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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 The treatment goals for radiation sickness are to prevent further radioactive contamination; treat life-threatening injuries, such as from burns and trauma; reduce symptoms; and manage pain. Decontamination Decontamination is the removal of as much external radioactive particles as possible. Removing clothing and shoes eliminates about 90 percent of external contamination. Gently washing with water and soap removes additional radiation particles from the skin. Decontamination prevents further distribution of radioactive materials and lowers the risk of internal contamination from inhalation, ingestion or open wounds. Treatment for damaged bone marrow A protein called granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, which promotes the growth of white blood cells, may counter the effect of radiation sickness on bone marrow. Treatment with this protein-based medication, which includes filgrastim Neupogen, sargramostim Leukine and pegfilgrastim Neulasta, may increase white blood cell production and help prevent subsequent infections. If you have severe damage to bone marrow, you may also receive transfusions of red blood cells or blood platelets. Treatment for internal contamination Some treatments may reduce damage to internal organs caused by radioactive particles. Medical personnel would use these treatments only if you've been exposed to a specific type of radiation. These treatments include the following: Potassium iodide Thyroshield, Iosat. This is a nonradioactive form of iodine. Because iodine is essential for proper thyroid function, the thyroid becomes a "destination" for iodine in the body. If you have internal contamination with radioactive iodine radioiodine, your thyroid will absorb radioiodine just as it would other forms of iodine. Treatment with potassium iodide may fill "vacancies" in the thyroid and prevent absorption of radioiodine. The radioiodine is eventually cleared from the body in urine.
25 Apr 2017
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Iodine clock reaction experiement.looks cool!
30 Nov 2006
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The reaction of Aluminum metal and Iodine creates a plume of purple Iodine while creating glowing Aluminum Iodide. A Very interesting reaction.
2 Mar 2007
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Dr. Stephen Langer explains how iodine complements the thyroid gland and how it affects our overall health. Go to www.ihealthtube**** for more.
18 Jul 2008
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Bob Thompson bypasses the DEA restrictions and shows you how to make iodine with Phil Torrone
6 Nov 2008
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Natural Health Doctor, Robert DeMaria, discusses the importance of Iodine and why every cell in your body needs it!
17 Jun 2009
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Natural Health Doctor, Robert DeMaria, discusses the importance of Iodine and why every cell in your body needs it!
17 Jun 2009
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How much iodine do we need? What are the best sources? What happens when we're deficient? Dr Bud Tarreto talks to us about how iodine affects the body and how iodine can best be used to support total body health.
26 Mar 2010
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I figured out that by just simply mixing these 4 extremely common household medications and applying it to your affected area, you will be not only relieved from the itch but from most of the spreading and painful irritation! The Hydrogen Peroxide takes effect in simply 4 seconds, the Iodine takes effect in about 15 seconds, the Caladryl takes effect in about 30 seconds, then the Benedryl Powder takes effect in approx. 1 minute. Enjoy!!
24 Jul 2007
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White Wonder is an entertaining promotional video made by the Morton salt company in the 1950s. The film takes the audience on a tour of the extraction, processing, and uses of salt in all its many different forms. It captures how salt mines are detonated using dynamite, then the salt is cut into huge blocks and pulverized. Ocean salt mining is accomplished through water the desalination process which is also shown. Shots of salt water evaporation pools, drying kilns, and technicians testing the unfinished brine make for a revealing look at salt production & processing. All this just to make Morton pulverized salt! The next sequence continues the process, showing adding iodine to salt (to prevent goiters and other iodine related deficiencies), canning and labeling of salt containers (cool shots of vintage Morton salt and pepper shakers), and a display of many different kinds of salt in packages. The film claims there are 14,000 different uses for salt, and shows footage of many, including livestock at salt licks, women using salt to clean many household items, food products, lipstick, telephones, paint, and fire extinguishers. It even includes footage of missiles and claims that national defense is dependent on salt. Throughout, the bagged and labeled salt bears the Morton Logo, which also appears throughout the end credits. White Wonder is not only a valuable look at salt production, but also a marvelous stroll through all sorts of 1950s culture.
16 Jul 2008
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*******superhealthchewables**** Super Fruit Complex - Acai Goji Noni Mangosteen Fruit Concentrates - Blueberry Cranberry Raspberry Pomegranate Super Antioxidant Mix - B12 Folic Acid Resveratrol Alpha Lipoic Acid Sea Vegetation Blend - Nori Kelp (has iodine which is great for metabolism) Dulse Bladderwack Whole Food Based NOT IRRADIATED NOT Pasteurized NOT Watered Down Does NOT Need Refrigeration Does NOT Need to be Mixed with Water or Juice Is Small, light-weight and Very Portable (carry it in your pocket or purse) Tastes Great Contains NO Salt Contains NO Sugar Contains NO Binders Contains NO Fillers Contains No Additives Contains NO Parabens Contains NO Pesticides Contains NO Trans Fats Contains NO Stabilizers Contains NO Excitotoxins Contains NO Preservatives Contains NO Artificial Flavors Contains NO Artificial Colors/Dyes Contains NO MSG Contains NO Animal-by-Products Contains NO Unnatural Preservatives Contains NO Artificial Sweeteners Contains NO Hydrogenated Ingredients 60 Day Unconditional 'Empty Package' 100% Money-Back Guarantee Manufactures at a GRADE 'A' Facility (where ingredient purity and quality are regularly tested)
3 Nov 2008
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our eye drop can naturalise iodin chemical from yellow colour change to white colour
28 Jan 2009
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(www.jiva****) This episode of Eternal Health on Spiritual or Psychological Diseases(Bhoot Vidya). Dr. Partap Chauhan talks about the basic requirements of Iodine for leading a healthy life. Eternal Health, Jiva's popular phone-in TV show, based on Ayurvedic system of medicine is telecast everyday on television channels Sadhna TV, Care World and Shraddha to reach to over 35 million viewers. In this programme master physician Dr Partap Chauhan gives solutions to the health problems of callers on 0129-4088152.
2 Feb 2009
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Triveni Chemicals manufacturer and supplier, in organic and inorganic compound and chemical like chromate compounds, fluorine compound, ferro alloys, inorganic compound, sulphur compounds, silica compounds, iodine compounds and plasticizers compounds. Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 Sep 2009
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Unravel the mysteries of the thyroid! What kind of thyroid tests are there? What are good foods to eat that are high in iodine? Get your questions answered!
5 Nov 2009
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Japanese obtain more than 95% of iodine from seaweeds. Consumption of iodine as an active component protects their nation from degeneration and mental diseases that threaten the Western world. If you remove the seaweed from the Japanese diet, supply of iodine drops by 100 times and can reach the lower level marked in the United States.
14 Nov 2009
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