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Instrumental by The Serpent, Delhi This track is a dedication from the King of the Desi South. This music is can be cateogrised as Desi Hip Hop, Desi Rap, Indian Rap, Indian Hip Hop, Dnoax, Graffitti, Mc, Soulja Boy , Crank Dat , Li'l Wayne , 2Pac, Dr.Dre , Interscope, Universal, west coast , east coast , southside , Dirty South , Chamillionaire , Rapping, Freestyling, B boying, Club Banger, Indi Pop, Bhangra Rap, Punjabi Rap, Tamil Rap, Hindi Rap, Hindi Hip Hop, Tamil Hip Hop, Bhangra Hip Hop, Punjabi Hip Hop, Remix, Commercial Music video, Brand New Music Video, Dancing in a club, sounds like , 50 cent, G unit , eminem , mob deep, Hard Kaur, rishi rish, bombay rockers, sona family, Bhoemia, 2pac, Biggie, notorious big, Desi, They see, India, Indian, battle rap, hip Hop battle, Dance battle, freestyle, freestyle moves, disco, club music, fast rap ,hot, brand new music video, chicks, sexy gals, sexy , sexy girls, music video, new artists, new artist, new on the block , new rap , new hip hop music, new music, new group, topping the charts, graffitti, dnoax, indian hip hop record label, desi media networks, dmn, dnox, dreadnox, dreadknox, bangalore, mumbai, chennai, hyderbad, delhi, india, desi land, pakisthan, srilanka, burma, nepal, remix, clingout, hangout, great moves, brand new music, new moves, crazy freestlye moves, how to rap, how to make a music video, how to reach the public, how to leave a mark, how to dance, how to sing, how to remix, how to mix, how to produce, hip hop producer, new hip hop beat, crib , click , joint, rap, rap core, hard rap, aggressive rap, underground rap, asian rap, asian hip hop, asian rapper, indian rapper, indian rappers, desi rappers, desi rapper, mc, freestyling, performace, rapping live, independent record label, hip hop record label in india, downloads, free, free download, free music, free rap songs, free hip hop songs, free music, free show, clubs, discos, break dancing, head spins, cart wheels, crib walk, c walk, melodious singing, brand new kick ass video, new hip hop group, new hip hop rappers, Indian, desi, calling unsinged artists, desimedianetworks**** , www.clingout**** , www.desimedianetworks**** , dnoax available on all leading online music stores like itunes, napster, raphsody, groupies tunes, emusic, amazon mp3, clingout**** , sounds like yogi b, sounds like t pain, snoop dogg, soulja boy, patriotic rap, indian rap , indian hip hop, move to the groove, music for teenagers, revolt, revolution, they see, they see revolution, desi revolution, desi hip hop revolution, desi rap revolution, indian folk songs, old indian songs, old remix songs, punjabi, indian dance, indian freestyle dancers, indian hip hop dancers, indian rappers, indian mcs, indian b boys, indian gals, indian girls, indian women, indian people, hardcore rap,
13 May 2009
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New single from Ayo. The track is titled "Down on My Knees," and it is featured on Ayo's album Joyful (Interscope Records).
25 Mar 2009
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Snow Patrol are a Northern Irish[1] alternative rock band, with members from Northern Ireland and Scotland. Formed at the University of Dundee in 1994,[2] the band is now based in Glasgow. The band's first three records, the EP Starfighter Pilot, and the studio albums Songs for Polarbears and When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up, were commercially unsuccessful and were released by independent labels Electric Honey and Jeepster, respectively. When the band moved to a major record label Polydor Records, they released their 2003 album Final Straw which surpassed 4x platinum sales in the UK.[3] This was the first time the band achieved significant commercial sales, following it up with international success in 2006 when Eyes Open sold 4.7 million copies worldwide. The songs "Run", "Chasing Cars" and "Signal Fire" are among the band's biggest hits. Snow Patrol have been nominated for three BRIT Awards and have won five Meteor Ireland Music Awards. In 2008, the band released their fifth studio album A Hundred Million Suns, and released their first compilation album, Up to Now in 2009. Worldwide, the band have sold over ten million albums......Background information Origin Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom Genres Alternative rock, power pop, indie rock Years active 1994present Labels Fiction/Interscope (2003present) Jeepster (19952001) Electric Honey (1997) Associated acts Shrug, Iain Archer, Belle & Sebastian, The Reindeer Section, File Under Easy Listening, Terra Diablo, The Cake Sale, Little Doses, Listen... Tanks!, Tired Pony Website snowpatrol**** Members Gary Lightbody Jonny Quinn Tom Simpson Nathan Connolly Paul Wilson Former members Michael Morrison Mark McClelland
18 Apr 2010
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*******www.microcinemadvd**** "Unlike anything the fashion, art, and creative worlds have ever seen, FLY is a unique, multi-sensory journey into the fashion magazine of the future. FLY’S visionary collection of exclusive short fashion films, interviews, documentaries, and music videos are released on a limited edition DVD with a graphic silkscreen cover printed on recycled handmade packaging. FLY’s contributors are some of the best-established and emerging talent from all creative disciplines—film, fashion, photography, design, art, and music. FLY’s current issue, “What A World, What A World” includes 22 short films with renowned artists such as Alex Cayley, Jamie Isaia, Ghukfvin, Catherine Cushman, Gray Scott, Tiziano Magni, Bruce Gilden, Elliot Erwitt, and Susan Meiselas. This issues features section pays homage to the photo agency Magnum’s 60th Anniversary. Fashion in FLY’s films come from Givenchy, Yohji Yamamoto, YSL, Sonya Rykiel, Junya Watanabe, Rick Owens, Shelly Steffee, Ann Demulemeester, Miu Miu, Kiki De Montparnasse, with music from, Van She, Cut Copy, The Presets, New Young Pony Club, Tiger Sushi and Sir Alice amongst others. Featuring Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Missy Rayder, The Ditmar Triplets, JP and Natasa V. FLY is the first product of its kind: a limited edition, forward-thinking moving magazine, providing a new way to experience and showcase fashion, art, and music. FLY features fashion and art-inspired short films, interviews and documentaries, video installation pieces, digital art, animation, and music videos—created by established and emerging photographers, filmmakers, animators, and artists. FLY 02 categories include Editorials, Features, Music Videos, The Loop EDITORIALS Domestic and hidden curiosities Directed by Cyril Guyot Designer Yves Saint Laurent Featuring Natasa V. America’s fascination with the automobile takes an erotic turn as a housewife leaves her domestic bliss behind to explore her hidden curiosities. The Veil Directed by Catherine Cushman Designer Junya Watanabe Featuring J.P A childhood memory that recalls a mysterious woman dressed in black that wanders the street pushing a baby carriage. The Last Shot Directed by Tiziano Magni Designer Kiki de Montparnasse A woman burns every last remnant of a relationship that has died. I Got Devil Directed by Alex Antich Designer Martin Margiella A dark nightclub dreamscape mixes dancing and delirium in flashes of light that show how stories may lie beneath outward appearances. String Directed by Jamie Isaia Designer Sonia Rykiel Featuring Marina Skopkareva In a lush open field, a woman finds a string. She follows it in a search to see where it will lead. Waves Directed by Alex Cayley Designer Yoji Yamamoto Dancers from The Cedar Lake Dance Company float across the screen as if they were under water. Please Excuse Me For Staring Directed by Stephen Blaise Designer Miu, Miu Featuring Julia Restion Roitfeld & Todd Sines In an exercise in futility, a lonely guy try’s speaking with a young woman eating an egg salad sandwich at a table across from him. A Series of Missed Connections Directed by Noah David Smith Designer Shelly Steffee A mans point of view as he falls in love many times throughout the day. 23.98 Directed by Stephen Blaise Designer Rick Owens A study of unique beauty and clothing filmed at 24 frames per second. Vacuus Numb Directed by Gray Scott Designer Ann Demeulemeester An ominous mysterious interaction between a man, a woman and a television set takes place in a fallout shelter. FEATURES Sleepwalking Through the Mekong Directed by filmmaker John Pirozzi Sleepwalking Through the Mekong follows California based band Dengue Fever on their recent journey to Cambodia to perform classic 60s and 70s Cambodian rock-n-roll in the country where it was created, made popular, and very nearly destroyed. FLY presents an edited short of this documentary Bruce Gilden Photographer Bruce Gilden’s childhood in Brooklyn endowed him with a keen eye for observing urban behaviors and customs. The strong dynamic forms and graphic quality of his images and his unconventional confrontational style distinguish Gilden’s original vision. His work has been shown widely in museums and galleries all over the world. Gilden has received numerous grants and awards for his work including three National Endowments for the Arts fellowships (1980, 1984 and 1992), a Villa Medicis Hors les Murs (1995), New York State Foundation for the Arts Grant (1979, 1992 and 2000), the European Award for Photography (1996) and a Japan Foundation Fellowship (1999). In 1998, Gilden became a member of Magnum. Leaves Leaves is an experimental animation dealing with the cycles of life, technology, and human behavior. Screenings have been presented at MoMa Workspheres, Mori Museum and Virgin Cinemas. This is a short excerpt from this innovative piece. Video Jonathan Turner Music Jack Hazard The Funeral A short film by Patrik Andersson, inspired by his mentor, and his childhood memories growing up in Sweden watching Ingmar Bergman films. Shirin Neshat Through film and still photographs Shirin Neshat tells stories of men and women's positions in the Muslim culture. She explores the distinctive opposites of the culture between man & woman, free & oppressed, tradition & renewal. Much of her work deals with taboo sexuality, sensuality, forbidden attractions and repressed contact between the sexes. She demonstrates the way in which gender is the deciding factor in the individual's social status. Her works concerns itself with women's marginalized position in society. She was awarded a Golden Lion at the Biennale in Venice in 1999, received the ICP Infinity Award for Art in 2002, and was named honorary professor at the Berlin Institute of Arts in 2004. Patch Writer/Director Christopher Romero returns to the short form with a poignant examination of the intersecting lives of strangers, each haunted by an unforgettable trauma. Filmed in and around Woodstock, NY by Frankie DeMarco, Patch stars Melissa Leo, Leo Burmester, and Deborah Harry. Original music by Adrian Romero. MUSIC VIDEOS The Presets - “Are You The One’ (Modular People) The Owl - ‘I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness’ Wolfmother - ‘Woman’ (Modular/Interscope Records) Emily Haines - ‘Dr Blind’ (Last Gang Records) Clark - “TED’ (Warp Records) I Love UFO - ‘Like In The Movies’ (Record Makers) The Presets - ‘Girl And The Sea’ (Modular People) THE LOOP The Loop showcases music from the record label Modular People, featuring tracks by: That was just a dream by Cut Copy Saturdays by Cut Copy The Twilight by Cut Copy Forgotten Works by Klaxons Street Juice by MSTRKRFT The Bomb by New Young Pony Club Ice Cream by New Young Pony Club Steamworks by The Presets Down Down Down by The Presets I Go Hard I Go Home by The Presets Are You The One by The Presets Girlkillsbear by Softlightes Woman (MSTRKRFT Remix) by Wolfmother "
4 Feb 2010
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Boy, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti Shoppin Spree Teen Of Tha South Mixtape Collipark/Interscope
28 Aug 2008
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Copyright : (SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, UMG, Boi1-Da, Eminem, Aftermath, Interscope, Shady Records)
15 May 2010
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Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Boom Boom Pow with Mathew Cullen [Video Director], Anna Joseph [Video Producer] (C) 2009 Interscope Records
28 Jul 2009
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Music video by Weezer performing Pork And Beans with Mathew Cullen [Video Director], Javier Jimenez [Video Producer] (C) 2008 Interscope Records
19 Jun 2008
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Hey Diggers! Here's a little Digg love from me to you :) I'm a finalist in Doritos' Crash the Super Bowl Contest and could get my music video played during the Super Bowl and a record deal with Interscope. I need your help! I'm feeling lazy, at school or when I work I sneak to my computer, and then I like to shirk I don't go online shopping, I don't email with my mom I open up my browser, and go to digg-dot-com Chorus: Gotta digg, gotta digg, gotta digg Gotta make this story big! Did you hear that awful sound? Another server's down! I always dig up Apple, and I bury Microsoft But when I said I was a girl, all the diggers scoffed And when I see those stories about Senator Ron Paul I don't even RTFA; I just digg them all! Chorus: Gotta digg, gotta digg, gotta digg Gotta make this story big! Did you hear that awful sound? Another server's down! The fanboys can be tiresome, they always are outspoken And if you're listening Kevin Rose, the comment system's broken! I know digg isn't perfect, but be thankful for what we've got It's just like daddy always says: 'At least it's not Slashdot!!!' Chorus: Gotta digg, gotta digg, gotta digg Gotta make this story big! Did you hear that awful sound? Another server's down! ------- Chords To 'Gotta Digg' VERY simple. D C G A D C G A D C G A forever and ever and ever.... I'd double check what fret I did it on, but I'm not around my guitar. I'm pretty sure it was standard, but I am a big capo user, so it's possible I threw it on some fret? Happy playing!! for more of my music: buy cds: download cds: search iTunes for Kina Grannis!
26 Dec 2007
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Interscope Records is proud to introduce JAMES MORRISON Not only is England's James Morrison the owner of the most charismatic and rootsy soul voice to emerge in recent years, but his songs pack an emotional depth that lets you know they're coming from someplace - and someone - very real. He's got style and substance; honesty and passion, and a debut so strong that he won't be UNDISCOVERED for long. His Interscope debut album UNDISCOVERED arrives nationwide on March 13th. www.jamesmorrison-us**** www.myspace****/jamesmorrisonmusic Get to know James through his series of webisodes. *******www.jamesmorrison-us****/video/player
12 Feb 2007
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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), better known by her stage name Lady Gaga is an American recording artist. After being signed to and quickly dropped from Def Jam Records at age 19, she began performing in the rock music scene of New York City's Lower East Side. During this time, she was also working at Interscope Records as a songwriter for several established acts, including Akon, who, after hearing Gaga sing, convinced Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine to sign her to a joint deal with the label and Akon's Kon Live Distribution label. Distributed by Tubemogul.
7 Nov 2009
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Better On The Other Side Official Video Download *******sharebee****/334de18e GWearTV Exclusive - Michael Jackson Tribute R.I.P. Hours after receiving the news about the death of legend, Michael Jackson, multi-platinum rapper, The Game called some of his closest in the industry to pay homage to one of the best that ever did it. A farewell with pianos and the voices of Usher, Chris Brown, Boyz II Men, Diddy and Mario Winans "Better On the Other Side," Produced by DJ Khalil and Executive Produced by The Game. *******G-Wear****** *******G-Wear**** LYRICS: [Diddy talking] I remember the first time i seen you moonwalk, I believed I could do anything, you made the world dance, you made the music come to life [Chris brown - Chorus] This the type of song that make the angels cry, i look up in the sky and i wonder why? why you had to go, go I know its better on the other side, you were chosen from the start never gon let you go, [The Game] Whos Michael Jackson, Your Michael Jackson, Im Michael Jackson, We all Michael Jackson, I guess what Im asking is everybody bow their head for a legend dont breathe for a second, now let the air out, grab the hand of somebody you care about, so you can hear my message, my confession, someone tell Usher, i seen the moonwalk, i guess the young thriller touched him, like he touched me, like he touched you, so carry on his legacy, something i must do, so i trust you lighting candles, concrete visuals, me and my brothers listen to jackson 5 in the living room, first thing i did when i heard was call puff, cos him and Mike tried to stop the beef between us, who was us? Me and fifty, that beef is dead, him and Mike Jackson gonna take us to the ledge. [Chorus] As Im pouring out this liquor candles start to flicker, when list (?) my air ones, MJ was my nier. Not the one that play ball, the one with the hollywood star, and since im a hollywood star imma tell you my story, [Courtesy of KillerHipHop****] never had a family that close, never see Barry Gordy walking through interscope, just like me they always had Mike in a scope, no matter what you say, imma love him and hes still dope, let me take you back to 85 when i was in a zone, dancing for my momma thriller jacket with all the zippers on, now im doing 90 bout to crash in this Aston, listening to Outcast, Im sorry Mrs Jackson [Damn - Dope line from Game - KillerHipHop****] anything i can ever do to better you your son was our king so we wont Corretta you, Im writing this letter to all the Jackson kids, we all Jackson kids, time to let us through. [Chorus] [Boys II Men] This the kind of song that make the angels cry, look up in the sky and ask God, why o why why Do we live and let die This the kind of song that make the angels cry, look up in the sky and ask God, why o why why Do we live and let, live and let die. [Lyrics courtesy of KillerHipHop****] [End]
11 Sep 2009
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Dj Skee and Dj Reflex introduce Harlem's own Charles Hamilton to the world! Watch as he shows why hes the next big star in hip hop with his first ever radio interview & freestyle on Los Angeles' Power 106. This kid is the truth and just signed his own label deal with Interscope, remember where you saw and heard him first!! His freestyle is all off the top of his head (no writtens). History in the making... It's Skee.TV (( www.SkeeTV****)) !!
28 Jan 2010
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Company Info Below: I do not own the audio track; All rights to the audio track are reserved by Lloyd Banks and Interscope Records and Shady Records $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ **********T2D FRESH TRACKS DUMPS SERVICE!************** Introducing to the General Public, Our Track 2 Dumps Service! AVAILABLE NOW 1. Largest,Freshest bases ever!!! ( WORLDWIDE V/MC/AMEX) 2. Superior Customer service 3. Greatest Service of Bin Consultation for your area! 4. Fair Prices, Fair replacement service, and Great Product! 5. ICQ Support,Multilingual, 24/7/365 "THE ONLY HONEST VERIFIED DUMPS VENDORS WITH GOOD DATABASE" Plastics and Novelty IDs and checker service coming soon! Stop Wasting your $$ on Rippers/low quality dumps w/o support! Come make Big Money, With The Real Deal! WE DO NOT EXAGGERATE WHEN WE SAY WE ARE THE BEST IN THE BIZ! COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!!! CONTACT US ON ICQ SUPPORT #1. 4321-33 SUPPORT #2. 353-123456
17 Apr 2010
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The weekly show that reports all the developments in Hip Hop from news and new releases to album sales and charts. Hosted by Wahidah Fowler, this weeks show features: === MAIN STORIES === - A day after an arizona sheriff offered a $5000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of DMX, the rapper was caught by the FBI hiding in Scott Storch's house in miami. - Interscope label mates Soulja Boy and Charles Hamilton are engaged in internet beef. The latest post on Charles' Blog suggests that they may be doing a song together. - Andre 3000 & the Cartoon Network are being sued for $2 Million by a man who claims that the cartoon 'Class Of 3000' stole ideas from 'The Music Factory of the 90's', a show he pitched several years earlier. - The following new label signings were announced this week, Killer Mike to T.I's Grand Hustle, the GS Boys from Dallas to Yung Jocs Swagg Team Entertainment and Busta Rhymes is rumored to have signed to T-Pains Nappy Boy label. === NEW RELEASES === This weeks recommended album is EPMDs "We Mean Business" other new releases this week include Common - Universal Mind Control The Pharcyde - The Bobby Evans Mix Brandy - Human Musiq SoulChild - OnMyRadio Avant - Avant === NEW MUSIC === The 5starhiphop**** song of the week is "2nd Time" by Wale ft. Brother Ali. The Game - Show Is Over Lupe Fiasco - Hustlers and Customers Keyshia Cole ft. Lil Wayne "I LOVE YOU" Ghostface Killah - Slept On Tony Marsha Ambrosius ft Busta Rhymes - Dat Shit Jay-Z (feat. MC Lyte) - BK Anthem Ali Vegas ft AZ, Styles P & Danny McClane - Its So Hard Jamie Foxx ft T-Pain - Blame It === NEW VIDEOS === Young Chris - Promise Land Charles Hamilton - Brooklyn Girls Mariah Carey Right To Dream Freeway - Hustlers Prayer Jurassic 5 - Ducky Boy (New World Order) Juelz Santana Ft. Starr - Jingle Bellz === BILLBOARD 200 === Here are last weeks album sales courtesy of NEILSENs SOUND SCAN: 1. Beyonce - I AM SASHA FIERCE 152,816 893,370 2. Kanye West - 808s & HEARTBREAK 141,678 593,073 3. Akon - FREEDOM 110,560 NEW ENTRY 4. Ludacris - THEATER OF THE MIND 65,295 279,421 5. Scarface - EMERITUS 42,023 NEW ENTRY 6. T.I. - PAPER TRAIL 38av,932 1.3m 7. Rihanna - GOOD GIRL GONE BAD 30,179 2m 8. T-Pain - THR33 RINGZ 29,077 307,395 9. Lil Wayne - THA CARTER III 23,358 2.7m 10.John Legend - EVOLVER 22,453 352,792 ==TOP FIVE=== Here are this weeks top 5 selling digital songs on iTunes: # 5 Beyonce - If I Were a Boy # 4 Kanye West - Heartless # 3 Kanye West again - Love Lockdown # 2 Akon ft Colby O'Donnis & Kardinal Offishall - Beautiful # 1 Beyonce - Single Ladies(Put A Ring on It) === BRANDWATCH === This weeks Brandwatch is the licensing deal between T.I's latest signing B.O.B and Nintendo, where the brand is using the track "Created a Monster" in the new Nintendo DS commercial. So what do you think, good fit or they couldnt afford outkasts "hey ya"? === UNDERGROUND HEAT === Digiwaxx Media Presents this weeks Underground Heat artist "Fresh Daily" from Brooklyn, New York. Check him out on myspace****/freshdotdaily === CREDITS === A JumpOff.TV Production ( Presented By: Wahidah ( Camera Op: Hector Gonzalez Editor: AKC'Ent. (
13 Dec 2008
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Interscope Records is proud to introduce JAMES MORRISON. Not only is England's James Morrison the owner of the most charismatic and rootsy soul voice to emerge in recent years, but his songs pack an emotional depth that lets you know they're coming from someplace - and someone - very real. He's got style and substance; honesty and passion, and a debut so strong that he won't be UNDISCOVERED for long. His Interscope debut album UNDISCOVERED arrives nationwide on March 13th. www.jamesmorrison-us**** www.myspace****/jamesmorrisonmusic Get to know James through his series of webisodes. *******www.jamesmorrison-us****/video/player/
21 Feb 2007
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