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30 Apr 2008
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*******pop17**** Weezer is back in a big way. Dembot pointed out that Weezer's YouTube account only had a few subscribers before the video went viral. The video featured internet celebrities and memes in their music video, Pork and Beans. Because Weezer is a big part of American culture and these memes are a big part of internet culture we can expect to see a hybrid culture result from this video.
28 May 2008
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Over at *******pop17**** we look at how the wii fit plus a sexy woman can make an internet meme. It's an interesting story that revolves around her ass, boyfriend and youtube. They made national news headlines with this video. What is next for Lauren and Giovanni?
14 Oct 2008
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Keyboard Cat is an Internet meme. It consists of footage from 1984 of "Fatso", a cat (now deceased) owned by Charlie Schmidt of Spokane, Washington, wearing a blue shirt and "playing" an upbeat rhythm on an electronic keyboard, in reality being manipulated like a puppet by Schmidt. The clip, originally posted to YouTube as "Charlie Schmidt's 'cool cat'", has gained popularity by being appended to blooper and other viral videos as if to "play" that person offstage after the mistake or gaffe in a similar manner as getting the hook in the days of vaudeville, usually accompanied with the title Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat or a variant. The first such video was created by Brad O'Farrell, who secured Schmidt's permission to use the footage.] Over four thousand such videos now exist, with a website playhimoffkeyboardcat**** created to collect such videos. pet supplies cats *******www.petsuppliescats****/
13 Feb 2010
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Magnesium is one of the most commonly used structural metals, being light and strong. It's necessary for living cells. And was used in early flash photography. But what you really want to know, is it 'splodey? Let's find out!! Oh, and there are also special appearances by "Chris Crocker" and the "Cookie Monster" (both impersonations done badly by me) as they drag you kicking and screaming through a few Internet Memes of 2007. You can refer to WebElements (*******www.webelements****/magnesium/) for more on Magnesium. Or just use Google, silly. Special thanks goes out to Martyrd (www.myspace****/martyrd) for the rights to use "Blue and Black" in this video, and to Andrew (www.myspace****/morbidcaffienejunkies) for being an excellent camera-using minion.
31 May 2008
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Ok, so the 3g iPhone is sweet, but it ain't as cheap as it sounds. Father's Day is coming up, and Internet memes are always a good gift, plus we have crazy pop culture musicals and we get to meet a few members of the EPIC FU community! We've also got hats made of actual (synthetic) hair, and two awesome dance videos. For all the show links and everything EPIC FU, go to *******epicfu****!
13 Jun 2008
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A cast of celebs counts down to C&C Red Alert 3. Featuring Jenny McCarthy, George Takei, JK Simmons, Peter Stormare, Gemma Atkinson, Ivana Milicevic, Gina Carano, Randy Couture, Tim Curry, Andrew Divoff, Jonathan Pryce, Autumn Reeser and Kelly Huas well as what might be the first advertisement to call on the "All your base are belong to us" internet meme.
30 Sep 2008
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montage of tons of the internet meme
12 Jan 2008
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Many viral crazes have swept over the Internet in its history. These are the tops.
25 Apr 2010
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For *******pop17**** I went to interview Rex Sorgatz who is an internet famous person and writer at *******fimoculous****. He recently published an article in *******NYMag**** about internet fame and how to achieve it. Some people take their internet meme and make a career while others don't. This video tells you the 8 steps to internet fame online.
4 Jul 2008
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For *******pop17**** I got to cover an amazing musician, Jonathan Coulton. My friend Brad, *******youtube****/bradofarrell invited me to his concert in NYC and we had a great time! Thanks for turning me onto him! I'm die hard now.
11 Jul 2008
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For those of you who have been living under a rock, learn as I explain what a Mudkip is and tell you some background info on the Internet meme revolving around them.
12 Apr 2013
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www.zanesavage**** www.bradsblog**** *******dylan**** *******live****
7 Mar 2009
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BAIXE NOSSO APP PARA IPHONE - ‪*******‬ ANDROID - Muito em breve... Alguns jornalistas viram âncoras, ícones e apresentadores do BBB. Mas poucos viram lendas... como memes. Some journalists end up becoming news anchors, icons or reality show hosts. Few manage to become internet memes. FACEBOOK: ********www.facebook****/PortaDosFundos TWITTER: *******www.twitter****/aportadosfundos CONTATO: contatoportadosfundos****.br
14 Jun 2013
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Gummy Bear All Song ♥♣♥ the Best Collection ♥♣♥ New 2014 "I'm a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)" is a novelty dance song by Gummibär, in reference to the gummy bear, a brand of bear-shaped candy from Germany. It was written by German composer Christian Schneider and released by its label Gummybear International. The song was first released in Hungary, where it spent eight months as number 1. Subsequently it became global as an internet meme, in large part due to its corresponding videos on YouTube and MySpace. It has since been released in at least twenty five languages and has virally spread worldwide with more than 1 billion plays. With the song ready-made for ringtone use, one critic commented "he's the ultimate cross-platform, cross-cultural phenomenon YouTube was designed to unleash." It is heard on his debut album I Am Your Gummy Bear released in 2007.
9 Nov 2014
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Tobuscus SHIRTS & Minotaur plush! ******* Download PvZ 2 on iOS: ******* Download PvZ 2 on Android: ******* Previous Animated Adventure: ******* (EU) SHIRTS & Minotaur Plush! *******tobuscus.spreadshirt****/ FREE Netflix for Audience at: *******netflix****/audience VIRAL SONG! - ******* Subscribe! - ******* In the new episode of Tobuscus Adventures, Toby and Gabuscus travel "back in time" to when Crazy Dave from Plants vs. Zombies 2 was selling some PvZ 2 plants to farmers. Will his solution work to save the world from the plant and man-eating zombies from the game or will the world end once and for all? Tobuscus takes the plants to the present to kill the zombies from It's About Time, then joins his best friend and partner President Barack Obama in saving the world. As usual, the episode features a breadth of hilarious pop culture references, see if you can spot them all. From ID4, to DC comics, to an arrangement of internet memes, keep your eyes peeled for more! BONUS: Episode 8 of the Tobuscus Animated Adventures (featuring Plants vs. Zombies 2) also includes one of the best speeches ever (SPOILER: the speech from Independence Day). Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time is available for download on iTunes, iOS, Android and more. STEVEN'S NOTES: The Plants vs. Zombies 2 game features the same awesome zombies from the game, as well as Crazy Dave himself, who to me always sounds like he makes more sense than Toby Turner himself. Check out PvZ on Facebook! ******* *******t***/06ZaySi6IP Follow PvZ on Twitter: ******* Join the Audience!! Facebook | *******Facebook****/Tobuscus Twitter | *******twitter****/tobyturner Spotify | ******* Signed DRW Posters *******www.forhumanpeoples****/products/tobuscus-drw-poster Thanks for Favoriting/Liking!! It helps a lot! Playlists: ***********/user/TobyGames/videos?flow=grid&view=1 Main Channel - *******youtube****/Tobuscus Daily Vlogs - *******youtube****/tobyturner Written by Toby Turner Tobuscus - Toby Turner Gabuscus - Gabe Hohreiter ************/habe28 Director & Storyboard Artist: Talia Ellis Character Designer: Talia Ellis Lead Animator: Stephanie Throssell Animators: Ketzi Rivera, Chelsea Hemphill, & Rafaella Angelica Nepales Colorists: Joanne Koehler & Jules Senecal Tobuscus and Gabuscus Character Designs by Gonzalo Villagomez Obama vocals provided by Iman Crosson aka Alphacat. Check out his channel: *******youtube****/Alphacat © 2013 Electronic Arts Inc. Not all images representative of actual gameplay. © 2013 Tobuscus
2 Jan 2014
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