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Modern Technology is related technology the all over the world.
Invention Resource International is the largest invention assistance organization in the world. Whether assistance is needed regarding invention publicity, virtual prototyping, patent referral or licensing negotiations, Invention Resource International is there for you.
Top 5 Skills Invented by Ronaldo and Messi ● HD ✔️.mp4
25 Dec 2017
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5 New Crazy Tech Inventions You Can Buy On Amazon 2017
30 Dec 2017
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In this video you see worlds most amazing technology inventions you never see before please support me for more entrusting videos
4 Jan 2018
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Islamic Invention - THE WORLD MAP
28 Dec 2017
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redneck inventions
5 Jan 2018
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very funny rednecks
5 Jan 2018
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In this epic history of man and womankind’s eternal struggle to couple… and do other things, the good folks at Tinder let us get our art on to create a luscious world where people have wonderbutts… and the same face. Directed by Buck
15 Jan 2018
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This video is for Spanish Speaking people interested on new technologies, to be aware of how the future is getting closer to us on a accelerated manner and to be prepared to get advantage of all new inventions that are been used now and will be affecting our regular lives.
23 Dec 2017
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This guy in India is selling a very cool but simple invention to make the chopping of vegetables easy and less time-consuming. You will be amazed by the perfect shapes.
12 Jan 2018
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Though it is a good invention the motorized bicycle was originally invented around 100 years ago which is just a bit modified by someone from India.
15 Jan 2018
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iPhone Case iPhones are quite expensive. Protecting your investment the best way you can is the top priority. They are not as durable as we thought they are. Inevitable accidents might occur like dropping your iPhones underwater, falling from a certain height, scratches and even dust. So, how do you protect your devices from all of this? Thank you for the invention of phone cases!
20 Dec 2017
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Mental math is the ability to do mathematical calculations exclusively in one’s mind. With this ability, your child is able to do day-to-day computations in their head without ever needing a pencil, paper, calculator or any other form of help. Using various arithmetic techniques and practicing them in the mental space, your child is able to perform calculations within seconds that even adults would need much more time for. However, developing these skills in a child requires serious efforts. At Tinker Thinkers, we train children to do such calculations using visual learning. We do this by using an ingenious invention called a Soroban.
21 Dec 2017
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Cross-platform mobile development refers to the development of mobile apps that can be used on multiple mobile platforms. Kunsh Technologies – Offshore Software Development Company supports an agile approach to the development, integration and deployment of cross mobile applications. Our rich experienced developers of hybrid mobile apps work with international companies to turn their valued ideas into amazing and inventive Android apps. Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development are costs effective and increase the speed at which apps are developed and generally they are quite simple to use as they are based off of the common languages for scripting, including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
26 Dec 2017
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