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28 Feb 2017
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Agnovi’s X-FIRE is a software application for investigation management, which supports the capture, sharing, analysis, and exporting of investigative information, which is kept secure through privilege-based access control. The software interface includes 4 main perspectives: personal, investigation, search, and admin. Law enforcement and investigative agencies can use X-FIRE to manage their personal workload. With many features to manage and report on investigations, as well as the ability to export for disclosure, you’ll soon see how X FIRE is the ideal law enforcement case management software solution. Agnovi produces best-in-class investigative case management software for law enforcement agencies, as well as training and consulting services. Visit our website to learn more.
16 Mar 2017
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Individuals go missing almost every day in New York City. Some are real and some have meaningful explanations. Most missing persons cases in New York are resolved with no one getting hurt and are usually.
24 Feb 2017
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In this segment of Amsterdam's secrets of the city, we investigate the Marine Park along with Pension Homeland, and get to see a different perspective of the Oosterdok in this historic area once owned by the VOC and the Navy. Some interesting points of interest, alternative part of the city with some hidden features. This is part four of five shorts regarding the amazing Oosterdok. Join me on YouTube as Simon Amsterdam, or on Instagram as Amsterdam Report. Hope you like my video, comment and subscribe for more.
23 Feb 2017
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This is a look at the Amsterdam light festival. Follow me as I walk the route, reveal the facts, investigate the art, and look at some secrets of the city. We look at the good, bad, and the ugly, but ultimately let you decide. This is hopefully a fun and entertaining look at this annual event, and what to see, do, and expect. This series of shorts looks at many different topics in Amsterdam and reveal some hidden places, points of interest, and secrets of the city. You can find me on YouTube as Simon Amsterdam, on Facebook and Instagram as Amsterdam Report. Hope to see you out there. Let me know your thoughts, comment, like, subscribe for more Amsterdam. I hope you like and enjoy...
23 Feb 2017
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All professional security guards that work in the state of California must be licensed and registered with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).
2 Mar 2017
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In this short of the Ghosts of Amsterdam, we look at the Spooksteeg, or Ghost Alley. This most haunted alley is actually names after the spirit that haunts it. The legend and myth appears in police investigation reports, Newspaper articles in 1901 and 1953. It's also listed on the official city website and national archives. So for those interested in a good old Amsterdam ghost story and piece of hidden history in this secret place, take a look. You can find more video's on Amsterdam, it's secret places and hidden history on my page, on YouTube as Simon Amsterdam, or Instagram as Amsterdam Report. I hope you enjoy, subscribe, comment for more.... Appreciate the support. x
3 Mar 2017
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The initial thing that the citizens of Sebastopol did was calling the police. Karen is a young policeman that lives in the city which means that she knows it very well. She is completely aware how things work in the city so she knows where to direct the whole investigation in order to catch the deceits as soon as possible. And since it is about her own safe and the safe of her fellow citizens, Karen is strongly determinate to discover who those criminals are, to catch them and bring the peace back to the city. This task won't be easy because they operate much trained but Karen will do her best.
8 Mar 2017
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Lets investigate the ghost stories and myths of Amsterdam and see why the Blood Street got it's name. Investigate local history to tell this interesting story. Join me if you like and other video's on the ghosts of Amsterdam in these little shorts. I like to share my passion for local history, stories and travel. Join me if you like, love to hear from you, comment, like, subscribe, join me if you like to see more. I amuse myself at least? You can find more video's from me on this channel, and also YouTube as Simon Amsterdam, also Instagram as Amsterdam Report. I hope you enjoy. Hear from you xx
13 Mar 2017
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I believe we are capable of so much more and spent all my life as a student, investigator and witness to somethings that can truly make us Be Better! My channel is to share what i know in order to Be better in mind, body and spirit through alternative wellness, wisdom and science... BE BETTER - A better version of you - BE IT DO IT. . . HAVE IT! Now you can "See it" to Be it, Do it...Have it! and Bebetter - A Better Version of You, with a visual form of my original inspirational and motivational quotes by DocRevAmen, Thanks for sharing! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER DocRevAmen
19 Mar 2017
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20 Mar 2017
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Los Angeles police are investigating a car crash and traffic stop involving heiress Paris Hilton to determine if officers allowed her friend to drive while drunk, a police spokeswoman said Wednesday.
3 Apr 2006
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Our very own Doctor Danger investigates some scary things!
26 Dec 2006
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Police Colonel Boong investigates massive tax evasion involving corrupt Thai government officials in several departments. Toyota and Kuehne and Nagel are investigated for fraud. Based in Bangkok Thailand Colonel Boong uses real life investigations and interviews with prime suspects in order to show us the different strategies used by White Collar Criminals. In part 1 he visits the headquarters of Toyota and meets their almost speechless management. This documentary/news item is in Thai - if their is sufficient demand a sub-titled version will be released. This type of investigative analysis based on real tax evasion is a fabulous tool for police departments the world over that are serious about protecting budgets and enforcing correct tax payments. After being poisoned by gases leaking into the drivers compartment Colonel Boong investigates Toyota Thailand and General Electric Finance
26 Feb 2007
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Police Chief Seripisuth commented on automobile tax evasion at the FCCT on the 28th April - the video is here: Part 2 of a six part series on massive tax evasion that is bleeding the Thai Government dry of funds and stunting the nation's advancement. In this episode we see Colonel Boong investigating Toyota's involement in numerous automobile tax evasion strategies. Colonel Boong reveals insurance fraud, registration fraud, customer care fraud and tax evasion - on top of this Colonel Boong is poisoned by his defective Toyota Vios which was leaking toxic gases directly into the driver's compartment. In this epic Colonel Boong plays David and Toyota plays Goliath
23 Feb 2007
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A mid air investigation
21 Jun 2007
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