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Mercedes Benz Inventions Commercial
9 Nov 2007
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The greatest invention of all times for the boys & girls who want to have the sexiest body but don't have enough time to work out. This is the most efficient way of keeping your body fit. This video will guide you to the ultimate happiness by giving you the hints of the AIR PUSH UP work-out
19 Nov 2007
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New card trick that i invented
20 Nov 2007
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robots invented for life
28 Nov 2007
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Funny invention!
30 Dec 2007
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Watch as Billy Carmen From Product News Channel demonstrates how an invention and new product is born. Watch the entire invention and manufacturing process
7 Jan 2008
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Zoomagic Puzzle Is my Great invention and... It is your Great World-Wide Business. I Look for an Investor to create the Zoomagic International Company, to produce and to sell the Zoomagic. Definition of the Market: Most of the 800 Zoos of the United States, are interested in this novel product: The Zoomagic, they admire it and are their permanent and potential clients. They want to sell the Zoomagic puzzle in their gift shops. You can read your E-mails and see a video in my blog: www.zooplanet.blogspot**** The projection of sales of Zoomagic, to medium and long term, in the World-wide market is important, of approximately 600 million visitors, who attend the zoological ones, every year, anywhere in the world. The game is Unique in the world, it will be commercialized in all the Zoological ones and in addition in the Choping Mall and Toys Store. Definition of the Product: The children have with Zoomagic puzzle, a game that defies its imagination. It is an excellent tool of playful wisdom, to be related to love to the animals and the nature. The pieces of Zoomagic puzzle are complete animals, these fit with other harmonically, by their classic morphology, without leaving spaces free, without distorting their real figures. The philosophy of Zoomagic, consists of playing through the forms of the animals, therefore the children know their integral characteristics better, discover in simple form, because it is necessary to protect all the animals, as well as the pieces keep from the puzzle, cannot loss any animal. They know that conserving the balance of the life, one protects the humanity and the life of the Planet. The Zoomagic has more than 280 animal outstanding species of the World. This is a puzzle very original and didactic, on the back of each piece, or each animal are printed texts teaching of each species, with its scientific and common names. The ZooMagic can be manufactured in any size, is very different from traditional puzzles, will be produced in size Giant 2 X 1.40 Mts. To build or fit on the floor. It can be printed in a variety of editions, thick cardboard, offset, or washable plastic. I look for an honest investor quickly: I am Roberto Vejarano the author. I need to create the Zomagic international company, to produce and to sell anywhere in the world, by means of third. You can send your message to my email: robertovejarano8yahoo**** Please visit my Blog, so that you know all the details, close up the design, photos, a video and e-mails from many Zoos of E.E.U.U, they asking and admiring the Zoomagic Puzzle: www.zooplanet.blogspot**** Thank you for your kind attention and interest. I wait for its communication soon.
15 Jan 2008
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Check out these very cool inventions. I wish I had one of those... (get paid for inventions
1 Feb 2008
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kids and his invention
24 Feb 2008
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Host (David Beeler) welcomes to the studio Sir Reginald Bo-Hey Know (Tom Konkle) to talk about his book The Cartographers. Written by Tom and Dave Pith-e Productions The first self-produced series of Invention has gotten hundreds of thousands of views, its own fan following worldwide including a fan Myspace page dedicated to the show and Twitter page with articles on NewTeeVee**** and Tubefilter.Tv about the show THE CHARACTERS: Host Brian Forbes (David Beeler) must each week welcome back eccentric inventor and author, Sir Reginald Bo-Hey No (Tom Konkle) who is always his guest and they riff in a short, funny sketch in the chat show format. It is a funny “Art Bell,” show like AM Coast to Coast a late night science/conspiracy show. The series has even been singled out by a serious UK television show as the comic relief on the show’s own webpage. Season 1: After a several episodes of very strange and funny interviews with Sir Reginald about his worthless inventions, Brian becomes increasingly hostile after being accommodating as he realizes he is physically trapped in this talk show with Reginald, literally walking from one side of the frame only to reappear on the other side of the frame again. They must eventually use their own ingenuity to escape, while continuing to do a chat show. What will happen when they get out into the “real” world again? Will they miss each other? Or has Brian simply been driven mad by the eccentric scientist and it’s all in his head…. Reviews of Dave and Tom: BACKSTAGE WEST
- Polly Warfield These two are worthy successors to the comedy mantles of the greats, Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. Wittily penned and performed by David Beeler and Tom Konkle, crisply directed by Michael Neill, this night-blooming nosegay of skits and sketches pays proper homage to the kookily cerebral art of (late) Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. Beeler, who could well be cast as an eager young prelate just out of the seminary, is here cast as Moore. Konkle, with the mien of a solid citizen—businessman or loony--could be Cook. They are well paired and well contrasted, and what we have here, as we had there, is la creme de la creme of comedy. LA WEEKLY – Paul Birchall …writer-performers David Beeler and Tom Konkle capture the geniality and goofiness of the late, great masters of the "twitty old bean" style of English comedy. For, in this collection of gleeful and quick-witted skits, Beeler and Konkle pay homage to the buddy comedy of their predecessors…. Comedy Videos Online – Julianne Flystra But willing suspension of disbelief isn’t too hard to do here, because these fictitious Brits run through sketch after sketch without losing any steam where anything is possible and everything is gut-bustingly funny… Beeler and Konkle’s chemistry make “Invention” a treat to watch. They build off each other’s wild gestures, energy and antics as if they’ve known each other all their lives, even though they met in 1999. Dave and Tom The Sketches - Viral Video Show on Veoh**** The wide range of sketches require Beeler and Konkle to play characters who are polar opposites of each man’s previous part, yet the duo pull it off with ease. Summary: The internet series “Invention with Brian Forbes” is short, fast, funny and cheap to produce series with recurring characters and a great potential for endless, funny flights of fancy that work on all the new media platforms. Written, performed and produced by Tom Konkle and David Beeler this is a “turn key” production that’s ready to go. Host (David Beeler) welcomes to the studio Sir Reginald Bo-Hey Know (Tom Konkle) to talk about his book The Cartographers. Written by Tom and Dave Pith-e Productions
3 Jan 2010
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If you have no time to play with your c**t, this invention will be interesting to you! :)
16 Mar 2008
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This video includes highlights from InventHelp's 2007 INPEX Invention Show. INPEX (the Invention and New Product Exposition) is America's largest invention trade show. Entering its 24th year in 2008, InventHelp's INPEX show provides a forum for inventors to exhibit their ideas and attempt to meet companies who may be interested in new products.
24 Mar 2008
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This is Invention #4 in D Minor by J.S. Bach. Ralph Press, President of The Digital Entertainment Network plays it on a Yamaha DGX-500 Digital Piano set to Synthesizer Saw Lead.
28 Mar 2008
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home-made device prototype, enables people to use a PC for hours with no effort with only control of their head and breath. I have done programming browsing and completed games with this while I had a hand injury, as efficiently as with a mouse, it can be adapted to have a second mouse button. it is a wind prone but indoors it has many advantages over every other available clicking device sold as assistive technology. I hope this invention can help many people because it doesn't exist in production anywhere in the world at present but it's actually better than anything currently available!
7 Apr 2008
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Daddy may be a little greedy with the doritos but he sure is inventive is daddy with his toppings
9 Apr 2008
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A sunny day he woke up and invented this... (with English subs)
18 Apr 2008
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