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*******www.windowsfastipchanger****/changeipaddress/video/windows-change-ip-command-line.htm This video shows you exactly how to change your IP address using the command line or command prompt. This will work with most versions of Windows. First click the START button. Enter CDM which will open the command prompt. Type in ipconfig /release Wait about 30 seconds for the process to complete then at that point you go back to the command prompt and type in ipconfig /renew This will cause your network adapter to go out and get a new IP address. Wait another 30 seconds or so and then that's thats all there is to it. You should be aware of the biggest limitations with this method. -Does nothing too hide or mask your identity online. All you're doing is getting a new IP address from the same service provider so when you visit websites is still going to show your IP address as well as who your Internet service provider is, what web browser you are using and what operating system you're using so this method is really only effective for websites you been banned from and you want to get back in and the only reason this wouldn't work is if the website has banned the whole IP range of your entire network which is highly unlikely. -If you have cable this is not going to work. -If you have dial-up Internet access this WILL work -If you DSL it may or may not depending upon your DSL set up. related: Various methods to change IP address in windowsXP at *******www.windowsfastipchanger****/changeipaddress/windowsxp-change-ipaddress-windowsxp.htm Various methods to change IP address Google Chrome at *******www.windowsfastipchanger****/changeipaddress/chrome-change-hide-ip-address-google-chrome.htm
9 Apr 2012
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