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Loved this technology from Danish company Ceramic Speed.
12 Jul 2018
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This is the very last chance to get your Dolfi at a discounted price – we don’t plan to make any discounts afterward. We’re offering a limited number of 1000 Dolfi devices to evaluate demand and plan the size of our next component purchases.
16 Jul 2018
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Moi je squatte à Juvisy Et toi tu crèches à Neuilly Notre rencontre, c´était fatal, Ça s´est passé dans les Halles Depuis je veux te revoir Que je suis au désespoir J´ai même plaqué toutes mes meufs Toi tu me fais un effet bœuf Y a pas plus gros que Monique Qu´est caissière à Prisunic Plus moche que Maïté Qui travaille aux PTT Je sais pas comment te dire Ce que je peux pas écrire Faudrait que j´invente des mots Qu´existent pas dans le dico C´est toi que je t´aime (vachement beaucoup) C´est toi que je t´aime (vachement beaucoup) Je t´inventerai un domaine Où l´amour sera roi Je bosserai toute la semaine Même le dimanche chez Ikéa Je ferai de la variété Pour passer chez Sabatier Et que même s´il le faut J´irai chanter chez Foucault J´suis capable pour faire du fric D´être caissier à Prisunic Et d´passer tout l´été A me faire chier aux PTT Je sais pas comment te dire Ce que je peux pas écrire Faudrait que j´invente des mots Qu´existent pas dans le dico C´est toi que je t´aime (vachement beaucoup) C´est toi que je t´aime (vachement beaucoup) Pour toi je repasserai mon bac Je serai poli avec ta mère Je voterai pour Jacques Chirac J´arrêterai de boire d´la bière J´mettrai un costard cravate J´irai à Roland Garros J´te jure que j´aurai plus de morbacs J´écouterai Demis Roussos Je donnerai pour la Croix Rouge J´ferai plus "36 15 ULLA" J´achèterai le Figaro J´pisserai plus dans le lavabo Je sais pas comment te dire Ce que je peux pas écrire Faudrait que j´invente des mots Qu´existent pas dans le dico C´est toi que je t´aime (vachement beaucoup) C´est toi que je t´aime (vachement beaucoup)
29 Jun 2018
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There is no doubt that surveillance cameras had provided big boost to our safety. But did you know when the first surveillance camera was invented by whom? And why it was invented? Watch this video prepared by Alarm Master Corp for some interesting trivia that will make you appreciate more the value of your security cameras.
29 Jun 2018
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Cognegic constantly viewed as best Postgres specialists who have long history of inventive Postgres database improvement and organization. Our specialized specialists likewise give forefront support to our customers and resolve their inquiries by giving first class help. With proactive help and moment ready system we ensured unravel you're all issues. We can likewise help you in the arrangement of appropriate checking framework. Aside from Postgres Support we additionally give Postgres SQL Support to Windows or PostgreSQL Remote Database Service. For More Info Contact Number: 1-800-450-8670 Company’s Address- 507 Copper Square Drive Bethel Connecticut (USA) 06801
2 Jul 2018
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You can get best Blockchain Development Services from Cryptocurrency Development Company, Which is top rated Cryptocurrency Development Company in India. We are specializes in an invention of unique ideation throughout truly universe from the root of wings in the field of new crypto coin development. Once you reach with an entire fresh plan, we will take handle with care from the scratch and also in the existing platform can do the same up to your desired requirements meet with all of the customized features. cryptocurrency development company is moving faster with the innovational technology to climb the top high in each project fulfilled with dedication and keeps a grip on our ultimate standard of service. Being as crypto developers, we are always here to assist you like a right partner in every single flat in cryptocurrency development. In particular, we are concentrating on the high level of security and accuracy that ranks top in our every crypto service implementation offering to our clients across the globe. Our team of developers has wider adoption of upcoming forth techniques through the research every day to serve you efficiently. Bit coin creation service is best in our company due to secure transactions. Get your project form best Cryptocurrency Creation Service Development Company. Our Cryptocurrency development implant top-most exclusive tide discharge in cryptocurrency development, exchanging and mining in trust-worthy peer to peer decentralized authoritative transactions by using public and private keys. The favorable outcome from the users in bitcoin storm makes wonder more new cryptocurrency to arise. Bitcoin is a digital currency also called as ‘digital gold’ that sketch worldwide payment system, we can scrupulously develop with empowering in bitcoin API Integration from all of the crypto platforms. We are here to get in touch with our professional experts to help in a superficial idea of your own peculiar and secure cryptocurrency development,
4 Jul 2018
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Nothing has been invented
12 Jul 2018
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Intellectual property refers to your artistic or literary work, images, names, symbols, and inventions, all the products of your mind. The trademark attorney Austin helps you with the process.
20 Jul 2018
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This guy invented the wheel, but he was misunderstood.
24 Apr 2006
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If you could receive one of the inventions in the video, which one would you choose?
9 Apr 2006
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The invention enables figure skating on all sorts of floors, indoor and outdoor - for training, competition, leisure or play. It makes ice-like movements not possible with conventional roller skates or inlines. Early experiment footage from 2004.
7 Aug 2006
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who invented money ? Men got inspiration from birds to invent aeroplane but who and what inspired him to invent money ??? .Comment with your funny imagination on who could have invented money. - venkat
9 Nov 2006
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Nice gallery with absurd inventions.
6 Mar 2007
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