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CURSO 3DS MAX - Nesse tutorial 3DS MAX, ensinamos o funcionamento da interface do 3DS MAX – os seus elementos e componentes. Esta aula faz parte do curso completo de 3DS MAX de Magno Urbano, disponível no site aulas 3DS MAX
1 Sep 2008
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Mindy Watts & Leah Murphy from Interface Studio Ignite Philly.
14 Jun 2008
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mixed reality interface
29 Jun 2008
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1:45 El AirPiano posee una innovadora interfaz musical que permite que toquen y controlen instrumentos basados en software simplemente moviendo las manos en el aire. Sobre el AirPiano es una matriz virtual de teclas y octavas, cada uno asignada a un archivo MIDI listo para ser accionado. La longitud de una nota accionada es equivalente al tiempo que una mano se ubica sobre la tecla virtual correspondiente. Esto es notificado por un LED. El software de AirPiano es fácil de configurar, carga y graba configuraciones y realiza transportaciones de tonos. El AirPiano sigue siendo un prototipo y su concepto de una matriz virtual se puede utilizar para otros propósitos. El concepto de AirPiano esta registrado con una de patente provisional en E.E.U.U. (número: 60/989.986). Especificaciones: Polifónico, protocolo MIDI, hasta 24 teclas/8 octavas, conectividad USB Original: The AirPiano is an innovative musical interface which allows playing and controlling software instruments simply by moving hands in the air. Above the AirPiano is a virtual matrix of keys and faders, each assigned with MIDI messages and ready to be triggered. The length of a triggered note is equivalent to the time a hand is placed on the corresponding virtual key. This is also confirmed by LED feedback. The AirPiano Software allows easy setup, loading/saving presets and transposing notes. The AirPiano is still in its prototype phase and its concept of a virtual matrix might eventually be used for other applications and purposes. The AirPiano concept is filled as a Provisional U.S. Patent Application (Number: 60/989,986). Specifications: Polyphonic, MIDI protocol, Up to 24 keys / 8 faders, USB connectivity
4 Jul 2008
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Introducing the SpeakerCraft MODE/iPhone iPod Touch Interface.
27 Dec 2008
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A basic introduction to the Photoshop Elements 6 user interface. This short video is the first in a series that will teach you how to get more out of your camera by improving your photos with Photoshop Elements. Other free videos in this series can be found at but will also be uploaded here at Metacafe (though not always immediately).
12 Aug 2008
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Lawrence Eaton takes you though how to easily customise your task based interface to give you greater productivity and efficiency.
22 Sep 2008
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Christy Martin of Metro Brokers iPhone interface is Brad Inman's proof of concept for consumer property search. Distributed by Tubemogul.
28 Aug 2008
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Hebrew User interface + Hebrew JukeBox for nmt players
5 Sep 2008
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Fabrication d'une interface Jtag
10 Sep 2008
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Ash Munshi of Terabitz on its iPhone interface and how Terabitz has penetrated the big brand markets. Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Oct 2008
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In this video tutorial I show you Photoshop's new tabbed window interface that will change the way you work with multiple images at the same time. Learn how to move between the tabbed images and also prioritize which images are most important to you.
15 Nov 2008
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This video explains the awesome user interface of Neonode N2. If you are still experiencing a difficulty in operating it, here is the video that you must watch.
16 Feb 2009
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Adobe has changed the palettes to panels and in turn made them much more flexible to use. In this video tutorial I show you how to make the most of the new panels interface.
29 Apr 2009
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2:14 is a next generation interface for consuming and sharing digital media.
20 Dec 2008
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Hallo. Hier ist Chad. Ich wundere mich, ob ihr schon einmal won dem haptic interface.
25 Jun 2009
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