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Amazing Inventions Invented In Texas.
21 Mar 2019
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Tesla Secret Free Energy Device Generator Zero Point Powers Light Bulb Magnets & Potato Scalar Ether #TeslaFreeEnergy #FreeEnergy #FreePower ChemTrailsMN 9 months ago (edited) IS THERE REALLY FREE ENERGY???? The Short answer is YES!!! There is UNLIMITED energy that fills the Universe, Einstein called it the ETHER, Tesla called it "radiant energy" or "the energy of the universe" This energy, if safely tapped, can supply unlimited energy for mankind to use. If we tap this energy is it free? Well no because it must drain a little if used, BUT if you consider this energy is SO VAST that it does not matter, it's like taking one drop of water out of the ocean, did you remove some water. YES, but its really imperceptible. MANY inventors tapped this energy, Tesla , Moray and others, but they are always suppressed, ridiculed, attacked and worse by the greedy industrialists that want to benefit from energy use and charge you for it. ON the other hand, tapping this energy can be HARMFUL if done incorrectly and there are many EVIL people and groups out there who could and would use it to harm or control others. THIS is the issue that governments all over the world have to wrestle with. #freeenergy #freepower #freeElectricity #tesla
25 Feb 2019
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The Tesla World Light (French: Tesla : lumière mondiale) is an 8-minute 2017 black and white avant-garde film by Montreal director Matthew Rankin imagining the latter days of inventor Nikola Tesla in 1905 in New York City. Rankin has stated that he was interested in exploring Tesla's optimistic utopian vision. The film touches on Tesla's troubled relationship with his former benefactor, J.P. Morgan, depicting Tesla on his deathbed, pleading with Morgan for another loan.[1][2][3] Rankin has stated that "everything in the film is drawn from something [Tesla] wrote or said." The film uses excerpts of Tesla's actual letters to Morgan, which the filmmaker found in the Library of Congress; even a reference to Tesla falling in love with an "electric pigeon" was based on an interview with Tesla, according to Rankin.[4] The film is produced by Julie Roy for the National Film Board of Canada.[5]
18 Mar 2019
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American Inventor: this Wanna-Be Thomas Edison invented a......Perfect Pet Petter!?
26 Sep 2006
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The Russian inventor goes on city by a bath!
29 Apr 2007
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latin inventor
17 Jun 2007
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Some young inventors took a challenge to build a machine or mechanical device that can do certain tasks in most efficient way! Enjoy!
30 Aug 2007
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13 Oct 2007
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Black Inventors and Scientists - Philip Emeagwali Excerpt from: TIME magazine *******www.time****/time/2007/blackhistmth/bios/04.html BLACK HISTORY MONTH by Madison Gray EMEAGWALI . COM P H I L I P E M E A G W A L I A C a l c u l a t i n g M o v e It's hard to say who invented the Internet. There were many mathematicians and scientists who contributed to its development; computers were sending signals to each other as early as the 1950s. But the Web owes much of its existence to Philip Emeagwali, a math whiz who came up with the formula for allowing a large number of computers to communicate at once. Emeagwali was born to a poor family in Akure, Nigeria, in 1954. Despite his brain for math, he had to drop out of school because his family, who had become war refugees, could no longer afford to send him. As a young man, he earned a general education certificate from the University of London and later degrees from George Washington University and the University of Maryland, as well as a doctoral fellowship from the University of Michigan. At Michigan, he participated in the scientific community's debate on how to simulate the detection of oil reservoirs using a supercomputer. Growing up in an oil-rich nation and understanding how oil is drilled, Emeagwali decided to use this problem as the subject of his doctoral dissertation. Borrowing an idea from a science fiction story about predicting the weather, Emeagwali decided that rather than using 8 expensive supercomputers he would employ thousands of microprocessors to do the computation. The only step left was to find 8 machines and connect them. (Remember, it was the 80s.) Through research, he found a machine called the Connection Machine at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which had sat unused after scientists had given up on figuring out how to make it simulate nuclear explosions. The machine was designed to run 65,536 interconnected microprocessors. In 1987, he applied for and was given permission to use the machine, and remotely from his Ann Arbor, Michigan, location he set the parameters and ran his program. In addition to correctly computing the amount of oil in the simulated reservoir, the machine was able to perform 3.1 billion calculations per second. The crux of the discovery was that Emeagwali had programmed each of the microprocessors to talk to six neighboring microprocessors at the same time. The success of this record-breaking experiment meant that there was now a practical and inexpensive way to use machines like this to speak to each other all over the world. Within a few years, the oil industry had seized upon this idea, then called the Hyperball International Network creating a virtual world wide web of ultrafast digital communication. The discovery earned him the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers' Gordon Bell Prize in 1989, considered the Nobel Prize of computing, and he was later hailed as one of the fathers of the Internet. Since then, he has won more than 100 prizes for his work and Apple computer has used his microprocessor technology in their Power Mac G4 model. Today he lives in Washington with his wife and son. The
9 Feb 2009
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Inventor/ Invention Services Elite Media Group is a full service inventor / invention service companies. Our invention team can help you with patents, design, packaging, marketing, prototyping, distribution and more. If you have an invention we can help to bring it to the public. Our invention services have helped many inventors to get there products designed, manufactured and out to the public. Call today. (239) 649-5010
25 Apr 2008
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The inventor of the water fueled car has been killed, is it an unrelated death, or is a plot the oil companies made in order to prevent a better and cheaper replacement for gas to be developed? Since his death the plans of his water fueled have been published. Thousands of people are converting their cars to run on gas everyday.
1 Jun 2008
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Drawings on Inventor done in andersons class.
1 Oct 2008
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