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3:06**** FUTURE,COMPUTERS,SOFTWARE,WINDOWS 7,VIENNA,XP,VISTA,FREE SOFTWARE ,VIDEOS COME N SEE WINDOWS IN 2030 from**** yes Microsoft Corp. gave early testers their first glimpse of its next-generation Web browser Wednesday, and said Internet Explorer 8 will adhere to the same standards as competitors' programs. no Microsoft's browsers, including the current Internet Explorer 7, gained notoriety among Web developers for handling Web page code differently than Mozilla Corp.'s Firefox, Apple Inc.'s Safari, the now-defunct Netscape Navigator and others. For the most part, major non-Microsoft browsers and outside developers who built Web pages worked with agreed-upon technical standards, while Microsoft was accused of adding proprietary code to those standards. The result: Web pages that looked good in Internet Explorer but broke on other browsers, or vice versa.
1 Apr 2008
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la diferencia entre fire foz y internet explorer
21 Apr 2008
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How to pimp your Windows Internet Explorer, easy trick with registry to change IE's Windows Title !
23 Jul 2008
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Speed Up your IE (Internet Explorer on XP). Enjoy the Islamic song (Madih or Nasheed) in the background. No one is God but Allah, Jesus and Muhammad are the messengers of Allah.
15 Nov 2008
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The way these software do the process handling, it is sometimes advisable to use Microsoft Internet Explorer. You might be letting your bank account vulnerable. Watch the video to see what happens. Though I use mozilla myself almost all of the time.. I use it with precaution. The stuff is not perticularly related to cookies, it is not the case of auto-login, remember password or any such things; but higher than them... as I said earlier.. it is related to PROCESS HANDLING.
28 Feb 2009
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This is a video on how to speed up your internet explorer.
28 Jul 2008
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This video provides guided instructions on how to resolve issues with Internet Explorer 7 such as crashing, hanging, closing unexpectedly, and slow performance. These problems are often caused by add-ons and other customizations that are incompatible with the browser. This is a quick and dirty way to resolve a lot of Internet Explorer 7 problems, and the best part--it's only 7 steps!
27 Feb 2011
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The new Internet Explorer 8 offers new features and functionality that enable customers to reach beyond the page in more secure, easier and faster ways than ever before. Web Slices, Web Accelerators, In Private Browsing and much more. ***********/windows/internet-explorer/beta/worldwide-sites.aspx?ocid=ie8_sm_f
16 Feb 2009
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Learn about Web Accelerators in the new Internet Explorer 8. Web Accelerators help you browse faster by allowing you to launch online services without having to leave your current Web page.
28 Aug 2008
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Microsoft Internet Explorer's Web Slices help you stay up to date with the information you rely on as you move about the Web. ***********/windows/internet-explorer/beta/worldwide-sites.aspx?ocid=ie8_sm_f
28 Aug 2008
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Learn about the latest security and privacy features in Internet Explorer 8 designed to help you control and protect your data. ***********/windows/internet-explorer/beta/worldwide-sites.aspx?ocid=ie8_sm_f
28 Aug 2008
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The Techno Citric unboxes Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 in its very first review. Watch as he puts new features like Accelerators, Web Slices and In Private Browsing through their paces. ***********/windows/internet-explorer/beta/worldwide-sites.aspx?ocid=ie8_sm_f
28 Aug 2008
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