and community relationships relying on the work you put in. Your inside reality is effortless, but requires a commitment to realize its true power. Berdhanya offers a self-transformation course to help you achieve the sacred meeting with the within so you can achieve practical awakening. Practical Awakening is yours Through Commitment Practical awakening is achieved through understanding how your outside and inside realities meet. Once you understand how to apply effort to your outside reality and how to stimulate your inside reality, you can reach your full potential. You will learn how to nurture and reshape not only yourself, but how you see your world and how you interact with it. Just as succeeding in the outside reality requires a commitment, so does practical awakening. Commit to a self-transformation course with Berdhanya and become your best version of you.
17 May 2017
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This is a video trainer, my name is cherry like, and I am a streamer, sharing interesting and interesting video games to people, I will definitely bring you interesting hours of watch, The magic and excitement of the most popular games in the market, we start with the legendary alliance game. Watch, like, and subscribe to my channel, to update interesting videos every Saturday, and be happy to interact and share with all of you.
18 May 2017
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I found new interactive 3d display of toshiba at Ceatec 2006. I saw 3d tomato image interacted with real transparency cup in realtime. I got video contents from Toshiba researcher and he allowed me to distribute it via internet.
11 Oct 2006
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TOSHIBA 3D display (non-interactive version) 2005. This contents can be distributed via internet freely. Website Information TOSHIBA interactive 3D display (new version?) ***********/watch?v=RSQsTgHj3Z4 ***********/watch?v=jcClRC1pM_0 TOSHIBA non-interactive 3D display (old version?) ***********/watch?v=ZMomyg9eMrY ***********/watch?v=ucFFV_DijXE ***********/watch?v=oMMyZy2XW3s TOSHIBA website (old version?) **********.jp/about/press/2005_04/pr1501.htm **********.jp/av/docs/20050415/toshiba.htm **********.jp/rdc/recruit/technology/fukushima.htm etc.
15 Oct 2006
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TOSHIBA interactive 3D display at CEATEC 2006 . This is still image version. Website Information TOSHIBA interactive 3D display (new version?) ***********/watch?v=RSQsTgHj3Z4 ***********/watch?v=jcClRC1pM_0 TOSHIBA non-interactive 3D display (old version?) ***********/watch?v=ZMomyg9eMrY ***********/watch?v=ucFFV_DijXE ***********/watch?v=oMMyZy2XW3s TOSHIBA website (old version?) **********.jp/about/press/2005_04/pr1501.htm **********.jp/av/docs/20050415/toshiba.htm **********.jp/rdc/recruit/technology/fukushima.htm etc.
17 Oct 2006
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By MomentFactory You are watching the Interactive Dancefloor we created for InfoPresse’s 20th Anniversary party. A great event produced by Lulu & Castagnette. Always a pleasure ladies, Yanick
17 Dec 2006
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harry the hamster has released an interactive mobile video!!!!
14 Jan 2007
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Follow along with this interactive magic trick while you watch and you can be part of the video! The only props you will need for this video is your two hands!
28 Feb 2007
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