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If realistic looks and comfort and what you look for, this stock S22 hair system is a great solution for you. It's a vlooped hair system without any knots. The hair are all lift and can be styled to any direction you like. The ultra thin skin base is as thin as 03mm, i.e. when you put it on your head, it's invisible. While this hairpiece is the most realistic on the market, they are meant as one time wear with about one month life span. However, discounts are available for multi purchase orders and you have the benefit of regularly having a fresh system.
23 Oct 2017
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The Russian sauna gifts light steam and soft heat. It is perfect for bathing and a special kind of thermal massage using a switch, called a 'venik'. The plunge pool gives cool relief and the shower cleanses the body. This is followed by rest and then another visit to the steam room. Heaven! The heart of the steam room is its masonry stove. Our stoves have several unique properties achieved on account of the technical excellence of the stove design. Light steam is guaranteed. What we see here is the stove's heated stone mass and red hot core. Water is splashed onto the stones and “Whuuuf-f-f!”, an invisible cloud of dry, light steam rushes up towards the ceiling. It is easy to breathe; bathing is intensely pleasurable and thermal massage with a ‘venik’, pure joy! The inbuilt steam room ventilation function is unique to stoves created at Furnace Art Engineering Fresh air from outside the building enters the stove where it is warmed and then channelled into the breathing zone in the upper area of the steam room. At the same time, air from inside the steam room, which has become saturated with impurities is fuelled out.
18 Nov 2017
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Cool video with guys on invisible skateboards.
20 Sep 2006
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Learn how to make a hollow/invisible folder that will help you hide your personal items from other users. The process takes 10-20 seconds WORTH WHILE VOICE SOUND
10 Dec 2006
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SRRY ABOUT BAD GRAPHIC, I WRITE IT HERE: 1: make new folder 2: click rename and press ALT button in and type 0160 3: right click the folder, properties, customize then change icon, go right> you will find an empty box, click it and press OK, now u have invisible folder.
27 Dec 2006
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tutorial to make an invisible favorite in internet explorer, after that you will only have to type in the adress bar "about:nameofyourfavourite"
5 Jan 2007
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Now you make your computer completely invisible by hiding it from the network, e.g school, work and all that by using a single command.
7 Jan 2007
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Send out invisible e-mails, they look blank but only you can see it's content, using only MS Word
15 Jan 2007
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people can actually be invisible, with a little help from technology
17 Jan 2007
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You will see how to make an Invisible Ink for conspiracy purposes. Could be very useful and may save your life! Go to *******mezonbiz**** for more great videos!
24 Jan 2007
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This video shows how to make an invisible folder on your computer. I know there are lots of these videos out there but this shows you exactly what to do and how and it shows you how to undo it if you decide you don't want your folder to be invisible anymore.
27 Jan 2007
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A cool way to write with "invisible ink"! No-one will see it unless he knows the secret
5 Feb 2007
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The ability to hide your personal stuff in a simple invisible folder.
4 Feb 2007
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Check out Sparta's new music video for "Taking Back Control" as featured in the upcoming supernatural thriller THE INVISIBLE – in theaters April 27th! To hear more, visit *******www.myspace****/theinvisiblemovie
25 Feb 2007
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Invisible Palm
13 Feb 2007
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Create an invisible folder which nobody but you know about!
18 Feb 2007
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