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We help business communicate effectively with Interactive, Immersive, Gesture based, Multitouch, Virtual & Augmented Reality Content. We understand that every business need has unique solutions. We design interactive content to communicate idea, vision of your brand. No challenges are too big or too small for us.
Bottomburper fights The Fairy
26 Sep 2017
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The complete tutorial is available at learnsharewithdp [dot] wordpress ****************************** Video summary Welcome to another tutorial videos related to finite element simulation of thin sheet inflatbale bag. In this tutorial I will explain the simulation process of a cube on inflatable bag type model. What is in this tutorial?: The solid cube is pusshed by some distance towards the inflated bag. The bag gets the impression of cube. This impression disappears when cube is removed. We can have sphere or a ball or human head type shape or another inflated bag in place of cube. Why this tutorial?: Simulation of this type of model may finds applications in designing of airbags, airbag pillow and similar other things. It might be helpful in designing of inflatable pouches of fruit juice, sauce, shampoo, oil etc. The proper simulation of this type can also be used to design the loading of snacks packets such that void space in the container can be minimized. So please check out video description for the tutorial links for this model. In video description I have provided more information about this and othe related videos and tutorial. Please share your views, questions, suggestions or anything else related to this tutorial in comment box. Don't forget to subscribe and share this tutorial with your friends. Thank you.
23 Sep 2017
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Welcome to Cartofy, an Ecommerce web development company in India. Cartofy is an interactive ECommerce Web Design Company that designs the solutions to assist the organizations to increase revenue and the client relationship.
27 Sep 2017
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Know the best way to use Movense? Check out this video and learn the art of taking interactive live photos of your selfies, food, travel using Movense app and share the experience with friends in Movense community.
28 Sep 2017
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GoodWorks CoWork provides beautiful, design-inspired Coworking Space in Whitefield, Bangalore for all beats, start up's, entrepreneurs, freelancer, and large corporations. Our vision is to provide a space where you can interact with others and connect inspiring place to work out of!
29 Sep 2017
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The Internet has fundamentally changed nearly every aspect of our lives. From how we interact with friends, family, coworkers, and businesses to how we go on about associating importance with things. A technology that was in its infancy just 20 years ago is now considered indispensable to almost everyone. Companies understand the value that the Internet offers to them, providing interactive opportunities to connect with current customers and attract new consumers. As the Internet evolves, businesses will continue to refine their online marketing efforts, reaching a greater number of potential buyers than before. Web India makes sure you do not miss out on this massive opportunity that can put you right in the heart of the financial boom. We help your business develop all the essential platforms so that you can serve not only your local customers but the world.
30 Sep 2017
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For more information and manual removal instructions visit ErrorTools Download Safebytes Anti-Malware from ErrorTools Video Download Converter is a potentially unwanted toolbar distributed by Mindspark Interactive network. This toolbar offers users the ability to download and covert youtube and other online videos. While this may seem useful at start, this toolbar monitors user browsing activity and records visited websites, clicked links, and even personal data, that it later uses to display injected ads through your browsing session. When the toolbar is installed, it will automatically hijack your home page and search engine setting them to MyWay. This search engine uses google to display your search results, however it injects ads into the search results to generate ad revenue. Several anti-virus scanners have detected VideoDownload Converter as a browser Hijacker, and is therefore not recommended to keep on your computer. This video shows a live demonstration of how Video Download Converter can be automatically removed using Safebytes Anti-Malware. As of publication of this video, Video Download Converter has been flagged as PUP., though detections can change over time. Safebytes Anti-Malware detects malware on your PC for free. Removal of malware requires a paid license. For some advanced users, manual removal of threats is preferred, and detailed in the linked article.
3 Oct 2017
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In all my years of gaming I have never played anything as lovely as this. Read on please. Short Trip by Alexander Perrin. All aboard the cat tram for this exquisite journey through catsville where you drive the cat tram on an endless journey and pick and drop of cats going through their daily choirs. Absolutely amazing Hello! It's your turn to operate the scenic railway. The local town cats would love to join you for the ride too, if that's ok. Short Trip is the first instalment in a collection of interactive illustrations created for the web. It has been created as a study into capturing the essence of graphite on paper within a digital context, and to learn more about web-based graphics technologies. Short Trip will run on most devices supporting WebGL, including mobile devices. Due to the current limitations of both WebGL technologies and my understanding of them, there’s bound to be issues found here and there. If you’ve found something particularly odd and have a spare few minutes it would be greatly appreciated if you tell me about it either via itch or here. At the moment there’s a few known issues particularly relating to Android support. I hope that these will improve with time. Regardless, I hope that you enjoy your journey. Desktop Controls: Left Key: Move left Right Key: Move right Space bar: Ring the bell Mobile Controls: Hold left side of screen: Move left Hold right side of screen: Move right Tap on the tram: Ring the bell Thank you to my family, friends, and cat.
6 Oct 2017
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Healing Prostatitis Naturally - How To Heal Prostatitis Naturally Step 1 Use a portable sitz bath to soothe your prostatitis. Place the plastic portable sitz bath container over your toilet seat. Fill the plastic container with warm water and sit in the sitz bath for 20 minutes daily. This is meant to soak your prostate region, hips and buttocks only, according to Drug Information Online. Ask your doctor if he recommends adding salts or vinegar to the sitz bath. Step 2 Avoid alcohol, spicy foods and caffeine, as they can all aggravate your prostatitis symptoms. Step 3 Try acupuncture treatments. An acupuncturist will place tiny needles on your skin at various areas on your body. According to the Mayo Clinic, studies have shown acupuncture can decrease the pain of prostatitis. Step 4 See a biofeedback specialist. Biofeedback is an alternative method of treatment that allows you to use your thoughts to control your pain. With the help of a biofeedback monitoring device, you can learn to relax your muscles and control your symptoms of prostatitis. Step 5 Try taking saw palmetto, pollen extract or quercitin. These are all natural remedies that can help cure your prostatitis. Take one tablet daily or what the package insert recommends. Consult your doctor before taking these supplements because they can interact with your current medications.
11 Oct 2017
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10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing Marketing is a vital affair of any business and the current trend of marketing is digital. To acquire new customers is the biggest challenge and requirement of any business. To meet this demand, marketing department has to plan various budgets and tasks involved in a marketing strategy. However, customer engagement and interaction is slightly missed and taken for granted in these strategies. This gap can be eradicated by means of digital marketing where customer engagement is the key and interaction has been shaped up using various techniques. for more details you can call us at +91-8088998664
11 Oct 2017
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I found new interactive 3d display of toshiba at Ceatec 2006. I saw 3d tomato image interacted with real transparency cup in realtime. I got video contents from Toshiba researcher and he allowed me to distribute it via internet.
11 Oct 2006
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TOSHIBA interactive 3D display at CEATEC 2006 . This is still image version. Website Information TOSHIBA interactive 3D display (new version?) ***********/watch?v=RSQsTgHj3Z4 ***********/watch?v=jcClRC1pM_0 TOSHIBA non-interactive 3D display (old version?) ***********/watch?v=ZMomyg9eMrY ***********/watch?v=ucFFV_DijXE ***********/watch?v=oMMyZy2XW3s TOSHIBA website (old version?) **********.jp/about/press/2005_04/pr1501.htm **********.jp/av/docs/20050415/toshiba.htm **********.jp/rdc/recruit/technology/fukushima.htm etc.
17 Oct 2006
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